Nikhil Malik ( MTV Splitsvilla 13): Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, weight, family, Girlfriend and More

Nikhil Malik ( MTV Splitsvilla 13): Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Girlfriend and More

Nikhil Malik is a model and actor in addition to being a Zumba instructor. It was in 2021 when he appeared as a contestant on the dating competition show MTV Splitsvilla 13 that he first came to the attention of the public.

As in the year 2021, Nikhil Malik will have turned 21 years old. Although he was born and raised in a middle-class family in Delhi, he eventually made his home in Mumbai because of the demands of his work.

Nikhil Malik
Nikhil Malik

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Nikhil Malik ( MTV Splitsvilla 13): bio

Nikhil Malik was born on March 5th, 1999, which makes his age 22 at this point. He was born in Delhi, which is located in India. He is living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. There is a sibling that is older than his. His name is Dhruv Malik.

Nikhil Malik is a well-known model and actor. In addition to that, he is a Zumba instructor. He was a contestant in a great number of beauty pageants.

He made an appearance in the thirteenth season of the popular television show MTV Splitsvilla. He is one of the contestants on the show MTV Splitsvilla who viewers look forward to seeing the most.

Nikhil Malik is a well-known Indian actor and model, so let’s find out more about him.

Nikhil Malik ( MTV Splitsvilla 13): Career

During the thirteenth season of MTV Splitsvilla, Nikhil Malik garnered an enormous amount of fame. You can keep up with him by following him on Instagram.

His Instagram profile has a total of 66,5K followers at this time. We have covered everything there is to know about Nikhil Malik, who is a well-known actor and model from India. Therefore, give this article a thorough read in order to obtain the most recent information about Nikhil Malik.

After gaining his certification as a Zumba instructor, Nikhil Malik decided to pursue a career in the modelling profession. After making an appearance in the 13th season of the popular television show MTV Splitsvilla, his career took a dramatic change.

Nikhil Malik is an experienced instructor who specialises in Zumba. He served as a coach to a number of well-known actors and models. He also had roles in a great number of television series. It features such games as Naagin and Elevator Pitch, among others.

Nikhil Malik was also involved in the production of a number of commercials, including those for Creambell and Vmart, among others. Nikhil Malik participated in the thirteenth season of the popular television show MTV Splitsvilla as a wild card contestant.

Nikhil Malik received his degree from PGDAV College in New Delhi where he also studied. He graduated from Vivekanand School in New Delhi, India, where he had been attending classes.

Nikhil malik
Nikhil malik

Nikhil Malik ( MTV Splitsvilla 13): Dating Life

Nikhil Malik is dating Pallak Yadav. She is competing in the thirteenth season of the MTV show Splitsvilla. Nikhil Malik is unmarried.

Nikhil Malik’s body is covered in a wide variety of tattoos. He has a lot of tattoos. He admires the dancer Michael Jackson very much and quotes him frequently.

Nikhil Malik has a significant amount of travel experience and enjoys adventure. In addition to that, he is an influential figure on social media. Nikhil Malik has amassed a significant number of devoted followers across all of his social media platforms.

Nikhil Malik has also worked with a large number of well-known brands, and he is frequently featured in a variety of advertising. In addition to his other talents, Nikhil Malik is a trained dancer.

Additionally, during his stay in school, Nikhil Malik took part in a number of other dancing competitions. Nikhil Malik grew raised in Delhi, India.

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For professional reasons, Nikhil Malik relocated to the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra in India. His goal was to become a model and social media influencer, and he put in a lot of effort to make that ambition come true.

The 10th Board test was passed with a score of 90% by Nikhil Malik. Nikhil Malik is a celebrity who possesses a great deal of talent. Let’s have a look at some pictures of Nikhil Malik, who is a well-known model.

Nikhil Malik ( MTV Splitsvilla 13): Private Life

On March 5, 1999 in the city of Delhi, the capital of India, he was born into a family that belonged to the middle class.

During his time in school, he was considered one of the bright students, and he passed all of his board examinations with a score that was greater than 90 percent even though he had never taken any outside tutoring.

