“Love At First Lie”: Details Of The Host And Contestants Of Upcoming MTV Show, Know More

Love at First Lie is a brand new show that was only recently revealed by MTV. The episode will spotlight eight different couples. The catch is that some of these partners aren’t truly dating anyone else at this point in time.

MTV's Love At First Lie Host
MTV’s Love At First Lie Host


Even with all of their interactions, it is unlikely that they are extremely familiar with one another. The other participants will vote on which couples they believe to be real and which couples they believe to be false.

Following each of the 12 episodes, there will be a Truth Ceremony in which the couples will vote to eliminate one of the other pairs from the competition. If they are successful in removing a group of dishonest people from their ranks, a prize money fund will receive an additional $25,000 contribution.

The last couple, regardless of whether they are real or not, will win the entire pot of up to one hundred thousand dollars and take it home with them. Fans who are watching from home will have little trouble identifying the fake couples. In a manner comparable to that of The Masked Singer, but with falsehoods rather than disguises.

Love at First Lie, the newest installment of Tori Spelling’s MTV reality program franchise, will put the truth-detection skills of its viewers to the test. The following provides you with all of the facts that you need to be aware of concerning the premise and cast of the relationship mystery competition.

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“Love At First Lie”: Host Tori Spelling

The beginning of the very first season of the relationship mystery competition series on MTV has finally arrived. MTV will be the broadcaster in the United States and in more than 170 other countries when the first episode of “Love at First Lie,” hosted by Tori Spelling, makes its premiere on television on Wednesday, October 12 at 9:30 p.m.

The reality program will consist of a total of 12 episodes, during which viewers will attempt to determine which couples are being serious and which are not.

Earlier in her career, the actress known for her role on “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-hosted “Messiness,” the fourth spinoff of “Ridiculousness,” together with Nicole Polizzi, Adam Rippon, and Teddy Ray. She has made appearances on a number of different reality shows, some of which include The Masked Singer, Celebrity Show-Off, and True Tori. In 2019, she appeared in and contributed to the production of “BH90210” on Fox.

Candy and Aaron Spelling are Tori’s parents, and Aaron is a successful film and television producer. Tori is their daughter. Her younger brother Randy is a former actor who began working as a life coach in 2009. He has been in this field since 2009.

The families who made up Spelling’s parents were Jewish, and their ancestors had settled in the United States from Poland and Russia. Her grandfather on her father’s side, David, was the one who bestowed upon her the middle name. She received her diploma from the esteemed Beverly Hills High School, a private institution that is located in Beverly Hills, California.

Executive producers for MTV Entertainment Studios include Leanne Mucci, Craig Orr, Sitarah Pendelton-Eaglin, and John Varela; executive producers for Lime Pictures include Sarah Tyekiff, Rebecca Kenny-Smith, Cheryl Price, Manus Wynne, and Huw Slipper.

“Love At First Lie”: Cast

MTV has been careful not to give out too much information about the couples that are going to be a part of Love at First Lie. This is so that there won’t be any early rumors regarding the status of their relationships. On the other hand, we are aware of their names. The eight different pairings are detailed down below.

1. Riani And Chantz

Riani and Chantz were the first couple to be publicly introduced on the show. The happy-go-lucky young couple made a short video introducing themselves for the official Instagram handle of the event, and fans have already started liking them as a couple. However, at this point it is up to us to determine whether or not they are offering us truth or lies.

Both Riani, who is 22 years old, and Chantz, who is 23 years old, are originally from Chicago. While Chantz has been modeling for the past five years as a runway print model, Riani is employed in the beauty industry as an esthetician.

The duo had their first encounter at the homecoming in 2014, and Chantz was immediately taken aback by Riani’s attractiveness. He made the first move by asking her to dance, and the rest, as they say, is history for the happy pair. On Riani’s birthday, the two made the decision to take their relationship to the next level and make it official. She even becomes delighted to convey this information because on that particular day, the lady is eligible to get two gifts.

They are both of the opinion that Chantz is the more romantic of the two due to the fact that he is very affectionate. He makes an attempt to make his partner happy by basically making an effort to take her out on dates and other activities. He enjoys taking the time to make his wife happy.

2. Monica And Josh

The ‘Monsh,’ who are essentially Americans and have been hailed as yet another promising couple to go on the show, are from the United States.

Josh, who is 24 years old and hails from Brooklyn, New York, and Monica, who is 25 years old and is of Cuban-American descent. Both of them were born and raised in New Jersey. After meeting on Instagram, the couple went on their first date, but Monica ended up getting an eye infection, which almost caused Josh to cancel on her.

On the other hand, the couple didn’t start dating until after she had her eyesight corrected, and at this point they’ve been together for more than a year and a half. Monica claims that Josh asked her out, but she declined the invitation because of her sore eye.

However, they were forced to meet at some point, and the rest, as they say, is history. The fans already adore the pair’s ship name, and they can’t wait to learn more about them in the future. Despite the fact that the couple hasn’t revealed very much about themselves.

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3. Jake and Alfie

After meeting Jake for the first time online, Alfie, a shop manager from Essex who was 25 years old, immediately fell in love with him. On the couple’s first outing together, Jake, who was 21, popped the question to the lovely Cambridge student. The happy couple has been seeing each other for the past 18 months, so they have plenty of time to settle into their relationship.

The discussion turned to the couple’s first outing together, which left both of them feeling very befuddled. On the other hand, when it comes to the time of day that they enjoy the most, Alfie is more of a morning person, while Jake is more of a night person.

Jake is a hopeless romantic, and she frequently surprises the man who is the love of her life by taking him to unusual locations and treating him in a way that makes him feel special on each occasion.

4. Annabell And Joey

Both Joe and Annabell received their early education in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, both members of the couple have been gainfully employed in Dubai for the past five years.

Joe, age 29, is a partner in a firm, and Annabell, age 28, works as a “content producer.” Joe is a partner in the business. When they first met, they were both already committed to other people when they went to school together, thus they were unable to be together.

After they had both become single, Joe slipped into Annabell’s direct messages, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since they first started seeing each other, seven years have passed.

Annebelle said that Joey’s lack of attention whenever she was trying to share something with him was his worst behavior when she was questioned about it. He never stops talking on his phone, acting as though he is conversing with her even though, in reality, he is by himself and is unaware of anything that she has said.

On the other side, Anabelle is a slob and she constantly chatters. Both of them are in complete accord with this particular point. Due to the fact that Joey is a Virgo and enjoys being organized, he has an innate disinclination to take on the more disorganized side of his girlfriend.

5. Karla And Brian

28-year-old In a casino, Karla got to know Brian, who was 25 at the time. Brian purposely proceeded to trip and fall short in front of Karla so that she would hand him her business card. His goal was to get her to do this. After that, the Rhode Island couple got back in touch with one another and have been together ever since.

Brian’s worst habit is not managing the toilet seats and leaving stuff scattered around the bathroom. On the other side, Karla has an authoritative and romantic personality. Whether it’s through the kitchen or some other medium, she is the one who expresses herself far more than her partner does. The competitor continues by saying that she does everything in her power to make her partner grin whenever she can.

6. Yuriy And Alicia

Yuriy is from the United States, and Alicia is from the United Kingdom.

7. Stephanie And Arabella

Both Stephanie and Arabella are originally from the United Kingdom.

8. Cece and Reasey

Both Cece and Reasey hail from the American continent.

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