Naomie Olindo: Know About Her Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And Family Details

Naomie Olindo: Know About Her Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And Family Details

There are rumors that Naomie Olindo’s family owns restaurant chains in France, which has contributed to their reported net worth of $5 million.

She, on the other hand, is one of the reality TV stars who used the platform to her advantage in order to launch her own business. Naomie’s rise to prominence can be attributed to her participation in the Bravo reality series Southern Charm.

Due to her openness in front of the camera and her unstable romantic relationships, the celebrity was frequently featured in public media. Everything you need to know about her is included in this list.


Naomie Olindo
Naomie Olindo


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Net Worth Of Naomie Olindo

According to estimates provided by Slice, Naomie Olindo and her family have a combined net worth of approximately $5 million. It is said that she is knowledgeable about real estate in addition to the fact that her family own restaurants in both Charleston and France.

Naomie is the proud proprietor of both a clothes and a lifestyle brand. L’Abeye is the name of the clothing line that she has created. She deals in women’s accessories, footwear, and clothing of various brands.

Naomie made her first appearance on television in 2016, during the third season of Southern Charm. She was considered a recurrent member of the reality program up until the sixth season, when it was decided that she would portray the main character in the show.

She is grateful to the show for the popularity, opportunities, and new doors it has opened for her in her professional life. Olindo’s fortune almost certainly grown greatly as a result of the fact that he was a participant in the reality show for a period of more than four years.

Financial Support of Naomie Olindo

Ginny Cox, a close friend of Naomie for many years and her current business partner, helped Naomie launch her lifestyle brand, L’ABEYE, after she had become well-known. The prices of the things in these online clothing retailers range anywhere from twelve dollars to an astonishing one hundred and fourteen dollars.

A following of hundreds of thousands of people is necessary for the expansion of the company; the same is true for the growth of Naomie Olindo’s wealth.

In addition, the businesswoman has a deep passion for exploring new places and uses her Instagram account frequently to share pictures of the wonderful locations she visits. It is very clear that Naomie has amassed a considerable sum of money in order to support the extravagant lifestyle that she leads.

Additionally, the celebrity is affiliated with notable businesses such as Brookline, Rocksbox, and LifeOmic through sponsorship arrangements. It is likely that her sponsors were responsible for a major portion of her wealth. Naomie has a long way to go in spite of the fact that she already has a successful job.

It is possible that in the future Olindo will be able to get further sponsors and collaborations, which will both advance her career and increase her riches.

In spite of the fact that Naomie has a substantial net worth, you might be shocked to see how much money the other members of Southern Charm are worth.

Patricia Altschul, an art collector, is the most financially successful of the show’s reality personalities. Before he died away, she tied the knot with the late Arthur Altschul, a former banker and partner at Goldman Sachs.

She has been married three times, and one of those times was to Arthur. Currently, Ms. Altschul is engaged to a man who cannot be named. Due to the fact that she is the mother of Southern Charm’s creator, she began making frequent appearances on the show. Because of the riches that was left behind by her spouse who passed away, she now has a net worth of $20 million.

Craig Conover has unquestionably established himself as one of the members of the group that the audience adores the most, and with good reason! Even though Conover is a lawyer by trade, he made a crucial choice in his life when he decided to switch careers from practicing law to making pillows.

Pillows manufactured by Craig under the brand name Sewing Down South have been instrumental in his rise to the top of the corporate world and the accumulation of a wealth of $400,000.

Shep Rose used his savings to make investments in real estate, as well as to build a restaurant. Palace Hill is one of Rose’s businesses, and she also has investments in other establishments of a similar sort, such as bars and restaurants. His total assets come to a total of $4 million.

It is shown that the typical compensation for this employment is $64,000 per year for the position of territory sales manager held by Austen Kroll, who was employed by Red Hare Brewing Company. Along with the rest of the cast, Kroll has amassed a net worth of one million dollars thanks to the show and, of course, his parents.

On August 4, 1992, Naomie Olindo was welcomed into the world by her parents, Joel and Carole Olindo. Joel was Naomie’s father, and Carole was her mother. The reality television personality was born in France, but he and his family eventually relocated to Charleston, which is located in South Carolina.
Because there is no proof of Naomie having siblings in the photographs or media that depict her, the general consensus is that she was brought up as an only child by her parents.

Naomie Olindo’s Instagram Account

Naomie’s tight relationship with her family inspires her to share frequent images of them on her Instagram account. Despite the great distance that separates their residences, the actress stays in regular contact with her parents by phone.

