Olivia Molly Rogers: Married Life And Split Details With Husband Justin Mckeone, More About Their Relationship

Following allegations that he cheated on his wife, former Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers’s husband, Justin Mckeone, has had his faithfulness called into doubt.

Olivia Molly Rogers and Justin McKeone Pic
Olivia Molly Rogers and Justin McKeone Pic


Her post on Instagram, in which she stated, “After 4.5 years together, Justin and I chose to make the difficult decision to split up our marriage,” caused her followers to speculate on whether or not Justin McKeone had been caught cheating on his wife.

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What Does Olivia Molly Rogers Said On Her Split With Husband Justin?

Following the announcement that Justin McKeone will be divorcing his wife Olivia Molly Rogers, people are under the impression that the actor may have been involved in an affair.

Following Olivia’s decision to legally change her surname to that of Olivia Molly Rogers, rumors began to circulate regarding the status of their relationship. It was at that time that her followers and supporters sensed there was something wrong with the couple’s marriage.

In addition, the speech pathologist removed all of her wedding images from her Instagram profile, which was a pretty apparent indication that she and her partner were no longer together.

As speculations spread about the breakup of the marriage between the Melbourne influencer, who is 30 years old, and her husband, Justin McKeone, the message was posted to her Instagram story and confirmed by the influencer. She also noted that while she appreciates many of her followers reaching out to her to show love and support, Olivia has expressed that she wants to be left alone for a while so that she can absorb everything that has occurred in her recent history.

However, she did not elaborate on the specific reasons for why she and Justin ended their relationship. She went on to say that while she is working on moving on from what happened, she does not intend to make any further statements concerning the split she went through.

When Did Olivia Married Justin McKeone?

In February of this year, Olivia Molly Rogers and her husband Justin McKeone, from whom she has since separated, exchanged their wedding vows.

After having to postpone it two separate times due to the lockdown, they finally decided to have their wedding at the Terindah Estate on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. The couple had no idea that their marriage would end after only eight months of being together.

After three years of dating, the Chief Financial Officer popped the question to the winner of the beauty pageant while they were backpacking throughout Europe. In the year 2017, they were introduced to one other by a person who they both knew in common.

Olivia Molly Rogers, a former winner of Miss Universe Australia, said on her Instagram account that she and her husband have ended their marriage and are no longer together. The former couple had been together for four and a half years before being married, but they were only married for eight months total.

Her fans started having doubts about the commitment of her estranged husband after a couple of her Instagram tales were made public on the internet.

Olivia Molly Rogers: Biography And Career

Olivia Molly Rogers, formerly known as Olivia McKeone, is a trained speech pathologist, model, and Instagram influencer. She was previously married to Justin McKeone. In addition to this, she is an advocate for mental health awareness and the promotion of body positivity.

She uses her social media following to start a debate about mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders that are prevalent among young people in Australia.

According to the information provided in her bio on Instagram, Justin McKeone’s ex-wife and girlfriend is a published author and keynote speaker. In November of the previous year, she published her first book, titled “Find Your Light,” which is an all-encompassing guide to maintaining positive mental health.

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Justin McKeone: Biography And Career

Tribe, a travel and event management firm established in Australia, has Justin McKeone working as the Chief Financial Officer. Tribe also manages events. In 2005, the head of finance received his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Western Australia.

Soon after graduating from college in 2008, Olivia’s estranged husband entered the workforce and successfully established himself in the business sector. He has worked in both accounting and finance for a total of 14 years up until this point.

After enrolling in the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2010, Justin expanded his knowledge and worked on earning the Chartered Accountant designation. At the moment, Justin is working as the Chief Financial Officer for Tribe, which is located in Prahran, which is located in Victoria.

What Was The Cause Of Split Between Justin McKeone And His Wife Olivia Rogers?

There is no trustworthy source that can confirm whether the accountant Justin McKeone was discovered cheating on his wife Olivia Molly Rogers or not, so this information cannot be confirmed.

Although we do not have any information regarding the events that took place before to the wedding, it would appear that Justin McKeon is already making a name for himself in the dating scene. Too soon?

This is not the case for Justin, who was observed socializing at the bar Bambi in Melbourne on a Saturday night. His Instagram shows that he was drinking, as he appeared to be doing “all-too-well” in the Melbourne pub with his businessman friend Nick Russian and two models, Brooke Bailey and Siobhan Steindl. His Instagram also shows that he was with his friend Nick Russian.

It was just a few hours after Justin released his “best-time” photographs that Olivia shared a heartbreaking Instagram post, announcing that she had lost custody of her dog Ziggy to Justin. Justin had shared his photos from his “best time.”


Was Justin McKeone Cheating on his wife Olivia Molly Rogers?

Many Believe Justin McKeone cheated on his wife Olivia Molly Rogers.

Who is Olivia Molly Rogers’s Husband?

Olivia Molly Rogers married the Aussie accountant Justin McKeone in February 2022.

Justin McKeone: Personal Information

Name Justin McKeone
Nationality Australia
Wife Olivia Molly Rogers (yet to divorce)
Married In February, 2022
Profession Chartered Accountant & Chief Finance Officer
University University of Western Australia
Degree B.Com, Accounting & Finance
Currently works for Tribe, Travel & Event Management Company
Relationship 4.5 Years (Olivia Molly Rogers)
Married For Only eight months.


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