Braden Wallake: CEO who cried after firing staff says ex-employee is SWAMPED with job offers

Last week, the founder of Hyper Social, Braden Wallake, often known as the “Crying CEO,” terminated the employment of two employees. COLUMBUS, Ohio One of them, Noah Smith, who specializes in marketing in South Dakota, is currently getting an overwhelming number of job offers.

On Tuesday, August 9, Wallake expressed his regret over the fact that his company would be laying off employees in a lengthy post that he had published on LinkedIn. The company that provides marketing services was established in 2016 and has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. In the end, it turned out that only two employees had been let go from their jobs. One of them was the only one who Wallake had informed. Smith found out about the unfortunate development through his girlfriend Emily Chucta, who is also the chief operations officer.

Internet rips apart CEO who posted video of himself crying after laying off staff, and his name is Braden Wallake.

This is not in the least bit frightening: Drake has received criticism for posting a picture of a woman who rejected his inappropriate advance.

Soon after the CEO uploaded an uncomfortable crying selfie on social media while announcing layoffs, he was mercilessly mocked by users of such platforms. The post quickly gained over 52,000 reactions and 10,000 comments after becoming viral.

Wallake just recently uploaded a picture on his LinkedIn profile that Noah had given to him, and it has now gone viral. The photograph displayed his inbox crammed with messages inquiring about available positions. It says in the post, “The other day, Noah emailed this picture to me. It was never the goal of this post to go viral, but seeing this makes every single negative remark worth it. You all have crammed Noah Smith’s email inbox full with job openings, career opportunities, and other relevant information. Because of each and every one of you, Noah is going to have an abundance of wonderful choices from which to select. And wherever location he chooses, they are going to be incredibly fortunate to have him there!”

PR Week was informed by the young CEO that he had also been sent a large number of supportive notes. When questioned why he did not delete the post, he responded with the following: “The reason for this is that I have been receiving a large number of responses from other entrepreneurs who say things along the lines of “love this, been there, worst feeling, right there with you.” There are many positive outcomes that have resulted from this post; but, I am making an effort to refrain from sitting here and reading the unfavorable [comments].”

One of Wallake’s supporters on LinkedIn posted the following comment: “You are an outstanding human being. Certainly not an example of perfection—something you never set out to achieve—but an admirable human being. One day, I’d love to go zooming with you.” The reply from Wallake was, “I am content with the knowledge that I will never achieve perfection because of this. When compared to doing the right thing with the wrong intentions, doing the wrong thing with good intentions will almost always come out on top.”

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