Mr. Cross: Who Is He? The Explanation Behind Netflix’s End of the Road Series Finale

Mr. Cross: Who Is He? The Explanation Behind Netflix’s End of the Road Series Finale

End of the Road is a criminal drama that airs on Netflix and tells the narrative of the Freeman family, who become embroiled in a plot that puts all of their lives in jeopardy. It is an exhilarating thriller full of action, with Queen Latifah playing the major part, and its purpose is to shed light on the concerns of racism and the risks that it still brings to black families. The plot of the movie is kept moving forward at a consistent pace thanks to the combination of various different aspects that are used, and the characters are constantly in peril. The audience is frequently left on the edge of their seats as a result of the happenings, hoping without hope that the characters will be able to escape the perilous environment in which they are stuck without anybody to call for aid. In the end, the Freemans will do anything necessary to ensure their own survival. If you are curious as to whether or not they make it out of there alive, then you should know the following information.

End of the Road
End of the Road

Overview of the Action in “End of the Road”

The past few months have been challenging for Brenda Freeman. She was forced to take out loans from the bank in order to acquire the funds necessary for her husband Jake’s medical care after the latter fell ill. Following Jake’s passing, she was left without any means of support, and the bank ultimately foreclosed on her home. Now that she has two children to look after, she has made the decision to relocate from Los Angeles to Texas. They will be traveling for a total of three days, and Brenda’s brother, Reggie, will be traveling with them. They can’t afford to have any delays or detours, so they’re hoping that they’ll make it to their destination on time. They just cannot afford to pay for anything that is not already budgeted for in their expenses.

They choose to stay the first night of their trip in a motel because it was the most affordable option available to them. Later on that evening, a man is killed in the room next door to us. He admitted that he had taken money from a drug boss known as Mr. Cross, who was affiliated with the Sinaloa cartel. Brenda and Reggie try to help the victim, but he passes away shortly after their arrival. His assailant has already abandoned him. Reggie, unbeknownst to Brenda, discovers a bag full of cash in the man’s room and steals it. Brenda does not know about this. Because of this error, the Freeman family faces a great deal of difficulty, and several members of the family come perilously near to passing away.

Who is Mr. Cross?

The fact that the money belonged to Mr. Cross presents a difficulty with the act of stealing it from the deceased guy. The only thing the Freemans know about him is that he is a dangerous criminal. They know nothing else about him. The trouble is that he seems to know everything about them, despite the fact that he has never seen them. They have no idea what he looks like, but the difficulty is that he seems to know everything about them. The Freeman family is aware that they cannot put their faith in anyone, particularly given the fact that they are located in a region that is rife with white supremacists who would not think twice about taking the lives of all four of them. They locate a savior in the person of a law enforcement officer named Hammers. On the other hand, in an unexpected turn of events, it was revealed that Mr. Cross is actually Hammers.

We initially come into contact with Hammers at the scene of the crime, and he tells us that he has been pursuing Mr. Cross for a very long time. He seems insistent on meeting the Freemans and taking their statements, even when that’s already been done by other cops. After obtaining Brenda’s phone number from the cop who had a conversation with her, he initially urges her to return, but when she declines, he makes her an offer to meet him somewhere along the road. This gives the impression, if only for a moment, that Hammers is the person who is hell-bent on taking down Mr. Cross. Everything doesn’t make sense till much later on when some time has passed.

Who Is Hammers?

Hammers was the one who showed up that night at the motel, and he was the one who ended the life of the man who had stolen his money while the Freemans were sleeping next door. Hammers were unable to afford to remain in the area for the amount of time necessary to search for the bag that contained the money because they were awoken by the commotion. He was confident that he would be contacted the following day while the murder was being investigated, so he went on his way without a worry in the world. He does not anticipate that the Freemans will accept the money, but in the event that they do, he makes an attempt to approach them in the guise of a police officer in the hope that they will trust him and return the money without making a fuss.

