Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla): Net Worth (2023), Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Family And More

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Net Worth (2023), Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Family And More

Nikita Bhamidipati, who hails from India and is well-known both as a model and as a social activist, is Nikita Bhamidipati.

Her most notable contribution to her rise to fame was her appearance in season 2 of the television reality show MTV Ace of Space.

She is a determined young lady who always had the goal of helping others, particularly advocating for the rights of women.

She has been thrust into the public eye as of late as a result of her selection for the thirteenth season of the well-known television reality show MTV Splitsvilla.

She presented her digital audition to Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singha, as well as to Kevin Almasifar, who was the very first competitor on the show.

Nikita Bhamidipati
Nikita Bhamidipati

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Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Early Life

Nikita Bhamidipati was born on April 17th, 2001 in the city of Pune, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

As a result of his father’s position as a naval officer, she spent the majority of her schooling in New Delhi. This is because his father’s postings take him to various regions of the country.

A few years later, Nikita relocated to Mumbai, where she enrolled at the Navy Children’s School for the intermediate level of her secondary education.

After that, she completed her education in a university in the United Kingdom. Since she was a child, Nikita has harboured the ambition to have a successful career in the entertainment industry. T

he fact that the roommates supported and encouraged her ambition to pursue a career in acting pushed her to take the next step in her professional life.

As a result of this, she began her career as a model when she was 16 years old, and she also took part in a number of fashion shows in Mumbai.

Nikita was fortunate enough to land a spot on MTV’s reality game show thanks to her modelling career.

In which she made her debut in the television industry by taking part as a contestant on the reality game programme Ace of Space 2 that was shown on MTV.

Vikas Gupta served as the host of the show, which was the second season of the series Ace of Space, and the show made its debut on MTV India in the month of August 2019.

On this particular programme, Nikita was the one that was eliminated on day 40 of the competition.

Nikita Bhamidipati
Nikita Bhamidipati

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Wiki

Nikita Bhamidipati is an Indian who is a famous model and a popular social reformer. She is mostly popular for her participation in the Television reality show MTV Ace of Space in S2.

She is a concentrated girl who wanted to obey society and mainly for women’s rights. Currently she came into the headlines after she obtain selected for the famous Television reality show MTV Splitsvilla S13.

She gave her digital demo to Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singha along with the 1st participant of the show Kevin Almasifar.

Birthed on April 17, 2001, Nikita Bhamidipati’s age is 21 years as of 2022. She was birthed and brought in a well-established decent Hindu family from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Bio

Nikita Bhamidipati was born on the 17th of April 2001, making her age 20 as of the year 2021. She was born and raised in a well-established Hindu family that hailed from Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Her primary and secondary education were both completed at the Navy Children School in Mumbai. After that, she went ahead and registered in a distance learning programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University, which is located in Cardiff, United States, and it is from there that she is presently working toward completing her degree.

Nikita has had a strong interest in the performing arts ever since she was a child, particularly in modelling and acting.

She has a strong desire to continue working in the same industry for her entire life. Her parents have always been there for her and encourage her to pursue whatever it is that lights her fire.

She began her career as a model when she was 16 years old and finished a number of modelling tasks.

Nikita Bhamidipati
Nikita Bhamidipati

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Career

Nikita Bhamidipati began her work in the modelling industry within the context of the Indian entertainment industry. She has been seen modelling at a number of different events in Mumbai’s fashion industry. In addition to that, she has finished a number of modelling jobs for a variety of advertising firms.

Following that, Nikita participated in the second season of the television reality show Ace of Space, which was her first appearance on television. She became one of the most desirable models to take part in the show after being on it, which is largely responsible for her meteoric rise to fame after the event.

She just participated in an audition for the upcoming season of the well-known television reality show MTV Splitsvilla Season 13, and she was chosen to be a contestant on the show.

In addition to her work in the professional world, she is also an activist in the community, particularly advocating for the rights of women. She is involved with a large number of non-governmental organisations and carries out a variety of charity activities.

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Family

Nikita Bhamidipati comes from a family in Pune, Maharashtra, India that is comprised of members of the upper middle class who are Naval Officers.

She is reported to be of Indian nationality and adheres to the Hindu faith as her primary spiritual practise. In addition, she was given the name Mousumi Bhimadipati at birth.

Mrs. Bhamidipati is her mother’s name, and her father’s name is Mr. Bhamidipati. Mr. Bhamidipati is a Navy Officer, and Mrs. Bhamidipati is a housewife.

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Marital Status

According to the rumours, she is in a relationship with Ali Raza Shaikh, who is famous from his participation in MTV Love School.

The couple confirmed their relationship in public after her fellow participant in Ace of Space 2, Deepak Thakur, disclosed her relationship.

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Height And Weight

Nikita Bhamidipati is a very beautiful young lady who exudes allure and allurement via her demeanour.

She is the type of person that is all about being active, as seen by the fact that she practises yoga on a consistent basis and goes to the gym frequently in order to keep up her enviable shape while also preserving her health.

