Who Are Isabelle and Emily Sebastian, the Sisters of Linus Sebastian?

Who Are Isabelle and Emily Sebastian, the Sisters of Linus Sebastian?
YouTube star Linus Sebastian hails from Canada and is the brother of Isabelle and Emily Sebastian.

Video host, technology demonstrator, and advertiser are just a few of Sebastian’s many jobs. He hosts the Linus Tech Tips podcast every week. Additionally, the YouTube star is the pioneer behind the establishment of Linus Media Group.

Sabastian is the creator and host of a number of different channels, some of which include Mac Address, LinusCatTips, Techlinked, LMG Clips, ShortCiricut, They’re Just Movies, and Techquicker.

Sabastian has joined NCIX.com’s sales team in the capacity of sales representative. He was offered the position of unit manager by the corporation. As part of the agreement, he was responsible for increasing both the business and the resources. The YouTube personality was in charge of the distribution of customs computer systems and was responsible for sales and marketing.

Linus Sebastian
Linus Sebastian

Who Is Linus Sebastian

Sabastian was in charge of coordinating the creation of new tools with the company’s internal development team. He also assisted the PC assembly team with compatibility and other presentation concerns. The video presenter used to work as a project manager, and one of their responsibilities was to establish and maintain connections with distributors and direct sellers.

For the Linus Tech Tips YouTube Channel, Sebastian was a host, a technical consultant, and the project coordinator.

Linus Sebastian’s Sibling

Isabelle and Emily were Linus’s sisters. Linus had two sisters. The video presenter has just now presented everyone’s favorite sister in the current video. A personal computer was constructed by the tech YouTuber for use by himself, his wife, their children, their coworkers, and even an NBA player. Linus claims that his younger sister is the only person for whom he has never constructed anything.

On September 14, 2022, Bella gave her presentation on the YouTube video in response to the YouTuber’s question on what it’s like to grow up next to a tech nerd. He developed the “scratch” computer assembly program. Linus promised that he would stop playing on Xbox and Mac so that she could play.

Linus inquired of his sister Bella whether, after using the PC, she would be willing to trade it for her Mac or return it to him so that she could keep using her Mac on her own. Linus spoke about the step with his sister, and she responded by saying open boxes. Bella made a choice.

Who is this Isabelle?

Linus, the presenter of the film, showed his younger sister Isabelle a component of the personal computer. He used the shortened version of their sibling’s name, which was Bella. They appeared to have a strong connection with one another, as evidenced by the fact that they discussed their younger selves in the YouTube video.

On the YouTube channel, Linus Sebastian unveiled Bella’s favorite sister. Throughout the entirety of their lives together, he has never constructed a computer for her.Another question was submitted by one of Linus’s fans. She probably knew Linus long before he was truly any good at this kind of activity, and she may have cited an instance in which he made the problem worse rather than better.

Bella has a distinct recollection of the time when Linus was working on something that was analogous to developing a personal computer and attempted to channel water via tubes. During that occurrence, the video presenter suffered a loss of 7 950 gt.

On the other hand, it’s possible that he’s blocked that information from his memory. Even he requested his mother to steal video games from him, and then he would go crazy and demand that she give them back to him. Linus claims that Bella never eats and is always keeping her family waiting with her tardiness. Even in public events, she has a terrible track record of getting disoriented.

What is Emily’s deal?

Linus has one more sister, and her name is Emily. In the most recent video, he discussed the sibling who had been responsible for the harm to his work. Even the marketer went on a tirade about the sister on the show about how she damaged the finish on her brother’s cart.

Since Linus only had two sisters, he was referring to Emily when he said that she was the sister who hadn’t admitted or apologized for what she had done to his monitor.


Linus Sebastian
Linus Sebastian

The Difference in Age Between Isabelle and Emily

When discussing the age difference between himself and his sister, it appeared that they had a smaller age gap. On August 20, 1986, the technology demonstrator was born in Ladner, which is located in the province of British Columbia, Canada. At this point in time, he is 36 years old. It’s possible that his younger sister is already in their 30s.

