After Olivia Newton-John’s death WILD theories about ‘vanished’ Patrick McDermott resurface

Patrick McDermott, who was previously in a relationship with Olivia Newton-John, went missing in Los Angeles, California, in a manner that continues to mystify the entire globe. Olivia was in a relationship with the movie cameraman for nine years, and he was last seen alive in June of 2005. When he failed to return from a fishing expedition that lasted over night, he was with 22 other individuals.

Olivia Newton-John, who played Sandy in the musical “Grease,” passed away on August 8 at the age of 73 at her ranch in southern California, which was filled with her family and friends. In a statement that was posted on the singer’s Instagram account, her husband John Easterling pleaded with followers to “respect the family’s privacy during this very difficult time.”

Patrick vanished when he was aboard the boat, but his absence wasn’t recognized until his boat had returned to land. At the time, he was 48 years old. One of the many hypotheses that circulated regarding his disappearance was that he might have staged his own death in order to start a new life in Mexico and therefore avoid having to pay taxes. In 2009, Newton-John stated in an interview with Women’s Weekly magazine that “I don’t think I will ever completely be at peace with it.” “In my opinion, there is going to be a question mark forever.”

After Olivia’s first marriage to Matt Lattanzi ended in divorce in 1995, she began an on-and-off relationship with Patrick that lasted for nine years. When Patrick went missing, Olivia was in the middle of a promotional tour in Australia. The crew of his fishing boat, which was named “Freedom,” discovered that he had left his car keys, passport, and wallet on board. His vehicle was discovered parked at the San Pedro marina in Los Angeles on the day he disappeared. After failing to see him at a family gathering on July 6, the public just became aware that he was missing at that point. On July 11, the authorities were finally called.

Before he started dating Olivia, Patrick was previously married and had a son. The court had issued an order requiring him to pay $8000 in back-owed child support. After declaring bankruptcy due to debts of more than $30,000, many people started to believe that he had staged his own death in order to get away from his obligations. An investigation conducted by the Coast Guard came to the conclusion that it “did not identify any indication of criminal action, suicide, accident, or hoax in the loss of McDermott.”

Patrick’s absence was not recognized since the boat did not perform any head counts on the day of the voyage, as a result of which no one realized that he was missing. The investigation into the boat took three years to complete. Both of the investigations came to the conclusion that he may have gotten lost at sea during the night and eventually perished. Since then, it has been widely accepted that he is no longer alive.

On the other hand, the manager of the San Pedro marina where Patrick boarded the boat expressed his doubt that the man had passed away. In 2005, he gave an interview to the Herald Sun in which he stated, “I believe the person got off the boat, but I may be mistaken.” “He may have been abducted by extraterrestrials in the parking lot, but he made it off the boat,” the narrator said. “Look, if you truly want to leap, you jump when someone is not looking, and you’ll never be seen,” he said further. “Look, if you really want to jump, you jump when someone is not watching.” A fisherman who participated in the voyage stated that he had encountered Patrick on board the vessel 3.5 hours after the trip had begun. On the other hand, he never did run across him again. According to what fisherman Tony Mayo was quoted as saying, “I kept an eye out for him all day long, but I never saw him.”

Within a year of Patrick’s disappearance, at least six witnesses came forward to say that they had seen him alive in Mexico. These witnesses came forward within the same time frame. The next year, in 2010, he was located in Mexico. It was speculated that Patrick and his new partner in Mexico posed for the photographs that were taken in 2017 and published by New Idea magazine. The photographs featured a male and a woman. However, a couple from Canada eventually came forward and claimed that they were the subjects of the photograph. During that time period, CBS reported that a private investigator stated that he located Patrick. He stated that it was likely that Patrick was working for a prominent family in the yachting industry at this time. “Down there,” he added.

Later on, Olivia went on to tie the knot with John Easterling during an Inca ceremony in Peru in the year 2008. In 2016, she commented on the program 60 Minutes saying, “He was lost at sea, and nobody really knows what happened.” She continued, “It’s only natural to be curious. Because if you are going through challenging moments, there are always those concerns that come up. Those are the aspects of life that you must come to terms with and then let go of. Questions will constantly arise; it’s only natural and part of being human. However, as you are aware, I continue on.”

In the meantime, Olivia struck up an unusual friendship with Patrick’s ex-wife after he vanished, and the two of them became close. Even after Olivia’s passing, Yvette Nipar continued to remember her dear friend in a letter titled “My lovely friend—I will miss you forever.” She penned this comment in order to re-share a photo that she had initially published in 2019 that featured both her and Olivia.

Chance was born to Patrick and Nipar, who had been married for two years at the time of his son’s birth. Back in 2012, Nipar led a campaign to have Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos cease selling a book that claimed Patrick was still alive. Nipar’s goal was to clear the air. Regarding the “well-known serial liar” Philip Klein and his book titled “Lost at Sea,” Nipar wrote to the millionaire that “my son has been through enough emotional pain over this.” Klein was the subject of the book. Nipar, who used to work in the entertainment industry, has been sharing posts on social media that give the impression that she is working on a book about the event that would be named “What Are The Chances?”

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