Her figure dimensions are around 33-23-34 inches in length, width, and height.
She stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, and she weighs somewhere around 55 kilogrammes.

She has gorgeous long hair that is a dark brown tone and is glossy, and she also has gorgeous eyes that are a blue colour that are intriguing. She has approximately 11 tattoos, all of them are located on different places of her body.

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Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Facts And Information

Nikita Bhamidipati adores the work of Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor, two of the most well-known stars in Bollywood. She is also impressed by actress Kareena Kapoor’s talent in the acting world.

She uses all of her various social media names to interact with her massive fan base, and she also has a career as a social media influencer.

She is a travel addict and adores spending her time in Goa while on vacation. Dogs are her favourite pets, and she has one of each kind.

In her spare time, he enjoys singing and dancing as much as possible. She does not eat any animals of any kind, but she uses her social media platforms to post movies and photographs that encourage cruel treatment of animals.

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Education

Nikita Bhamidipati was sent to the Navi Children’s School in New Delhi for her early childhood education despite the fact that she was born in Pune, which is located in the state of Maharashtra. Her father is a naval officer.
Following this event, her family relocated to Colaba in the Indian state of Maharashtra. At the Navi Children’s School in Maharashtra, he completed both her secondary and intermediate levels of study.

After that, Nikita finished her undergraduate degree through distance learning at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

She pursued a career in modelling after achieving her higher education goals in order to realise a dream she had since she was a child.

Nikita has only one goal in life, and that is to have a successful acting career. something he is persistently working toward achieving.

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): Favorite Things

When it comes to Nikita’s most cherished possessions, she cites Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor as her top choices among Bollywood actors.

Kareena Kapoor is the actress who she admires the most. Cricket is one of her favourite sports to watch, and Virat Kohli is her favourite player.

Additionally, she takes a great deal of pleasure in listening to music, and during her downtime she enjoys playing both Bollywood and Hollywood music. Her favourite singer is Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber.

Aside from this, Lilly Singh is her favourite YouTuber, while The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, and Brooklyn 99 are her favourite television shows.

The following table provides a list of all of their preferred works, all of which should be read at least once by you.

Nikita Bhamidipati (MTV Splitsvilla 13): On Social Media

The usernames of Nikita Bhamidipati’s accounts across multiple social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, and Wikipedia, are provided here.

The highly steamy and seductive snapshot that Nikita Bhamidipati posted to her Instagram account has gone viral. In any case, she is very generous with the sharing of her steamy images with her followers.

Nikita has an account on every social media platform; on these accounts, she frequently posts short videos of herself using her sexy photo modelling technique, which helps to ensure that she remains in the public eye. Because of her stunning appearance, she has gained a lot of followers on social media.

In the following paragraphs, we have provided you with the links to all of their social media accounts; by clicking on any of these links, you will be able to go directly to their profile.

The total number of posts on her Instagram account is more than 188, and their number of followers is more than 157k.

She shares more than 5 to 7 photos a week with her fans, and the total number of posts on her Instagram account is more than 188.

She is becoming very popular on Instagram, where she keeps sharing her most recent pictures with her fans. She is not reachable on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Nikita Bhamidipati
Nikita Bhamidipati

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Quick Facts

Real name Nikita Bhamidipati
Nickname Nikki
Profession TV actress, Model
Famous for Ace of Space 2 & Splitsvilla X3
Birthday Date (DOB) 17 April 2001
Born place Colaba, Pune, Maharashtra
Age 20 years (as 2021)
Hometown Colaba, Pune, Maharashtra
Current city Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Language Hindi, English
Relationship Ali Raza Shaikh
Net worth $ 0.3 million (not confirmed)
Dream To be a successful actress

Physical Appearance

Height 5.5” feet & inch
Eye color Grey
Hair color Dark brown
Figure 33-23-34

Family & Profession

Father Naval officer, (name- yet to be updated)
Mother Nikita Malik


Name  Ali Raza Sha

Qualifications & Education

Nikita Bhamidipati Splitsvilla
School Navy Children School, New Delhi.

Navy Children School, Mumbai.

College Cardiff Metropolitan University, U.K
University Cardiff Metropolitan University, U.K

Favorite Things

Favorite actor (s) Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor
Favorite actress Kareena Kapoor
Favorite food Fast food
Ultimate goal To become a successful actress
Hobbies Listening to music and dancing
Favorite song Yet to be updated
Favorite destination Goa
Favorite color Red
Favorite movies Marvel
Favorite sports Yet to be updated
Favorite YouTuber Lilly Singh
Favorite social media apps Instagram
Favorite singer (s) Zayn Malik & Justin Bieber
Best friends Prakruti Mishra (Ace of Space)
Favorite TV serials The Vampire Diaries, Tee Wolf, and Brooklyn 99
Favorite car Yet to be updated
Favorite bike Yet to be updated
Favorite pet animal Dog
Favorite comedian Lilly Singh (Canadian comedian)
Inspiration Aliya Bhatt and Deepika Padukone

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