Is Let’s Get Physical on Lifetime based on a true story? locations, cast, and the date of release

Is Let’s Get Physical on Lifetime based on a true story? locations, cast, and the date of release

Let’s Get Physical on Lifetime raises the question of whether or not it is based on a factual story. However, the trailer makes it clear right away that movie is based on real occurrences.

The protagonist of the novel is a fitness instructor who leads two parallel lives, one of which is shady and dangerous and even gets her arrested. The story is “ripped from the headlines,” which means it was motivated by actual news reports.

Let’s Get Physical
Let’s Get Physical

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Is Let’s Get Physical on Lifetime based on a true story?

Let’s Get Physical on Lifetime is based on true incidents. It tells the tale of Sadie Smith, a fitness instructor who leads a double life.

She is a decent and kind-hearted dancing and fitness instructor by day, but at night, she runs a sophisticated prostitution network with clients that include powerful men in the area.

After receiving an anonymous tip, police raided her studio, imprisoned her, and caused some uproar in the community, leading everyone to wonder who was on the client lists.

The movie’s trailer noted that it is based on a true story and joins the Ripped from the Headlines event. It has not yet been revealed whose story it is, though. However, some people think the incident has something to do with Alexis Wright, a Zumba instructor.

A Tale of Alexis Wright’s

In 2013, news broke of a similar incident with a fitness teacher who taught Zumba during the day and committed adultery at night. Nobody in Kennebunk, Maine, was aware that she was leading a double life.

In this scandal, she was not acting alone. She operated a prostitution business with the aid of insurance agent Mark Strong Sr.

According to CBS News, she reportedly made $150,000 in 18 months. Strong did not, however, make money from the company. Instead, the court was told that he was simply a madly in love man trying to support a single mother. She gave birth to a kid in 2005, but she and the boy’s father eventually got divorced.

Authorities asserted that she engaged in sexual activity with at least 150 clients. Some of them were well-known, which led to a significant uproar over the occurrence.

She spent the night with them as well as videotaped them and sent the recordings to Strong. Additionally, she used to execute it live via Skype without her client’s permission.

Why Alexis was Imprisoned?

Alexis was charged with 20 counts of adultery-related offenses on March 29, 2013, and she entered a plea of guilty to all of them. She had been accused of having paid physical relations in her Kennebunk, Maine, Zumba studio. The Guardian reports that on May 31, 2013, she received a 10-month prison sentence.

Strong, her assistant, who is 57 years old, was sentenced to 20 days in jail after being found guilty on 13 counts of encouraging prostitution.

What Elements Of The Film?

The name of the woman at the center of the narrative is different, despite the fact that the movie’s plot sounds similar to Wright’s controversy. The character’s name in the film is Sadie. Similar to how Wright taught Zumba, Sadie appears to teach dance and acrobatics (pole dancing).

It is claimed that both incidents happened in a small village. The fitness center’s name is also different.

Many plot points cannot be divulged by the movie’s trailer, which has only been released thus far. When the film is released, audiences can discover a number of parallels and contrasts.

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Actual Locations For filming

Many people are curious about the site where the movie Let’s Get Physical was filmed. The more than one-minute trailer, however, merely makes reference to the location of the Dazzle & Spin fitness center in a small town.

Although the town’s name isn’t mentioned in the teaser, a moment where the police raid the studio reveals that the cop’s car is from the Town of Luton. In truth, there is a location called Luton; it is a major town in the English county of Bedfordshire and a unitary authority region.

However, Alexis Wright’s incident took place in Maine, a state in the United States. It happened at Kennebunk, a community in Maine’s York County.

Let’s Get Physical: Date of Release

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, at 8/7c, the film will make its debut. After its premiere, fans can watch it on Lifetime the next day.

let’s get physical
Let’s get physical

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Cast of Let’s Get Physical

There are numerous actors and actresses in the film Let’s Get Physical. Twelve actors, including Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Irwin, Michael Consuelos, Jilena Cori, Barbara Wallace, Seth Isaac Johnson, Eliza Norbury, Mar Andersons, Malaika Jackson, Pete Graham, Dan Quinn, and Mark Kandborg, are cast in some of the more noteworthy roles.