It seems as though Naomie’s mother is a reserved individual who only occasionally posts on social media. Despite this, her mother appears to be on board with her daughter’s choices, as seen by the fact that she promotes her daughter’s business on her Facebook profile.

Additionally, Naomie Olindo’s late father was a pillar of strength for her throughout her life. As evidenced by the numerous photographs that Naomie has posted to her Instagram account, Naomie and her father have a close relationship and looked out for one another at all times.

Their bond was so strong that when Naomie’s father suffered a heart attack while he was gone from the house, she had a nightmare about it and felt queasy all over. Thankfully, her grandfather survived the heart attack that he suffered.

Family Of Naomie Olindo

On December 20, 2019, at the age of 68, Joel passed away as a result of complications from esophageal cancer. On the morning of Monday, December 23, a cast member from Southern Charm shared a post on Instagram to break the news to her followers about the demise of her father.
After then, Naomie showed her appreciation to everyone who had helped her and her family through this challenging period by expressing her gratitude to them all.

After winning green cards in a lottery, Joel, his wife Carole, and their daughter Naomie uprooted their lives and went to Charleston, South Carolina, where Joel had already established his restaurant and real estate firm in the year 2000. The French language is Joel’s first language.

In April, Naomie’s father opened his third restaurant in the past three years, and she couldn’t help but give him praise for his accomplishment.

Both Joel’s mother and Naomie’s mother have made appearances on Southern Charm during the course of the show’s history. In the past, Joel had some difficulties with his health, and in June of 2018, he suffered a heart attack. The event served as a wake-up call for Joel, and as a result, he eventually made changes to his lifestyle and lost forty pounds.

In April of 2017, when making an appearance on “Straight Up With Stassi,” a podcast hosted by Stassi Schroeder, Naomie admitted that the prospect of losing a parent is one of her greatest fears.

Education Of Naomie Olindo

Naomie relocated to the United States in order to pursue her education and attended a university there. She attended the College of Charleston for a while. She gives her education a great deal of importance and makes frequent references to it in the posts that she makes on social media.

After completing the GRE in 2016, she immediately went on to pursue her graduate education. The College of Charleston awarded Naomi a Master of Business Administration degree when she completed her studies there. She had a degree in economics and finance.

Naomie Olindo did not always live the life of a Southern lady, despite the fact that she is now a member of Charleston’s upper class. In point of fact, Olindo was born on August 4th, 1992 in France, making her 30 years old this year.

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Personal Life Of Naomie Olindo

The private details of the lives of the people who appear on reality television programs are often broadcast for all to see. In point of fact, Craig Conover, who was Naomie’s boyfriend at the time, played a leading role in Southern Charms, which was the primary reason for her participation in that program.

Naomie’s first encounter with her now-ex-boyfriend took place when they were both students at the College of Charleston. He was a senior there, and she was a freshman there. Despite having known each other since they were in high school, the two did not get along when they initially met. However, the former couple did eventually get back together after a number of years had passed, and it was only then that they started dating.

Olindo and her ex-relationship boyfriend’s was, to put it gently, contentious to say the least. It was also extremely public. The couple had been dating for four years before they made the decision to discontinue their relationship in 2017.

Relationship Between Naomie Olindo And Metul Shah

Following the end of their relationship, Naomie began a relationship with the physician Metul Shah, which she revealed on Instagram in 2018. The couple, who are no longer together, were quite affectionate toward one another online, making frequent appearances on each other’s social media sites.

Naomie made the decision to keep her significant other as far away from the program as possible after she saw another prominent relationship end in tears. She was concerned about protecting his privacy and preventing third parties from discovering their connection.

People anticipated that Naomie Olindo’s ex-boyfriend would soon propose to her, and that the couple would tie the knot shortly after that. This was due to the deep connection that existed between the two.

The breakup of Naomie and Metul’s relationship occurred not long after the latter’s move to New York, despite the fact that the two appeared to be having a great time while traveling to various countries.

In spite of the fact that the reason for their split has not been made known to the general public, speculation has increased that Naomie Olindo’s boyfriend cheated on her in light of the celebrity’s subsequent Instagram story about betrayal.


Naomie Olindo
Naomie Olindo

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Quick Facts About Naomie Olindo

Full Name Naomie Olindo
Profession Model & Estate agent
Birth Date August 4, 1992
Age 30 years old
Birth Place Nice, France
Education College of Charleston
Zodiac Sign Leo
Father Joel Olindo
Mother Carole Olindo
Net Worth $500k
Relationship Status Single
Ex-Boyfriend Craig Conover and Metul Shah

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