What’s Become of Michaella McCollum? Ibiza Drug Mule Update

What’s Become of Michaella McCollum? Ibiza Drug Mule Update

Michaella McCollum, then 19 years old, had the sense that she had the rest of her life to travel, so she purchased a one-way plane ticket to Ibiza, Spain. But the events that transpired in the days that followed left an indelible mark on her life. Docuseries titled “High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule,” which can be found streaming on Netflix, delves into Michaella’s involvement in a drug smuggling ring, which ultimately led to her arrest in Peru for attempting to move several kilogrammes of cocaine into Europe. The series is comprised of four episodes. If you’re curious about how her life has developed since then, the following is all we know about it:

Michaella McCollum
Michaella McCollum

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Who is Michaella McCollum?

Michaella McCollum had a challenging upbringing according to her, despite the fact that she came from a large family and grew up in Northern Ireland. In addition to the widespread use of illegal substances and gambling, as well as the threats made against her family, she also had to deal with an abusive partner. When she made the decision to buy a one-way ticket to Ibiza, she did so with the intention of escaping her problems once and for all. Michaela admitted that she didn’t have a lot of information about the island. I was having issues at home and just wanted to get away from it all, but I had no idea where to go. I had previous experience working in bars and enjoyed going out to clubs and parties, which is how I got the notion to go there after reading on Facebook that other people were going there. I had high hopes that this would be a wonderfully enjoyable summer for me.

Career of Michaella McCollum

Michaella spent the majority of her time in Ibiza going to various clubs and parties. She supported herself by performing as a dancer and working as a waitress. Michaella recalled that serving narcotics alongside beer in a bar was a common occurrence during her time working as a waitress, and she found it humorous at the time. Davey, a local drug dealer, became her acquaintance while she was staying on the island, and he eventually gave her a job. While Michaela was under the influence of LSD, he made her an offer in which he would pay her £5,000 if she would go to Barcelona, Spain, to pick up a parcel.

Michaella gave her assent, with the primary motivation being the financial gain. The following morning, she awoke to the realisation that she would not be heading to France but rather to Mallorca, Spain. Michaela’s assumption at the time was that she would be transporting drugs, but she did not know how much she would be carrying

. After arriving in Mallorca, she started dating Melissa Reid, who would later become her business partner in subsequent endeavours. After a few days, they were split up and put on different planes to fly to Lima, Peru, where they were going to acquire the cocaine.

Michaela was completely unaware that she would be travelling to South America at the time. She added, “I didn’t really know where Peru was, but I didn’t think it was in South America.” She admitted that she was wrong about her assumption. It was the first time I’d ever heard of that. Due to the fact that I was initially informed that I would be going to Barcelona and subsequently Mallorca, I was under the impression that Peru would also be located in Spain. I am fully aware of how ridiculous this is, but the truth is that I had no idea. I hadn’t travelled.”

In Lima, she connected with Melissa, and the three of them appeared to be vacationers until the night before they were about to depart when they received a delivery of drugs. Soon after, Michaella noticed that it was not just one or two packages, but rather a significant number of them.

The cocaine was hidden in packages of oatmeal and jelly, and the two individuals were tasked with smuggling around 11 kilogrammes of the drug. However, as the two were ready to check in at the airport in Lima on a certain day in August of 2013, they were mobbed by authorities who ultimately detained them. At first, Michaella and Melissa insisted that they were kidnapped by drug lords in Ibiza and forced to smuggle the drugs for them against their will. However, at a later time, they lied to the authorities in the aim of receiving a lighter punishment.

Where can I find Michaella McCollum at this time?

In the end, both Michaella and Melissa were found guilty and given prison terms in Peru that totaled six years and eight months. They were delivered to the Ancon 2 prison over in that location. Once inside, it took some time for Michaella to acclimatise to her reality, and she had a difficult time adjusting to the conditions. She described how another inmate had attacked her with a knife because she had changed the channel on the television. Michaela became fluent in Spanish over the course of time and started working at a beauty salon.

