What Happened To Matthew Berry Of ESPN? Fantasy Football Face Joins NBC Sports As Analyst

Matthew Berry is a writer, television personality, and fantasy sports pundit. He began his career writing for television and cinema, as well as co-creating a few pilots and film scripts with his writing partner, Eric Abrams. Currently, Matthew Berry writes for both the television and film industries.

After writing for Rotoworld on the side for a while, Matthew launched his own fantasy sports websites in 2004 under the domain names “TalentedMr.Roto.com” and “Rotopass.com.”

Between the years 2007 and 2022, the well-known television personality held the position of “Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst” at ESPN.

What Happened To Matthew Berry Of ESPN?

For the 2022 NFL season, ESPN will implement a number of substantial changes to their fantasy football product offerings. The most significant alteration is that owners of fantasy football teams will no longer be able to access any of the network’s digital channels, including its website, in order to read Matthew Berry’s analysis of the games.

On Monday, Matthew took to Twitter to share the news that he would be leaving ESPN. The longtime host of ESPN’s fantasy football coverage made the announcement that he would be leaving the network at the end of the week. ESPN is the largest sports network in the world.

The television celebrity did not provide any other information regarding his leaving in his announcement.

Berry stated in a tweet that he “thought he’d never write” that he was leaving ESPN. He went on to express his gratitude to the numerous individuals who had shown him support over the course of his 15-year employment with the company. Berry’s admission that he “thought he’d never write” about his departure was surprising.

An expert for fantasy sports wrote on Twitter that ESPN had given him a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to write and debate fantasy sports on all of ESPN’s platforms. “ESPN gifted me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said.

Fantasy Football Analyst, Matthew Berry Joins NBC Sports

After Matthew Berry’s departure from ESPN, NBC Sports offered him a multiyear contract, which he accepted. Matthew is scheduled to make an appearance in a variety of positions, the most notable of which is as a guest on NBC’s Football Night in America on Sundays before the broadcast of Sunday Night Football.

In addition to that, the fantasy sports guru will host a weekly pregame show on Sunday mornings, as well as a daily one-hour show on Peacock throughout the weekdays.

In addition, there will be items published on the internet sites of NBC Sports, such as Matthew’s well-known preseason “100 Facts” list, which was made available on Thursday.

He worked for Rotoworld, which is part of NBC Sports, from 1999 to 2004, and he currently has the option to work for the organization again.

Those individuals who found the work of the television personality to be enjoyable will have a plethora of options in the future to read and view his stuff.

Matthew Berry Love/Hate Fantasy Football Analysis

Each year, Matthew Berry was responsible for contributing a number of longer fantasy pieces to ESPN’s Fantasy Football Draft Kit. The first is titled “100 Facts,” and it can be found both on ESPN.com and in the print publication ESPN The Magazine. The second one is a document called the “Draft Day Manifesto.”

His pre-draft rendition of Love/Hate finishes in third place. Love/Hate focuses on players Berry believes are being excessively or under-drafted.

The fantasy sports commentator emphasizes on a regular basis that the players that are on his “Hate” list are not those who he thinks will have a poor performance, but rather those who are drafted too high or started too frequently.

On Matthew’s “Hate” list, a regular first-rounder may be thought to warrant going roughly five slots lower than usual, but later-round players on the “Love” list are guys Matthew would choose a round or two higher than anticipated.

The author of the football articles names the players who, in his opinion, are significantly better than the other ESPN rankers for that week (these players are referred to as “Love”) and the players who, in his opinion, are significantly worse than the other ESPN rankers for that week (these players are referred to as “Hate”).

Matthew Berry’s Podcast

In 2007, Matthew Berry made his debut in the world of audio podcasting with the release of the Fantasy Forget. In this podcast, he encouraged listeners to “leave four players off your squad this week.”

In June of 2007, Matthew and Nate Ravitz were given the role of full-time hosts for the Fantasy Focus Baseball Podcast. Shortly after that, they were given the same role for the Fantasy Focus Football Podcast.

During the final episode of the 2013 season, the well-known television personality made the announcement that he will be leaving the Fantasy Focus Baseball Podcast. This came about at the same time that Ravitz revealed he would be leaving the show.

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