On August 25, 2015, Linus published a picture of the winning medal that his sister had given to him as a birthday present. It’s possible that he uploaded a video to YouTube with the two of them having a fun time together. He went over the entirety of the computer with her, including the display, the hard drive, and everything else.

Fans of Linus have demanded that Linus’ siblings get into mischief when they were kids. In response, Bella stated that Linus was the one who caused problems when they were younger. On the other hand, the video presenter put the responsibility on his sister, claiming that she was the one who consistently caused problems while he was a model pupil.

Nevertheless, Bella recalled that he used to work in the administrative center. In all of her years, she never once worked in the Principal’s office. Additionally, his sibling regarded his chosen field of work with a sense of pride.

Linus Sebastian Parents

Linus was welcomed into the world in Vancouver, Canada, by parents who were always there for him. His sister claims that when he was a kid, he was always getting into mischief. He would ask his mother to stow away his video games, and then he would come back and demand them from her.

Linus’s mother would give him his gaming implements on the condition that he would swear he would never give them back to her. He had a lot of challenges to overcome in order to have a successful career as a video presenter. Despite this, his parents and brother or sister believed in him.

In addition, Linus started attending Garibaldi Secondary School in the year 2000 and continued his education there until he received his diploma in the year 2005. In July of 2003, he started working at Parcs et Terrains de Jeux in Boisbriand, Quebec, as a counselor for the day camp program.

Linus used to be in charge of activities and games for children younger than 12 years old. In addition to this, he oversaw the children as they participated in various games, activities, and outings. Even more, the expert on technology is involved in all of the campers’ activities and interactions with them.

At the Maple Ridge Parks & Leisure facility located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Linus served as both a lifeguard and a swimming instructor. The company’s founder used to teach a variety of levels of swimming classes as well as construct lesson packages that were based on the requirements of the students. Even more, he made sure that those using the facilities followed the rules and the code of conduct.

Linus became a franchisee of Student Works Painting in Marple Ridge in January 2004, shortly after joining the company. The presenter was responsible for all parts of his franchise, from the actual painting of the interior and outside to the creation of a manning booth and other tasks.

The Family Of Linus Sebastian

Sabastian and his four siblings all grew up together on the family farm, where he thrived. The person who presents the video has four siblings, and their names are Asher, Emily, George, and Isabelle. As a child, he utilized his time to experiment with a variety of technological facets.

Linus had previous experience in a separate industry before becoming a member of the team as a technician. In Langley, British Columbia, he worked for NCIX.com as a retail sales representative for a period of six months. The video presenter worked for a total of six years for the same organization.

Linus came on board both as a manager of the PC System Business unit and a product manager. In later years, he took on the role of coordinator for the YouTube video social media initiative. For a period of two years, he worked for the company in the capacity of category manager.

Linus was responsible for managing the organization’s overall growth targets as well as the earnings. He used to collaborate with an experienced PM group and carry out inventive work in order to advance the company’s objectives. The retail and retail product arrangements were the subject of the manager’s strategic planning.

Girlfriend of Linus Sebastian

Linus is a family man and has a wife. There is a possibility that he and his long-term girlfriend, Yvonne Ho, have tied the marriage. Additionally, the couple exchanged their wedding vows on May 20th, 2011. The couple is parents to three children: one son and two daughters.

In 2004, Yvonne enrolled at the University of British Columbia, and she received her bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2009. During the course of her education, she took a position with Costco Wholesale Canada as a Pharmacy Technician. After working there for two years, she transferred to the pharmacy at the Fraser Valley Cancer Center.

For a period of one year, Linus’s wife held the position of Pharmacy Technician. She was promoted to her position as Pharmacy manager of Costco Wholesale Canada in November of 2009. Six years of her life were devoted to contributing to her work.

Linus Media Group Inc. welcomed her as their chief financial officer after she had been married for two years when she finally decided to join the organization. After getting married, she reconsidered her career path and decided to go in a different direction.

The British Columbia College of Pharmacists conferred the “Injection Certification” title upon Yvonne. Additionally, she received her CPR-C license and Emergency First Aid certification from the Canadian Red Cross.

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