When Granted Michaella McCollum’s Parole

Michaella was finally able to go home in August of that year despite being granted parole in March of 2016 due to a change in the legislation regarding early release in Peru that took effect in 2015.

After she was released, she authored a book with the title, “You’ll Never See Daylight Again,” in which she discussed her time spent in jail as well as the events that led up to her imprisonment. The details of Michaella’s private life have been the focus of rumours and articles in the tabloids for a number of years now.

It was rumoured that Michaella will be offered a hefty agreement to host a television show about drug dealers and unresolved criminal cases in August of 2017.

Family of Michaella McCollum

Since that time, she has abstained from using drugs, and she has expressed her perspective on the matter by stating, “When people ask how I feel about it now, it feels like I’m thinking about a different person — I can’t relate to that person anymore.” She has not used drugs since that time. Michaella is a mother to her twin sons, Raphael Genie and Rio Addison, and she presently resides in Northern Ireland with her family.

Aside from that, Michaella discussed how difficult it was for her to maintain employment for an extended period of time due to the attention that she received. She had planned on majoring in criminology at one point, but now she is pursuing a degree in international business at Belfast University in Ireland, in addition to studying Spanish and Mandarin.

Michaela is an avid traveller; she has taken both of her sons, who are now approximately four years old, to Europe, where they visited France and Germany. She has given public speeches at various events with the hopes of educating others about the repercussions of trafficking illegal drugs. Last but not least, Michaella discussed the possibility of retiring in Spain someday.

Michaella McCollum
Michaella McCollum

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What Led to The Peru Two’s Detention by The Authorities?

The Peru Two were apprehended by the authorities on August 6, 2013, for their attempt to smuggle cocaine into Madrid, Spain. Madrid is located in Spain. At the Jorge Chavez International Airport, authorities discovered 11 kilogrammes (24 pounds) of cocaine with a street value of 1.5 million British pounds.

They had mixed a significant quantity of cocaine with bicarbonate of soda and starch before putting it together. After that, they took great care to conceal the odour by placing the items within containers of jelly and oatmeal.

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Where Did They Get Their Hands On All Those Drugs?

Michaella first became acquainted with Davey, a drug dealer, while she was working as a waitress in Ibiza. Davey begged Michaella to help him smuggle cocaine. Following her acceptance of Davey’s offer, Michaella became acquainted with a Colombian man named Mateo, who took her to Peru in order to complete the assignment.

First, Michaella travelled to Majorca, where she met Melissa. Then, she and Melissa travelled to Lima, Peru, where they were provided with the illicit substances that they were expected to smuggle into the country.

After They Were Taken Into Custody, What Became of Them?

Following their apprehension, Michaella and Melissa stated that they were coerced by a gang of armed individuals to conceal the illegal substances in their luggage. Despite this, they ultimately admitted their culpability and entered a guilty plea for drug trafficking.

On December 17, 2013, a sentence of six years and eight months in prison was handed down to the Peru Two. They were initially taken to the Virgen de Fatima prison in Lima, but they were eventually moved to the Ancón 2 prison in the city.

While serving time in Ancón 2 jail, the two of them came to the conclusion that they should educate themselves in beauty therapy in order to become hair stylists.

When Were They Finally Let Out of The Detention Centre?

On March 31, 2016, Michaella was granted her release from prison with the expectation that she would be required to remain in Peru for a minimum of six years. After a few more months had passed, on the 21st of June in 2016, Melissa was also let free.

After being granted her freedom, Melissa travelled back to the United Kingdom and arrived in Glasgow the very following day. After another two months, Michaella also made her way back to Europe and landed in Dublin, which is located in Ireland.

Michaella McCollum
Michaella McCollum

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Where Are The Two of Them at This Time?

According to reports, Michaella is currently a single mother to nearly four-year-old twin boys and is 28 years old. Her life has been completely transformed since since she was set free. She is currently living what appears to be a fulfilling life with her twins and has published a book with the title You’ll Never See Daylight Again. She also has an Instagram account that has been verified.

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