Lee Buss: Biography, Early Life, Career, Details Of Sister Jeanie Buss And Father Jerry Buss

Lee Buss is Jerry Buss’s oldest adoptive daughter, and Jeanie Buss is her sister. Lee is the older of the two.

Jerry Buss
Jerry Buss


Buss made a number of important choices in the early years of his tenure as owner of the Los Angeles Lakers organization, the most notable of which was selecting Magic Johnson with the first overall pick in the 1979 NBA Draft.

The dynamic duo of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar led the Los Angeles Lakers to five championships in the 1980s, and the team quickly established itself as a dynasty as a result of their success. Buss elevated Laker’s competitions to the level of events.

His initial job was in the aerospace industry, and later, he and his friend and partner in business, Frank Mariani, amassed their fortune through the purchase of real estate properties.

Jerry’s plan all along was to establish a trust in order to bequeath the Lakers to his children. At the time of his departure, a spokesman for the Buss family indicated that there was “no interest in ever selling the franchise” among the children of Mr. Buss.

Lee Buss: Biography

The oldest of Jerry Buss’s children is a man named Lee Buss. However, she is a child of adoption and has published a book titled Late for the Buss: An Adoption Story, in which she discusses her search for her birth parents, Jerry and JoAnn Buss.

Her memoir is centered on her youth and the difficulties she had while searching for knowledge about her biological parents. Due to the fact that she was born into a celebrity family, she was always in the public and media eye.

There are four more people in her family; their names are Johnny Buss, Jim Buss, Jeanie Buss, and Janie Buss. After their father’s passing, all of her siblings started working for the Lakers management.

When Did Lee Buss Knew She Was Adopted?

When Lee first learned that she was adopted, she was only 3 years old at the time. It was quite difficult for her to overhear her professors discussing about her adoption, as she had overheard them chatting. Because of this, she began to believe that there was something fundamentally flawed about her.

Despite this, she was adamant on tracking down the parents from whom she descended from her biological parents. Due to the fact that she came from a wealthy family herself, tracking down her birth parents was not too tough of a task for her.

She attempted to trace her DNA with the assistance of Ancestry.com in order to locate her biological parents. She is overjoyed to finally know who her parents are, despite the fact that she has not divulged any specific details regarding her biological parents.

After Lee reunited with her original family, she became very close to both the Buss family she married into and the family she was born into. As she became older, she embraced her history, and now she is completely at ease with everything that has taken place in her life.

Lee Buss: Career Details

Lee had the desire to write her book, but she was also concerned about the repercussions that could arise from having the book published. She was terrified that her well-to-do and well-known adoptive family would misunderstand her because of the book because of the circumstances surrounding her adoption.

In order for her to keep working on her book, she was forced to go to counseling. Nevertheless, towards the conclusion of her treatment, she worked up the gumption to complete the book and have it published.

However, to her utter astonishment, everybody liked the book a lot, and they were all quite pleased for her. The reviews that her book has gotten recently have been overwhelmingly favorable.

In her book, she describes how difficult it was for her as a child to come to terms with the fact that she was adopted into a wealthy family. In the book, she also discusses the challenges she encountered when trying to learn more about the members of her original family.

Lee Buss: Details Of Sister Jeanie Buss

At the age of 19, Jeanie took over as general manager of Jerry’s tennis team, the Los Angeles Strings. The Los Angeles Strings compete in the WTA. During that time period, she was attending the University of Southern California in order to finish her degree in business.

The Forum served as the home court for the Lakers until the year 1998. It was also the arena where Jeanie eventually became president of the team. Since 1995, Jeanie has been participating in meetings of the NBA Board of Governors, all while maintaining her job as President of the Forum and rising through the ranks of the Lakers organization.

A little over four years later, at the age of 41, she was promoted to the position of executive vice president of the Los Angeles Lakers. As executive vice president, Jeanie was in charge of the company’s operations on the business side.

On the other hand, her brother Jim worked his way up through the ranks of the corporation and eventually became the vice president of basketball operations, overseeing the basketball division.

Lee Buss: Death Of Her Father Jerry Buss

At the age of 80, Jerry Buss passed away on February 18, 2013, from renal failure. He had a form of cancer that was not defined in the previous sentence. The demise of his father had a significant impact on Lee Buss.

She stated in an interview that her biological father was her idol and that she had a very close relationship with her adoptive father. She could always count on him to be there for her in her time of need, and once he went away, it was as if a significant portion of her life had been taken away from her.

This had a significant impact on Lee for a significant amount of time, and she was compelled to learn more about the identity of her biological parents. She will never forget how grateful she is to her adoptive parents for the life they provided her. She did not have any regrets about anything that occurred throughout her upbringing, and she had a lot of fun writing about it in the book that she wrote.


Did Jeanie Buss have an elder sister?

Yes, Lee Klose is the elder sister of Jeanie Buss.

Who is Jerry Buss eldest daughter?

Lee Klose aka Lee Buss is the eldest adopted daughter of Jerry Buss.

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