What Was Lisa Laflamme Salary With CTV News? What Is Her Net Worth After Sudden Contact Cancellation?

Lisa LaFlamme is a Canadian television journalist who has been working in the industry for 58 years. She was originally the main anchor and senior editor of CTV National News from Ontario.

Because of the unexpected way in which she left her position at CTV National News, she is currently popular.

LaFlamme began her professional career in 1989 at CKCO, the Kitchener station of CTV, where she worked as a copywriter and script assistant. In 1997, she made the decision to switch professions and became a news anchor. In addition to that, she has had positions as a reporter for CTV NEWSNET, a co-host for Canada AM (from 2001 to 2003), and as a reporter for the Canadian Parliament.

On September 5, 2011, she succeeded Lloyd Robertson as the chief anchor of the station, who had held that position previously. LaFlamme has previous experience working for CTV National News, both as a host stand-in and as an international affairs correspondent.

Laflamme has conducted interviews with a number of well-known national and international politicians while working for CTV. These politicians include current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and previous Canadian Presidents Paul Martin, Jean Chrétien, and Brian Mulroney.

Lisa Laflamme Salary And Career Earnings From CTV News After Contract Cancellation

As a result of the work that she has done in the media, Lisa Laflamme has amassed a net worth that is greater than $4 million.

LaFlamme made an annual salary of $350,000 prior to having her contract terminated. The journalist’s status can be inferred from the fact that she has amassed significant riches and has been well compensated throughout the course of her 35-year career.

Following their retirement from CTV after 30 years of service, the LaFlamme team will be sorely missed there. No one can do anything but hope that she will be able to find a better job at a better organization that will value her more as well as her legacy in Canadian media and the influence that her lengthy career has had on the country as a whole.

Is Lisa Laflamme Married? More On Her Personal Life

At the age of 57, Lisa Laflamme was still single and had no plans to marry.

There is no hard evidence to support the widespread speculation and rumors that the well-known Canadian journalist dated a number of high-profile public figures, despite the fact that there is a great deal of support for the claim.

Because she has disproven the notion that women can’t achieve success on their own, Laflamme serves as a model for the generation that will come after her. Lisa is thrilled about the prospect of continuing to do the work that she likes. Lisa is of the opinion that she does not need a significant other in her life in order to be happy.

On July 25, 1964, in Ontario, Canada, Lisa LaFlamme was born to her parents, David and Kathleen LaFlamme. She is currently 58 years old. She attended and graduated from St. Mary’s High School in her hometown, which is also where she spent her youth. Additionally, she spent her childhood there. The university where the formerly senior journalist obtained their degree is the University of Ottawa.

LaFlamme received the 1999 Galaxi Award from the Canadian Cable Television Association in addition to being nominated for six RTDNA awards and five Gemini awards in the category of Best News Anchor.

In March of 2014, the 58-year-old man was awarded “Best News Anchor” and “Best National Newscast” by the Canadian Screen Awards for his work at CTV National News. In 2016, she was invested into the Order of Ontario for her contributions to the province. In 2019, Lisa was honored with a position as an officer in the Order of Canada.

According to a news release that was issued at the end of the month of June 2019, LaFlamme was one of 83 Canadians who were named Officers of the Order of Canada. (O.C.). According to one news source, the prize “recognizes LaFlamme for her services to journalism and news transmission as well as her support and promotion of human rights.”

Wilfrid Laurier University (2006), the University of Ottawa (2014), and the University of Windsor are among the institutions that bestowed honorary degrees upon her (2018).

Lisa Laflamme Leaves CTV on Bad Terms

Lisa LaFlamme, a legendary anchor for CTV, recently made the announcement that she will be departing the network as a result of Bell Media’s decision not to extend her contract.

A video that was released to Twitter on Monday made the news regarding LaFlamme, who is 58 years old. She uttered those words “with a wide range of feelings.”

She said, “I believe it is important for you to hear this from me directly. I have had the privilege of being invited into your homes on a nightly basis for the past 35 years in order to provide the evening news. My extensive career with CTV News came to a sudden and unexpected conclusion on June 29 after Bell Media informed me that they had “made a business choice” to terminate my employment and thereby bring an end to my tenure there.

She continued by saying, “Bell Media’s sudden decision blindsided me, and I’m still stunned and upset by it,” adding that she had been instructed not to notify her coworkers or “the public” until the terms of her departure could be worked out. She said that she was still stunned and upset by the news. This has taken occurred at this point.”

Covering “consequential events” like war, natural disasters, COVID-19, and the Olympics, as well as reporting on these topics, were among the “meaningful experiences” that LaFlamme described as having characterized the last three decades.

This is a trust that I have never taken for granted as a reporter and anchor,” the 58-year-old said in the video, which has earned close to 2 million views. “I will be eternally grateful to you, such loyal viewers, for sharing our belief that news that is conveyed with integrity and accuracy is helpful to our democracy.”

Omar Sachedina, a correspondent, will be taking her place on the show moving forward.

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