Moonshiners: Production, Plot, Cast, Where To Watch And More

Moonshiners: Production, Plot, Cast, Where To Watch And More

MoonshinWers is an American docudrama television series that airs on the Discovery Channel and was produced by Magilla Entertainment.

The series dramatizes the lives of people who produce (illegal) moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains in the states of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Their efforts to produce illegal liquor, their methods of escaping the law, and their daily lives are dramatized in the series. There have been allegations made by local authorities that the show is not what it portrays itself to be.

The police in Virginia have indicated that the folks featured in the show are not genuinely producing any illegal liquor of their own accord.

In March of 2012, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (ABC) stated that, “In the event that unlawful conduct was being carried out, the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement would have taken appropriate action.

They also indicated that they had requested that the producers add a disclaimer to make it clear that the show was merely a dramatization, but “the request was missed.” The makers of the show, Magilla Entertainment, have stated that the documentary footage they have produced is authentic.

The Moonshiners
The Moonshiners

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Moonshiners: Production

The lives of people who make moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia are dramatized in the American docudrama series Moonshiners, which is broadcast on the Discovery Channel and was created by Magilla Entertainment. Moonshine production is illegal in all of these states.

Their efforts to produce booze, their attempts to evade the law, and their everyday lives are dramatized in the series.

Representatives of the local government have argued that the program does not live up to the expectations that it sets for itself.

The Virginian police have reported that the fictional characters in the show are not producing any illegal alcoholic beverages.

According to statements made by the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in March 2012, the actions of the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement would have been expected in the event that criminal behavior was in fact taking place.

Moonshiners: Authorized By The Government

As the filming of the drama Moonshiners is authorized by the government, the production team may have used some television magic in order to achieve their desired result.

The show makes the assertion that it is illegal, despite the fact that distilling moonshine is perfectly legal so long as the interested parties have gotten authorization from the right authorities.

As a consequence of this, many people watch the show without giving any mind to the intricacies, while others are continuously thinking about those features.

In 2011, Kathleen Shaw, who was working as a spokesman for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control at the time, provided some information regarding the genuine objective of the performance.

Concerns from viewers have been made regarding the possibility that the local administration is promoting criminal behaviour in order to generate a television program. However, there is a chance that is not the situation at all.

Kathleen asserted in an email to the Associated Press that action would have been taken by the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement if illicit conduct had been going on.

In conclusion, it appears highly likely that the authorities in Virginia would have acted in the past to close down a source of embarrassment if Moonshiners was genuinely depicting illegal moonshine making.

This conclusion is supported by the fact that the likelihood of this happening is high.

The Viewpoint of the Audience Regarding Moonshiners and the Limits of Their Legal Status

Moonshiners reality has been the subject of debate among its fans ever since the show first aired, with many of them questioning whether the show is real or not.

Someone who watches the show remarked on Reddit that it is completely based on reality. He lives in Virginia close to Franklin County, which is where his family on his father’s side was involved in the moonshining business for centuries. He asserted that it is accurate because of this.

A video cannot be used by the government to prove that moonshining occurred. The Virginia ABC says they don’t make moonshine due to their excessive desire for profit.

One member of the audience argues otherwise, saying that “Even if the filmmakers were technically able to be charged as accomplices to their subjects’ moonshining activities, it would be difficult to make a case against them because filming someone else in the act of committing a crime is not in and of itself a crime.

Even if the cast of the Discovery series is comprised of real people, it is likely that the episodes, just like those of most other shows, are scripted before they are broadcast to viewers at home.

Kathleen Shaw, a spokesman for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, stated that the agency would have taken enforcement action if any illegal activity had been depicted on the program. If any illegal activity had been depicted on the program, the agency would have been required to take action.

In an email, Shaw allegedly told Fox News that the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement would have taken action if illegal activities had been taking place.

The Moonshiners
The Moonshiners

Is Moonshiners Real?

This, my good friend, is a tricky topic that requires us to have a conversation about the very nature of reality, as well as the intertwining of myth and legend with our expectations. And, of course, the degree to which people are willing to put up with a certain degree of falsity and believe their own hogwash.

Let’s begin with the blatantly obvious. The sheer act of viewing reality has the effect of altering that reality.

This is a live broadcast of a television show, complete with cameras, producers, directors, and editors.

In point of fact, it is produced by Magilla Entertainment, which is also engaged with the creation of a number of other reality television shows. In addition to that, a significant portion of the members of the cast are referred to as actors.