After he finished his undergraduate studies at PGDAV College in New Delhi, he went to Mumbai in order to pursue his ambition of working in the entertainment industry. He is currently putting in a lot of effort in order to bring his profession to its highest point.

Tattoo artist — He has a few tattoos on his body, including one that says “Blessed” on his right arm and “OM” on his right hand. He designed both of these tattoos.

Swimming techniques such as the freestyle and the butterfly were taught to him while he was in college.

This is the reason that Kat and Kevin, and Nikhil and Pallak, break up in real life, as seen on Season 3 of Splitsvilla.

According to the most recent rumours, two of the couples who appeared on Splitsvilla X3, notably Kat Kristian and Kevin Almasifar and Nikhil Malik and Pallak Yadav, have broken up with each other in real life. That is exactly right.

Their respective fan bases were taken aback when the two duos revealed the cause for their breakup via their respective social media handles. This news came as a surprise to their audience.

Nikhil malik
Nikhil malik

Nikhil Malik ( MTV Splitsvilla 13): Break Up With Palak

The continuing dating reality show Splitsvilla X3, which is presented by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha, has already been a topic of conversation amongst the show’s younger fan base.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the dome session or the chemistry between different partner candidates, the show continues to garner a lot of viewers season after season.

Fans have an insatiable curiosity for anything and everything that goes on behind or in front of the camera. So, unfortunately, the most recent update probably won’t cheer you up!

According to the most recent rumours, two of the couples that appear on the show—specifically, Kat Kristian and Kevin Almasifar and Nikhil Malik and Pallak Yadav—have broken up in their personal lives. That is exactly right.

Everyone was taken aback when the two groups disclosed the cause for their breakup on their separate social media handles. This news came as a complete surprise to everyone.

When it comes to Kat and Kevin, the two of them were the dating show’s first ideal match, and they have, up until this point, been impressing everyone with not only their friendship, but also their performances in various assignments.

They have been teasing each other with cryptic postings on Instagram for a good number of days now.

It is now abundantly evident that they have gone their separate ways as evidenced by the stories that they have shared. Both of them are cheating, which is the rationale for the fact that it is being said.

On Monday, Kat published a post that included the following sentence: “Some people hate you because of the way other people love you.”

As Kevin’s post was being read, “Permit me to inform you of something that is common knowledge. The world is not always filled with happiness and rainbows.

It doesn’t matter how tough you are; if you allow it, this place will bring you to your knees and keep you there for the rest of your life if you let it.

This place is really mean and terrible. Nobody—not you, not I, not anyone else—is going to hit as hard as life. But the force with which you strike is not what matters here. It all comes down to how well you can take the blows and yet keep moving forward.

How much you are able to take while continuing to move forward. That is the way to come out on top!”

Nikhil malik
Nikhil malik

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Quick Facts

Real/Full Name   Nikhil Malik
Profession Line Actor, Zumba Trainer, Choreographer & Model
Matrimony Unmarried
Wife None
Children Sons- None
Daughter- None
Weight 75 kg,
156 pounds
Height       1.77 centimeters
1.77 meters
5’feet 10’’inches
Body Chest: 39 Inches
Biceps: 16 Inches
Waist: 32 Inches
Eye Color   Black
Hair Color   Brown
Skin Color Beige
Date of birth   Friday 5 March 1999
Age   21 Years (as of 2021)
Birth Place   Delhi, India
Birth & Zodiac sign   Piseces (based on date of birth)
Nationality   Indian
Religion   Hinduism
Home villa   Delhi, India
School Academy   Local Public School, Delhi
University/College Name   PGDAV College, New Delhi
Last Qualification Graduate
Career Debut TV- MTV Splitsvilla 13 (2021) as a contestant
Food & Dietary habits   Non-Vegetarian
Interest & Hobbies   Dancing, Gymming, Travelling
Net Worth Rs.15 Lakhs

Favourite & Beloved things

Food Dal Fri, Roasted Chicken, Grilled Onion Pizza
Drink Banana Shake
Actress   Deepika Padukone, Kajal Aggarwal
Actor Akshay Kumar, Irrfan Malik
Cricketer Virat Kohli
Dancer Michael Jackson
Sports Cricket
Holiday & Festivity Destination(s)   Goa
Color & Dye(s) Black

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