Hammers makes the decision to approach Brenda in a new manner in order to have a conversation with her after Brenda makes it abundantly plain that she is not going to return to the motel and that she will speak to Hammers on her own terms. One thing to take note of in this scenario is the fact that, up to this point, he is the only one who has lately obtained her number and has communicated with her. The moment Hammers’ call is ended, Brenda is presented with another call, which appears to be from Mr. Cross. He dials a different number to get through to her, and this time he disguises his voice by using a voice modulator. He begs Brenda to bring the money back, but she doesn’t put two and two together and realize what he’s asking of her. She and everyone else in her immediate vicinity is under the impression that Mr. Cross is a member of a drug cartel who avoids interaction with law enforcement. Instead, it emerges that he is a legitimate law enforcement officer.

The fact that Hammers appears shortly after Cam has been taken captive is yet more clue that helps us piece together his true identity. At this point, he had not made any other attempts to get in touch with Brenda in his official capacity. She did not inform him of her destination, therefore it is unclear how he was able to determine the whereabouts of Reggie and Kelly. In addition, when a dispatcher reported that Brenda was driving too fast, a real cop would have immediately pulled her over so that they could approach her and question her regarding the murder. Hammers, on the other hand, orders the other officers to back down and let Brenda leave, knowing full well that she is on her way to get her hands on his money.

End of the Road
End of the Road

Why Hammers and Kelly and Reggie are riding in his automobile?

In a similar manner, when Hammers and Kelly and Reggie are riding in his automobile, and he has reason to believe that another vehicle is following them, he instructs both of them to duck down. They consider it to be an assault launched by Mr. Cross’s criminal organization. In point of fact, Hammers did not want anyone to see two black individuals in his car because, if someone did see them, Hammers would be leaving behind a witness who may cause issue for him after he had killed the Freemans. Hammers feared that this witness could bring about legal action against him. While everyone in the crowd is under the impression that Hammers is a kind guy, none of these warning signs make any sense. Once we realize that he is Mr. Cross, though, all of his actions begin to make more sense.

Where Does Mr. Cross’ Money Go, and Why?

When Reggie steals money from Mr. Cross, the Freeman family is immediately put in a difficult situation. He was completely oblivious to the fact that he was stealing from a drug kingpin. All he was aware of was the fact that his sister was in serious need of assistance, and that if they could just get their hands on that money, they would be able to start over and be in a much better position. He tries to persuade Brenda to keep the money, but she is aware that it is money obtained through illegal means, which means that nothing positive can result from keeping it. Her apprehensions are validated when they find themselves in hot water with Mr. Cross due to the money.

After all of the perilous predicaments they made it through, you would think that Reggie would have picked up some important life lessons at this point. On the other hand, Reggie asks Brenda to keep the money as he is fleeing away from Hammers’ residence for the second time. Reggie gives up and leaves the bag behind, but not before taking some money out of it. She continues to resist. It should come as no surprise that he does not tell his sister. He probably intended to keep the money hidden until some time had passed and he was in a position to provide a plausible explanation for how he’d come into such a large sum of money all of a sudden.

Reggie is unsuccessful in his efforts to conceal the money, despite the careful measures he has made. Being his sister, Brenda knows immediately when Reggie is being cagey. After Mr. Cross has been dealt with and the Freemans have determined that they are no longer in danger, they go to a diner and eat breakfast there. Brenda takes one look at Reggie after he offers to pay for it, and she immediately gets a sneaking suspicion that he has done something dishonest. She tells him to give the money back when he admits that he took some of it from the bag without her knowledge. But now that Mr. Cross is no longer around, there is no one to whom we may return it.

Since everyone who was aware of the money is presumed to have passed away by this point, the Freemans are free to take the money and use it anyway they see fit. As a result of the support that her children give to Reggie’s acts, Brenda is compelled to reevaluate her position, and she comes to the conclusion that it would be beneficial for her family to spend that money to start their lives over again. Since no one is pursuing them any longer, they are free to finally live their lives in peace.

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