Marie-France van Heel: Know About Andy Burnham’s Wife, Bio, Wiki And More

Marie-France van Heel: Know About Andy Burnham’s Wife, Bio, Wiki And More

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, and his stunning wife, Marie-France van Heel, are the picture of marital contentment and happiness.

He is a British politician who has held the positions of Chief Secretary to the Treasury in Gordon Brown’s Cabinet from 2007 until 2008, Culture Secretary from 2008 until 2009, and Health Secretary from 2009 until 2010. He served in each of these roles from 2007 to 2008.

Andy is a member of the Labour Party and served as the Shadow Home Secretary from 2015 till 2016. He served in this capacity until 2016. In addition to that, he served as the representative for the constituency of Leigh in the United Kingdom Parliament for a total of sixteen years, beginning in the year 2001 and continuing until

He spent his high school years at St. Aelred’s Catholic High School in Newton-le-willows. He was born in the Old Roan neighborhood of Aintree. After that, Andy got his degree in English from Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge, where he had previously studied.

In the year 2000, the politician wed the woman he had loved his entire life, Marie-France. The couple has three wonderful children and is enjoying a successful life together as a result of their parenting. The following provides additional information regarding Andy’s wife.

Marie-France van Heel’s Husband Andy Burnham

The most notable aspect of Marie-France van Heel’s life is that she is the stunning spouse of Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Any and Marie-France met each other during their time at Cambridge University, and after dating for a considerable amount of time, they ultimately decided to get married in the year 2000. Since then, the happy couple has been blessed with three wonderful children.

During the year 2015, Andy Burnham was photographed alongside his wife, Marie-France van Heel.

Former employee of BSkyB and marketing executive Marie-France, also known by her nickname Frankie, Marie-France also goes by the name Fran. In 2011, her company MVH Marketing closed its doors after having been in business for three years. She had been the sole director of the company.

She is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Heavenly, a company situated in London that has produced numerous logos for a variety of clients, some of which include HSBC, the BBC, and England Rugby. Marie-France is also the director of strategy at Heavenly Group, where she works.

It has been reported that Marie-France needs to get permission from her spouse before she can appear on the television show Blind Date. She made an appearance on the popular show in January of 1992. The two people had known each other since they were students at the same university.

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Marie-France van Heel Holds A Dutch Nationality

Andy Burnham is the mayor of Greater Manchester, and his wife, Marie-France van Heel, is a Dutch national. The couple has three children together.

The British politician who is now fifty-two years old was born in Aintree, Lancashire, to parents Kenneth Roy Burnham, who is of Irish origin, and Eileen Mary Burnham, who worked as a receptionist. His father is Kenneth Roy Burnham. His father worked in the telecommunications industry.

His mother and father brought him up in Culcheth, where he attended St. Lewis Catholic Primary School. He went on to complete his secondary education at St. Aelred’s Roman Catholic High School in Newton le Willows. He was pursuing his education in English at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge at the time.

He joined the Labour Party when he was 15 years old and worked as a researcher for Tessa Jowell beginning in 1994 and continuing until the general election in 1997. Andy signed up to be a member of the Transport and General Workers Union in 1995. Following his victory in the election held in 1997, he joined the NHS Confederation as a parliamentary officer and served in that capacity from August until December of that same year.

Where Is Marie-France van Heel From?

The stunning woman who shares Andy Burnham’s life was born in the Netherlands and currently possesses Dutch citizenship. Her husband was a native of Lancashire and was born to British parents. He currently possesses British citizenship.

Andy was successful in his application to become the Labour Party candidate for the parliamentary seat of Leigh in Greater Manchester after Lawrence Cunliffe, a British Labour Party politician, announced his retirement. In the election that took place in 2001, he won with a majority of 16,362 votes.

Following the election, Any was appointed to a seat on the Health Select Committee, where she served from 2001 until 2003. After some time, he was assigned to the position of Parliamentary Private Secretary for Home Secretary David Blunkett (PPS).