Playing Sadie Smith is Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan is a former model who is now an actor and dancer. Joey, Quintuplets, and The Young and the Restless are just a few of the sitcoms in which she has made an appearance.

She gained wide recognition for her role as Nora Clark in the 2006 movie Step Up. Additionally, she has expressed her joy at becoming a part of the newest Let’s Get Physical Lifetime Original Movie on her Instagram account. She plays Sadie Smith, one of the film’s main protagonists.

April Macintosh is played by Jennifer Irwin.

Canadian actress Jennifer Irwin has appeared in No Strings Attached, Exit Wounds, and Superstar. Let’s Get Physical will showcase her as April Macintosh.

Petey is portrayed by Michael Consuelos.

In the film, Petey will be portrayed by Michael Consuelos. He is also the son of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, two film producers. He has previously appeared on Riverdale on The CW as a teenage Hiram Lodge.

Mark Consuelos was present for the Amazon Studios debut screening of

On November 11, 2013, Mark Consuelos was present for the “Alpha House” Amazon Studios premiere screening in New York City. Obtainable images

As Lynn Rogers, Jilena Cori

Jilena had moved to New York from Vancouver following a brief marriage to Mark White. She joined in The William Esper Studio’s inaugural acting class in 1998.

She eventually moved back to Vancouver, where she was given the chance to star in a number of short films and the indie film “Angelica.”

She was a co-writer and actor in the short film “PetsRUs,” which served as the festival’s opening film. In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in screenwriting.

Barbara Wallace Performs as a Nana

Barbara portrays Nana in the film Let’s Get Physical. She played Nana Rose Blossom, a character with the same name, in the television series Riverdale, for which she is most known.

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance, The Still Life of Annika Myers, and Okja are among the other credits, according to IMDB.

Ben Martin is played by Seth Isaac Johnson.

Denny Larsen, played by Seth Issa Johnson, is best remembered for his appearances in 23 episodes of “The Killing.” It was his first acting position.

Other roles include Eugene on Firefly Lane, the possessed child in “Supernatural,” and Hansel in Once Upon a Time. He will portray Ben Martin in Let’s Get Physical.

Marcia Macintosh is played by Eliza Norbury.

Eliza is an actress who has appeared in the films Agent Cody Banks, Double Jeopardy, and Shanghai Noon. Marcia Macintosh will be her character in Let’s Get Physical.

Mayor Kemp as Mar Andersons

Mayor Kemp will be portrayed by Mar Andersons. His other credits include Stargate SG-1, Cats & Dogs, and Little Women.

Officer Malaika Jackson Toby Bartlett

Malaika Jackson, a native of Toronto, also received the title of Miss Caribbean Canada. She was given the chance to host a television show after winning the competition.

She then began appearing in advertisements and films including Flora & Ulysses, Harry and Meghan: Escaping the Palace, The Flash, Little Fish, etc. In Let’s Get Physical, she will be seen as officer Daphne Bartlett.

Gerald Quinn, played by Pete Graham

His works include Benchwarmers 2, Slapshot 2, and The Way to the Heart for Universal. In addition to acting, he is a musician whose original song Where You Will Find Me serves as the theme song for the movie Love in the Forecast, which will be released in 2020.

In Let’s Get Physical, he will be portraying Gerald Quinn.

Jim Rogers played by Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn is well-known for his stand-up comedy. On CTV, Comedy Network, and Check TV, he has collaborated on a number of comedic specials.

He is an actor who appeared in The Art of Racing in the Rain from 2019. He will be seen in Let’s Get Physical this year as Jim Rogers.

Chief Wilcott is Mark Kandborg.

Actor, author, and director Kandborg is. He appeared in Under the Banner of Heaven before, and in Let’s Get Physical, he will play Chief Wilcott.

The majority of his time is spent operating the camera. His first film was the 2011 short All My Sins, and he went on to helm the Necessary Evil web series.

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