CTV’s Chief Anchor Lloyd Robertson Has Earned A Huge Salary, His Career Earnings And Net Worth 2022

88 years old as of right now Lloyd Robertson is a well-known Canadian journalist who formerly worked as an anchor for the Canadian news.

W5, which is a weekly magazine show on CTV, has appointed him as a special correspondent. Robertson is well-known for his work as the senior editor and lead anchor of CTV News with Lloyd Robertson, which is a national nightly program that airs on CTV.

The journalist worked in the job until he retired from the National News team in September 2011, at which point he left his post. Former CTV anchor who, beginning in 2011, served as a co-host of the W5 show on Canadian television. Throughout his career, Robertson has covered a variety of important events.

He was the child of Lillie Francis and George Henderson Robertson, who welcomed him into the world on January 19, 1934 in Stratford, Canada. After the passing of his first wife, who had eight children with him, his father remarried and had two more sons, Lloyd and Gordon.

Robertson has amassed an extraordinary fortune as a result of his long and successful career, which has spanned nearly seven decades. This article delves further into the journalist’s earnings during their career as well as their current net worth.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Lloyd Robertson
Birth date January 19, 1934
Birth place Stratford, Canada
Age 88 years old
Nationality Canadian
Profession Canadian journalist, former news
Parents Lillie Francis and George Henderson Robertson
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nancy Robertson
Children 4 daughters (Lisa, Nanci, Susan, and Lynda)
Net Worth $1-5 million

CTV: Chief Anchor Lloyd Robertson’s Salary

Lloyd Robertson, who formerly served as the chief anchor of CTV’s national evening program, reportedly earned an annual salary of approximately $400,000.

According to a number of different sources, the annual compensation at CTV News in Canada is approximately 76,471 dollars on average. The starting salary for an entry-level employment is $74,941, but most experienced individuals can make up to $78,000 each year in salary.

In a similar vein, the salary of a news anchor might range anywhere from $45,000 to $90,000 per year. Up until September 2011, Lloyd was the principal anchor of the national evening broadcast on hit Canadian television network CTV. He also served as the senior editor of the show. After that, he became a co-host on W5 from 2011 to 2016.

Robertson has covered a wide range of significant events, such as the opening of Expo 67 in Montreal in 1967, a number of Olympic Games, the landing of a man on the moon in 1969, the patriation of the Constitution of Canada, and Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope.

In addition to that, he reported on the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales, the power outage crisis that occurred on both sides on August 14, 2003, and the events that occurred on September 11, 2011, more generally referred to as 9/11.

Lloyd Robertson Impressive Career Earnings

Over the course of his career, Lloyd Robertson has almost certainly accumulated a significant fortune. Because of the accomplishments he has achieved throughout his career as a newscaster, journalist, editor, and broadcaster.

The year 1952 marked the beginning of his career in broadcasting, which he began at CJCS radio. While Robertson was still in school, he began working on Saturdays as an operator at a radio station. His responsibilities included playing 78 rpm songs, reading the news at midnight, and then leaving the station.

Following that, Robertson gave an audition to work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and the broadcaster hired him because of the depth and warmth of his baritone voice. In 1956, he submitted his application to work at CBWT-TV in Winnipeg, which would be his very first television job.

After working as a journalist for four years in Winnipeg, the candidate went to Ottawa, Ontario, to try out for a position at CBOT-TV. After that, in 1968, he moved to Toronto in order to become the host of CBC Weekend during the late 1960s. After that, he was a news anchor for The Nation from 1970 until 1976, and in October of that same year, he started working for CTV.

Between the years 1976 and 1984, Robertson and Harvey Kirck shared the role of co-anchor on the CTV National News. In 1984, he left his position at the anchor desk to become CTV’s senior news anchor instead of retiring.

Lloyd Robertson Has A Whopping Net Worth In Millions

Lloyd Robertson, who formerly worked as a news anchor, is estimated to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

In order to earn the title of longest-serving news anchor in the annals of television history, Lloyd bested Harvey Kirck, Dan Rather, the late Walter Cronkite, the late Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, and Bob Schieffer. He also surpassed Bob Schieffer.

Along with KTRK-Dave TV’s Ward, KING-jean TV’s Enersen, and WNBC’s Chuck Scarborough, he is one of the news anchors with the longest tenures on English-language television in North America. He currently holds this distinction.

When Robertson left his position as a television news anchor for CTV News, he was seventy-seven years old. He currently holds the distinction for being the oldest television news anchor in network television as well as the oldest in Canada.

Since July of 1956, the journalist has been married to his high school sweetheart, Nancy Barrett, to whom he has devoted his life. The couple has been blessed with four daughters, namely Lisa, Susan, Lynda, and Nanci, as well as seven grandchildren who adore them.

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