Madeline Wise: Who Is She? Know About Her Bio, Wiki, Net Worth And More

Madeline Wise: Who Is She? Know About Her Bio, Wiki, Net Worth And More

Madeline Wise, who currently appears on a regular basis on the CBS show So Help Me Todd, will be 32 years old.

Madeline Wise is set to star with Geena Davis and Skylar Astin in the CBS legal drama pilot titled “So Help Me Todd,” which was written and created by Scott Prendergast, who also serves as an executive producer on the project, and Phil McGraw, who also serves in that capacity.

In “So Help Me Todd,” there will be a significant amount of drama involving a dysfunctional family. Anyone who grew up in a dysfunctional family understands how the drama that one member of the family experiences may easily spread to the rest of the family.


Madeline Wise
Madeline Wise


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Siblings Of Madeline Wise

Allison and Lawrence, who are also Todd’s siblings, find themselves right in the middle of their sibling rivalry on a regular basis when it comes to Margaret and Todd. Allison is carrying on in her own way the excellent profession that her mother had.

Education Of Madeline Wise

Madeline Wise attended Bard College and received her bachelor’s degree there. Madeline Wise is a graduate of Bard College.

She graduated with a degree in music and acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where she had studied at.

This suggests that even when she was a little child, she had an interest in performing in front of an audience. New York City is where the actress calls home.

Additionally, Wise is a co-founder of the New Saloon Theater Collective along with several other individuals. In addition to that, she is a very active member of The Actors Center.

2013 marked the year when the actress made her debut in the entertainment industry. She portrayed the role of Lisa in all six episodes of “Whatever This Is.”

Profssional Career Of Madeline Wise

She also had a small part in the 2014 short film titled “A First Date,” playing the part of Celia. Madeline also appeared as Sophie in two episodes of the television show ‘Peacekeepers,’ which she starred in.

She is well known for her role as Joy in the television miniseries “Other People’s Kids.” The role of Kat, which she played on the television show ‘Crashing,’ brought Wise the majority of her fame.

To this point, she has been seen in six different episodes of the show. Wise is currently in the midst of filming the television movie “Lovestruck,” in which she will play the role of Ally. Currently, post-production work is being done on the project.

Madeline Wise’s actual date of birth is uncertain, although it is known that she was born on March 1st.

Many of her admirers have speculated that she is somewhere in her late twenties at the moment.

She has a height of 1 meter and a weight of 64 kg. The actress maintains a really attractive physical form.

Additionally, the actress is active on Instagram, where she regularly posts images of herself, many of which garner thousands of likes.

Who is the BoyFriend Of Madeline Wise?

It is believed that Madeline Wise does not currently have a significant other or boyfriend.

During her time in high school, she did not have a single boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s possible that she’s dated males in the time since then. In spite of this, she has not divulged any information regarding the matter.

On many occasions, Wise is observed in the company of the actor Pete Holmes. There have been some admirers who have made the assumption that the two are dating.

On the other hand, Pete and Wise are merely a pairing for the television screen.

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Madeline Wise’s Net Worth

It is still unclear to the general public how much money Madeline Wise has in the bank.

Given that the average income for an actress is estimated to be greater than $50,000, it is reasonable to assume that her wealth has increased considerably as a direct result of her career as an actor.

The actress is quickly ascending the ranks of fame and financial success as a direct result of her work in the film Crashing.

She is most likely employed on a number of different movies and television shows at the moment, and she could be shooting one of them right now.

Madeline Wise was reportedly born in Brooklyn on March 1, 1990, and continues to call that borough her home. A post of hers on Instagram revealed this information. Therefore, her age right now is 32 years old.

While attending classes in the New York area, Wise was a student at the New York Harbor School. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree after completing her studies at Bard College in New York (Bachelor of Arts). In addition, she attended the London School of Musical and Dramatic Arts in order to earn a degree in acting.

It was during Wise’s time at the London School of Musical and Dramatic Arts, where she earned a diploma in acting, that she first came to the attention of the general public.

Madeline Wise appeared in multiple episodes throughout the third season of the television show Crashing, which was developed by Pete Holmes and Judd Apatow and airs on HBO. In addition to the fact that Holmes penned the screenplay and produced the film, he also stars in the project, which offers an insightful look behind the scenes of the stand-up comedy business.

Wise, in the capacity of a vivacious city girl, served as an inspiration to Pete to take hold of his ambitions. Wise has been lauded by critics for her work in the play “Cute Activist,” which she performed at the Bushwick Starr theater in Brooklyn.

Additionally, she had a role in the Adam Goldman comic online series titled Whatever This Is. She has been on stage in a number of plays, some of which are Winnie Holzman’s Choice, Charlie Reeves’ The Peacekeepers, and The Outs.

The story revolves around Todd, played by Astin, who is a loner in his family and a talented but aimless private investigator. Despite the fact that their personalities couldn’t be more different, he agrees to work as an in-house investigator for his authoritarian mother, Joan (Davis), a prominent lawyer who is still reeling from the effects of her recent divorce.

Allison is the diplomatic sister of Todd (Astin), who is also a successful emergency department trauma surgeon. She is eager to foster unity between Todd and their dominating mother, Joan (Davis).

Allison is the one who takes on the majority of the family obligations, while her two brothers dodge them. She is married to Chuck, who is physically attractive but cognitively inferior, as well as constantly busy and sometimes chaotic. She is aware of all of these characteristics in her husband. She is so dissatisfied with the life that Joan crafted for her that she is on the verge of destroying everything that Joan has worked so hard to build for her.

Even though the strange relationship between the mother and son is the main focus of the drama, other members of the family are also involved. That is likewise true with regard to Allison Grant.

Madeline Wise’s Father Shows a High Degree of Concern for Her Safety

Madeline’s Instagram post makes it quite clear that her father takes extreme measures to guard his daughter. She also uploaded a picture of her father, in which it can be seen that he is keeping a watchful eye on Madeline, presumably to ensure that she does not lose her balance and tumble out of her chair.

She said in the caption, “I could praise him for many things, but the thing I’m most grateful to him for is keeping me from sliding off this chair.”

Additionally, she shared images with her father on the occasion of his birthday. She penned in, “Happy birthday to my feminist father, who has devoted his entire life to supporting women and who spent this past weekend driving clown cars full of ladies to the #womensmarch. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating his life. I have the deepest affection for him, and yes, I am aware that my stance in this picture is kind of awkward, but WHATEVER.”

In addition, Madeline is very close with her sister. Madeline also has a sister. In addition to that, she routinely posts pictures of her niece, the presumed mother of whom is her sister.

Professional Life Of Madeline Wise

Madeline maintains a high level of discretion when it comes to her private life. She has not brought up her relationship in any of the public venues that she has participated in. After browsing over her Instagram account, it is clear that she is devoting more of her attention to her professional life.


Madeline Wise
Madeline Wise


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Quick Facts About Madeline Wise

Full Name Madeline Wise
Profession Actress
Birthday March 1, 1990
Age 32 years old
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Siblings 1
Known For Lapsis (2020) and Crashing (2017)
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian


Who plays Allison Grant in So Help Me Todd?

Madeline Wise plays Allison Grant in So Help Me Todd.

What nationality is Madeline Wise?

Madeline Wise is American.

How Old is Madeline Wise?

Madeline Wise is currently 32 years old.

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