These are actual people acting out a role that is, in some way, a representation of themselves. Probably versions that aren’t too far off from themselves.

For example, when Tickle isn’t running shine, he most likely isn’t attending the opera or spending a significant amount of time in the library.

Is Moonshiner Legal?

It is also crucial to note that throughout history, the illegal nature of the whiskey boiling was not what made moonshine distillers criminal. This is something that should be kept in mind. It’s sales that don’t get taxed.

This is the reason why there are so many moonshine distilleries who create and sell their product openly. Moonshiners have traditionally battled the IRS rather than the ATF because of this reason.

If the moonshiners on the show get the required permissions and pay the relevant taxes, then they will be able to legally manufacture as much alcohol from corn mash as they like while walking around in the woods as long as they don’t break any laws.

The Appalachian Mountains may be seen in the background of the show, which takes place in Kentucky, as well as in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

In light of this, the Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement issued a statement of confirmation in March of 2012.

They implied that some arrests would have been made in the event that unlawful operations involving booze were taking place.

Additionally, they indicated in an article published by the Associated Press that they were not participating in the fabrication of the moonshine factory image.

Many of the cast members of “Moonshiners” have stated that the footage shown on television shouldn’t be considered evidence in their ongoing effort to prove that they are authentic outlaws. After all, those stills might as well have contained water for them.

Cast members, some of whom appear to have quite an outstanding level of legal expertise, have also empirically stated that they need to be caught in the act.

The Moonshiners
The Moonshiners

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Moonshiners: Where to watch

New episodes of Moonshiners air on Discovery every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

The show as well as its spinoff competition series, Moonshiners: Master Distillers, are both available to view on Discovery Plus.

Hulu also offers a streaming option for the first season of Master Distillers, which can be accessed right now.

Moonshiners: Plot

This month marked the beginning of the seventh season of the documentary series “Moonshiners,” which airs on the Discovery Channel.

The reality television show follows a varied collection of people living in the Appalachian Mountains as they continue the custom of creating moonshine that has been passed down through their ancestors for the past two hundred years.

The fact that the show tracks the illicit business of manufacturing booze and selling it without include taxes in the price has been the primary reason of the show’s share of controversy.

The ensemble of “Moonshiners” has never failed to keep viewers entertained with their antics.

The history of how “Moonshiners” was developed into a television show is detailed here.

The docudrama titled “Moonshiners” follows the lives of several families in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina who have learned and passed down the tradition of making moonshine or illegal alcohol and selling it untaxed.

These families are depicted as having learned and passed down the tradition from generation to generation.

The life of Appalachian moonshiner legend Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton is the primary topic of the show, which examines the history of moonshining and centers on Sutton’s story.

The show also follows Steve Ray Tickle and other men as they go up against the police while attempting to earn a living in the practice that has been passed down to them for the past two centuries. “Moonshiners” quickly became one of the most popular “reality television programmes” broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

Discovery began airing a new version of the show under the name “Tickle” in the year 2013.

The Moonshiners
The Moonshiners

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Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired Average rating
First aired Last aired
1 6 + 1 December 6, 2011 January 4, 2012 2.76
2 12 + 3 November 7, 2012 January 30, 2013 3.03
3 13 + 7 November 5, 2013 February 4, 2014 2.53
4 14 + 10 November 4, 2014 February 3, 2015 2.00
5 17 + 1 November 17, 2015 March 8, 2016 1.85
6 17 + 5 November 15, 2016 March 14, 2017 TBA
7 18 + 12 November 15, 2017 March 27, 2018 1.59
8 18 + 10 December 11, 2018 July 9, 2019 TBA
9 17 + 4 November 19, 2019 May 9, 2020 TBA
10 20 + 7 November 23, 2020 April 13, 2021 TBA
11 21 + 2 October 20, 2021 March 30, 2022 TBA
12 TBA November 2, 2022 TBA

 Moonshiners: Cast

  • Tim Smith
  • Steven Ray Tickle (aka “Tickle”)
  • Jeff Waldroup
  • Lance Waldroup
  • Mark Ramsey
  • Eric “Digger” Manes
  • JT Smith
  • Patti Bryan
  • David Parker
  • Chico
  • Bill Canny
  • Josh Owens
  • Jim Tom Hendrick
  • Mike Cockrell
  • Shot
  • Darlene Moran
  • Wayne Nix
  • Tyler Wood

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