Melissa Oxley: Who is She? Where is Ben Oxley’s Wife Now?

Melissa Oxley: Who is She? Where is Ben Oxley’s Wife Now?

The unfortunate passing of Benjamin “Ben” Oxley in February 2008 is the subject of the episode of “Dateline: While They Were Sleeping” on NBC News. At the time of the event, the devoted father and his family were residing in Nevada, and at the time of the tragedy, the loving man’s wife, Melissa Oxley, was sleeping directly next to him. Despite the fact that the authorities at first suspected her, there was more to the story, and the trail ultimately led to Ben’s ex-wife.

Melissa Oxley
Melissa Oxley

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Who is Melissa Oxley?

Melissa and Ben Oxley’s lives in Minden, Nevada, gave the appearance of being a picture-perfect fairy tale. They were both committed to raising Alyssa, the latter’s daughter from a previous marriage when they got married in September of 2006. Craig, Melissa’s younger brother, was also residing with them when the incident occurred. He was there at the time. Nevertheless, all came tumbling down for the Oxleys in the wee hours of February 21, 2008, when they lost their business.

Melissa Oxley At Court

After some time had passed, Melissa testified in court, saying, “I remember hearing a noise. It seemed like I was dreaming since my ears were ringing. I smelled gun smoke. I made an effort to wake Ben up. I gave him a gentle nudge and whispered in his ear, “Honey, there’s something you need to check on.” Nevertheless, because Ben didn’t answer, she left the bedroom and found the entrance to the house open when she came out. When Melissa finally got back, she found out the horrifying news: her husband had been shot in the head.

When Melissa saw That Incident

When Melissa saw what was happening, she immediately hurried to Alyssa’s room and dialled 911. The authorities arrived at the residence just after 3:30 in the morning. The police questioned her and Craig after discovering guns inside the house and discovering no traces of a break-in at the residence. At that time, Melissa recalled feeling quite numb at first and overpowered; the authorities continued to keep a watch on her throughout the subsequent months.

After Ben passed away, Melissa received a payoff from her life insurance policy in the amount of $400,000 and began seeing other men. Despite this, the investigation found that she never once inquired about the money from the insurance policy. In addition, when asked about her dating life, Melissa stated that she had no expectations other than to have a normal life and to move on. After she was eliminated as a possible perpetrator of the crime, she eventually overcame her anxiety of being accused of murder. As time went on, the investigators were able to piece together the murderer’s identity as James Matlean, who was the boyfriend of Ben’s ex-wife, Dawn Oxley.

It was established through witness testimonies that James and Dawn had contemplated murdering Ben in order to reclaim custody of Alyssa. Aside from that, he eventually admitted to the murder but blamed Dawn as the mastermind behind it. Despite this, she had already been granted immunity for the testimony she would provide against him. Melissa was horrified to learn the identify of the murderer, and she stated that “He lived with her for over 19 months later.” I encountered him quite frequently. When we had joint visitations, he would pick her up from my home and take her with him.

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Where is Melissa Oxley Currently?

Despite the terrible event, Melissa was resolved to continue on with her life. In addition to that, she wanted to approach the circumstance with compassion, which is something that she strongly encouraged Alyssa to do as well. In an interview with Today that took place in the month of May 2012, Melissa stated, “I always told her, pretty much from the day one, that whenever we found out who did this, we’d have to be able to forgive them at some point in order to continue on.” I am aware that it is a significant factor in being able to move on and to stop being so angry and constrained by it.

Melissa continued by saying, “We still have to live our lives, so I thought it was extremely essential for her to be able to go on with hers as well.” She attended Western Nevada College in the past and is currently working at the Kahle Community Center in Stateline, Nevada. Her current situation is considerably more favourable than it was in the past. Melissa entered into a second marriage in February 2021, and she and her new husband, David Allmett, currently make their home in Gardnerville, Nevada. This brings us to Melissa’s personal life.

During their investigation of the Oxley residence, the police discovered shotgun ammunition in the bedroom of Melissa’s teenaged brother, Craig, who lived with the couple. Craig was also a member of the Oxley family. In addition to that, they discovered guns in the garage.

What Explained Melissa to Investigators

After the murder, Melissa was questioned by the police and explained to investigators that she was a very sound sleeper. However, her response looked implausible to the authorities. During this time, Craig was being questioned about the shotgun shells in another room down the hall in the interrogation room.

According to the documentary “Killer Motive,” even though Melissa and Craig denied committing any wrongdoing, there was too much proof to let them go free. A test for gunshot residue was administered to the siblings so that it could be determined whether or not any of them had recently fired a firearm. The results of the test were unfavourable for both.

