Colleen Boehmer – Lisa LaFlamme’s Sister Christine Lang And Joanne McKenzie

Lisa LaFlamme is a Canadian TV Journalist who once served as the main anchor for CTV National News. Colleen Boehmer is the sister of Lisa LaFlamme. Let’s keep reading to learn more about her family members, shall we?

In the past, she was a news journalist for CTV National News, where she covered international affairs and filled in as a host when necessary.

The newscaster’s parents, David and Kathleen LaFlamme, brought her into the world and raised her in Kitchener, in the province of Ontario, Canada.

In addition to winning multiple RTDNA awards and one Galaxi Award in 1999 from the Canadian Cable Television Association, LaFlamme has been nominated for the Gemini award in the category of Best News Anchor five times over the course of his career.

LaFlamme was honored with a Canadian Screen Award in the categories of “Best National Newscast” and “Best News Anchor” for her work with CTV National News in March of 2014. In 2016, she was inducted into the Order of Ontario as a member of the order. 2019 marks the year when Lisa was invested as an officer in the Order of Canada.

In addition, LaFlamme has been awarded honorary degrees from a number of institutions, including the University of Windsor (2018), the University of Ottawa (2014), and Wilfrid Laurier University (2006).

Lisa LaFlamme, well-known for her work as a news anchor in Canada, has a sister named Colleen Boehmer.

In 1989, the news anchor got her start in the broadcasting industry working as a copywriter and script assistant for the Kitchener station of CTV, CKCO.

She began her career as a foreign correspondent for CTV National News in 2003 and has since covered a wide range of national and international disputes and events.

Since 1997, LaFlamme has covered every federal election in Canada, and since 2006, she has covered every Olympic Games.

In September of 2011, LaFlamme was given the responsibility of being the only anchor. CTV is owned by Bell, Canada, which told her in June 2022 that her position had been removed by the corporation. Bell, Canada is the parent firm of CTV.

Who are Lisa’s sisters Joanne McKenzie and Christine Lang?

The former anchor of CTV National News grew up in Kitchener with her three siblings and their parents. She was CTV National News.

On the other hand, there isn’t a lot of information available on Joanne McKenzie and Christine Lang, who are sisters.

She began her education at St. Mary’s High School, and when she had completed her secondary education, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Ottawa.

To this point, Lisa has conducted interviews with a large number of famous worldwide figures, including Prince Harry, Paul Martin, Boris Johnson, and a great many more.

Where is Lisa LaFlamme Going Now?

The veteran news anchor, who is 58 years old, just resigned from her role as Chief Anchor and Senior Editor at the CTV National News.

In a video that she uploaded to her Twitter account, she voiced her disbelief, along with her anguish, and claimed that she had been “blindsided” by Bell Media’s decision to terminate their more than 30-year-long relationship with them.

According to the CTC National News, the reason the contract with LaFlamme was cancelled was because of shifting audience trends. Omar Sachedina, a correspondent who focuses on national issues, will take over for her as the lead anchor. Omar considers it a privilege to follow the seasoned journalist.

There are whispers that Lisa is about to begin working on a new project, but the information being spread about this is unclear and not valid.

As an ambassador for PLAN International, Lisa has been to remote areas of Afghanistan with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan to raise awareness about issues pertaining to children’s rights.

In addition to receiving many RTDNA accolades and a 1999 Galaxi Award from the Canadian Cable Television Association, LaFlamme has also been nominated five times for the Gemini Award in the category of Best News Anchor.

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