In 2004, he tendered his resignation from the position and accepted a position as PPS to Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of Education. After being elected in 2005, Andy received a promotion that allowed him to take his place in the government as a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State.

 Marie-France Family and Their Kids

A son and two daughters round out the family that Marie-France and her devoted husband have created together. A picture of their beautiful family can be found on the internet with little effort.

After a genetic test revealed that there was a possibility that Marie-France would get breast cancer, she decided to have a double mastectomy in 2010, when she was 40 years old. On Twitter, she can be found under the handle @mvanheel, and she currently has 180 people following her.

Ms. Heel had previously gained the attention of the media after making a series of contentious remarks on the social networking platform. In January of 2013, she expressed her displeasure with former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s appearance on Sky News by sending out a tweet.

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Andy Burnham, a politician, was successful in his bid to retain his position as Mayor of Greater Manchester. He garnered an impressive 67.3% of the total votes cast.

After such a commanding performance, the audience is quite interested in learning more about his wife. Here is the information that we have on her.

 Marie-France van Heel  is she married to Andy Burnham?

Marie-France van Heel Burham, who is married to Andy Burham, does not currently have a separate Wikipedia bio in her name.

The two people became together while they were both attending Fitzwilliam College, which is part of Cambridge University. They got married in the year 2000.

Marie-France van Heel, who was born in the Netherlands and works in marketing, is Burnham’s wife.

She has operated her own company, which was once known as MVH Marketing but went out of business in the year 2011. Her previous employer was BSkyB.

Up to this day, the account has gained the support of more than 135 users.

Marie-France van Heel Age

As in the month of March in 2021, Marie-France van Heel, who is married to Andy Burnham, will be 51 years old.

We do not currently have any information regarding her birthday, thus we cannot provide it.

The United Kingdom is Marie-France van Heel’s home country.

In addition to this, she is also known by the name Frankie, and she has been in the television series Blind Date.

Marie-France van Heel Family

Mari-France van Heel comes from a long line of Dutch ancestors.

Marie-France and Burnham have been blessed with three children: two daughters and a son. Having stated that, we do not have any information about their children to share with you.

The family has made the Greater Manchester Area their permanent home.

Marie-France van Heel Net Worth

Information regarding Marie-France van Heel’s actual net worth is not available to the public.

On the other hand, a number of websites estimate that by the year 2021, she will have earned more than $900,000.


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Marie-France van Heel is well-known in the public eye due to the fact that she is married to Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Manchester. There is little information available regarding Marie’s professional background, and her only claim to fame is that she is the spouse of a well-known figure.

Marie and Andy first started dating when they were in high school. In addition, they both attended the same university, which afforded them additional opportunities to spend time with one another. The pair has been married for twenty years at this point and continues to take pleasure in one another’s companionship.

Name Marie-France van Heel
Gender Female
Andy Burnham, a British man who has been married once yet is still single
Children 3 children


Her actual date of birth and the location of her birth are unknown; however, Marie-France van Heel was born in the United Kingdom.
There is some uncertainty over Marie’s age. However, based on the images that we have seen of her, we may estimate that she is in her late 40s.
Andy Burnham’s wife, Marie France van Heel, holds the title of First Lady of Greater Manchester. Since 2017, he has been in the role of mayor of this city.
The two began dating when they were still students at the same university. They both graduated from Cardinal Newman College, which is located in Preston.
Along with her husband, Marie is the mother of two daughters and one son. Having stated that, we do not have any information about their children to share with you.
Her ideal way to spend her spare time is traveling with the members of her family on an excursion. Beaches are a common sighting while she’s out and about.
Marie, who was born in the United States but holds British citizenship, presently makes her home in Manchester with the rest of her extended family.
Marie has a nice shape and is of average height for her age. In addition, she has blue eyes and blonde hair, both of which contribute to her beauty.
As a result of the fact that Marie does not have her own dedicated article on Wikipedia, we are not aware of the particulars of her private life, including her bio and the members of her family.

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