Alyssa, Melissa’s stepdaughter, was interviewed by the authorities while Melissa was there. Alyssa is just six years old. The young girl related to them that she had witnessed a figure in her home and heard a door creaking, but she was unable to determine if the figure was a man or a woman.

At that time, Melissa suggested that a former boyfriend of Dawn, who had previously been married to Ben, might be a suspect in this case. It was alleged that Dawn’s ex-boyfriend had a criminal history and that he was unhappy with the way Ben was treating Dawn. However, the investigators came to the conclusion that he was not in the area when the murder took place.

Dawn told the officers who went to her home to question her about the homicide that she and her current boyfriend, James Matlean, had spent the entire night together watching movies and drinking. Their explanations appeared to be plausible.

Melissa Oxley’s Mother

Melissa was held for observation while Alyssa moved in with her biological mother. Alyssa had gone to live with Mom. After three months had passed since the murder, the detectives found out that she was the beneficiary of her husband’s life insurance policy, which was worth $400,000 in total. They also found out that the young widow was already involved in a romantic relationship. Red flags sprang up.

Nevertheless, according to Sergeant Ron Elges of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Melissa never enquired about the money from the insurance settlement, and she didn’t appear to care about the amount that was paid out. In spite of early suspicions, less and less attention was paid to Melissa. Her status as a possible suspect was removed.

Melissa, who is known for her quiet demeanour, recently gave an interview to the host of the show “Killer Motive,” Troy Roberts, in which she claimed that she began dating other men quickly after Ben’s death because, despite everything, she wished “a regular existence.” She claimed that if she didn’t make an effort to put the pieces back together at that moment, she “probably never would.”

After five months had passed since Ben Oxley’s death, the person responsible for the crime was still at large. The focus of the investigation shifted to Dawn Oxley, who had a troubled relationship with the individual who had been murdered. As a result of the divorce, she was required to make child support payments and had no custody of Alyssa. There was a constant flow of foul blood.

When investigators looked into Dawn’s claim that she and James, who had a criminal record, had been together on the night of the murder, they discovered inconsistencies in their statements about staying in all night and watching movies at home. Dawn claimed that she and James had been together on the night of the murder. James had a criminal record. James was seen on surveillance video from a 7-Eleven store while he was there. Their alibi was a complete fabrication.

Mellissa Oxley
Mellissa Oxley

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Who is Dawn and James?

The investigation against Dawn and James was ramped up by the detectives in a calculated manner. They followed them over a period of six months while simultaneously letting them know what they were up to. When James was apprehended for even a minor offence, like shoplifting cigarettes, it was yet another opportunity for the police to examine him over Ben’s death.

Even after several months of “hardball techniques,” according to the investigators, James never gave in. On the other hand, dawn was a completely different scenario. She made contact with the authorities and informed them that she was prepared to reveal information on the murder of her ex-husband. When she came to talk to the officials, it was discovered that she was under the influence of alcohol.

She agreed that she had vented her frustration about her relationship with her ex-husband, but she claimed that she had never urged James to kill him explicitly. However, the evidence was tainted by the fact that Dawn was under the influence of alcohol when she related this narrative, which rendered it potentially questionable.

But in November of 2009, Dawn, now clean, grabbed another opportunity to tell her side of the story about Ben’s murder. She was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and had been in jail for two weeks – no smokes, no alcohol, and no other variables that clouded her perception of reality.

During the same month, Dawn’s son from a previous marriage, Devin, who is now 16 years old, disclosed to investigators that he had overheard his mother expressing her desire for Ben’s death to James.

Due to the lack of direct evidence against Dawn, the prosecution decided to make a bargain with her: in exchange for her testimony against James, she would be allowed to walk free.

After James found out that Dawn was about to testify against him, he divulged the information of how deeply involved Dawn was in the murder. She had sketched out a map of Ben’s home in order to provide the assassin with direction on where to find him. James continued his revelations by saying that Dawn had begged him to kill Melissa as well, but after he shot Ben in the head, he stated he couldn’t bring himself to squeeze the trigger again. This was an additional horrifying piece of information.

On March 16, 2012, he entered a guilty plea to murder in the first degree. He was given a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.

According to the book “Killer Motive,” Dawn was arrested in March 2011 before he was found guilty of engaging her 15-year-old daughter from a previous marriage in many drug deals. This occurred before Dawn’s husband was found guilty. She was given a prison sentence of ninety months and was freed in the year 2014.

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