Patrick Cripps: Know About His Net Worth. Is He Married To His Business Partner Monique Fontana?

Patrick Cripps: Know About His Net Worth. Is He Married To His Business Partner Monique Fontana?

On March 4, 2022, Patrick Cripps and Monique Fontana, who will eventually become his wife, announced to the public that they were engaged.

Patrick Cripps is a professional Australian football player who currently plays for the Carlton Football Club in the Australian Football League. Patrick Cripps has been awarded two John Nicholls Awards and two All-Australian Medals in the past. He won the Leigh Matthews Trophy in 2019, making him the youngest player to ever do so.

Patrick Cripps was promoted to the role of co-captain of the Carlton team for the beginning of the 2019 season. He competed for Western Australia in the AFL Under 18 Championships in 2013, which took place in 2013. The 38th Annual AFL Players Association Most Valuable Player Awards will take place on August 29, 2019.

An image of the AFL star and his girlfriend, Monique, was published in the post showing them in their living room with a bunch of balloons. He was the second-youngest player in history to win the John Nicholls Medal when he accomplished it in 2015, which was the third time he had received the award. After Monique’s confession that she has obsessive-compulsive disorder, this occurrence takes place as a direct consequence.

Fontana practiced daily rituals that included repeating the phrases “cancer free” and “plane crash free” a significant number of times in order to “protect” herself and her family from any danger.

According to what she told Herald Sun when she was a teenager, her sister had to go through cancer treatment. She also said that her fear of flying began when she was 18 and she had a huge panic attack when she was flying.

She must repeat that to herself multiple times in her head. It’s reassuring to her because she has this nagging fear that if she doesn’t do it, someone else will get hurt. In addition to this, she had the practice of mentally elongating sentences until they reached a particular word count.

Monique Fontana holds a nursing license. She attended Iona Presentation College from 2007 till 2014, for a total of eight years. She attended The University of Notre Dame in Australia from 2014 till 2018 and graduated with a degree in nursing as a registered nurse. Between the months of November 2019 and February 2021, she worked at Pattersons Insurerbuild as the customer care team head.

She was employed at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne as a registered nurse from July 2019 all the way through December 2019.


Patrick Cripps
Patrick Cripps

Patrick Cripps’s Net Worth in 2022

Patrick Cripps, a professional player in the sport of Australian rules football, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He plays the position of midfielder for the Carlton Football Club, which competes in the Australian Football League (AFL).

In the year 2022, Cripps has amassed a fortune of several millions of dollars. He is a player for the Carlton Football Club, which competes in the Australian Football League. The team pays him a yearly remuneration of one million dollars for his services. In addition to that, a large portion of his revenue comes from sponsorship deals.

In the year 2019, Patrick Cripps reached an agreement to become an endorser for Nike. At the moment, he is sponsored by the company that generates the most revenue in the sporting goods sector. In addition, he is an advocate for brands such as Hyundai and Ball magnets.

Additionally, the athlete is permitted to have sponsors. Both Solitude Estate and Vivienne Kerr and Family can be seen on his list of platinum sponsors at the time. Iga Brougham Street Supermarket in Launceston is his silver sponsor, and John and Shirley Maccuspie are his gold sponsors.

Patrick Cripps’ Professional Life

Cripps was chosen by Carlton Football Club in the first round of the AFL National Draft in 2013. (No. 13 overall).

Greg Williams was compared to him even when he was a young player due to the strong-bodied midfielder’s ability to win clearances by handpassing. In the fourth round of 2014, he played his first game for the senior team against Melbourne. However, the injuries that plagued him throughout the season restricted him to just three games. Cripps made the move from his debut jumper number 16, which was 16, to the number 9, which was 9, after Kane Lucas was delisted at the end of the 2014 season.

Cripps, who has a height of 195 centimeters or 6 feet 5 inches, established himself as one of the best inside midfielders in just his second season. His aggressive handballing earned him significant accolades, as he finished eighth in the league for contested possessions and eleventh for clearances. Overall, he finished eighth in the league. In spite of the fact that bookmakers had him pegged as a favorite for much of the year, he finished in second place for the AFL Rising Star award in 2015.

Additionally, he was awarded the John Nicholls Medal for being Carlton’s most excellent and honorable player, earning him the second-youngest player to ever win the accolade. In 2016, Cripps solidified his status as one of the best inside midfielders in the AFL with 185 clearances at an average of 8.8 per game, which ranked first in the AFL, and 354 contested possessions at an average of 16.9, which ranked second in the AFL for the season. Both of these statistics helped Cripps finish the season ranked second in the AFL.

Cripps returned to form following a slow start to 2017 while recovering from a back issue. He averaged 24.9 disposals and 6.7 clearances from 15 games before suffering a leg fracture that ended his season.

Before the start of the 2018 season, he and defender Sam Docherty were each given the role of co-vice captain for the Carlton Blues. In 2018, Cripps had a wonderful year, earning All Australian honors, placing second in the AFL MVP poll, and winning two Best and Fairest awards from Carlton. He also finished in second place in the voting.

Cripps eclipsed the previous record of 386 contested possession wins in a single season held by Patrick Dangerfield, achieving this feat with 388 victories thanks to an average of roughly 29 touches per game. Later on, he renewed his contract with the team such that it would last through the 2021 season.

October of 2018 saw the appointment of Sam Docherty and Cripps to the position of co-captain for Carlton.

Patrick Cripps, the co-captain of Carlton and currently a member of the Blues, has stated that he is “very pleased” in his current position and is planning to reject down the opportunity to return to his native state of Western Australia.

In 2019, Cripps would have his best season ever, averaging a staggering 8.5 clearances, 17 disputed possessions, and 6.2 tackles a game. He would also set a career high in contested possessions. This was enough to clinch the victory and earn me the Leigh Matthews Award.

It was speculated that Patrick Cripps was struggling with a chronic back ailment when his performance throughout the seasons of 2020 and 2021 substantially dropped. Despite this, neither the club nor Patrick ever acknowledged what had happened. Cripps was still more than adequate and was regarded as a key component of Carlton’s midfield despite the fact that he did not live up to the unreasonably high standards he had set for himself.

In the first three rounds of the 2022 season, Patrick won 25 of a possible 30 votes for AFLCA MVP. However, in round four against the Gold Coast Suns, Patrick suffered a hamstring injury, which prevented him from continuing to compete.


Patrick Cripps
Patrick Cripps

The “Insane” Last-Ditch Bid for Cripps As A Brave Strategy For The Blues

After a drawn-out hearing that lasted about four and a half hours, the AFL Appeals Board decided on Thursday night to uphold Blues captain Patrick Cripps’ two-match punishment. This decision has created debate among members of the soccer community.

Christopher Townshend QC, the barrister for Carlton, made a last-ditch effort on Tuesday night to defend the manner in which Cripps’ bump on Lion Callum Ah Chee was reviewed in the initial Tribunal hearing. He did so in an attempt to salvage the situation. However, the Appeals Board reached the conclusion that he was not afforded procedural fairness, which led to the cancellation of the earlier call to ban him.

The “failure to deliver procedural fairness” on the part of the Tribunal, which amounted to a “law error,” was an essential factor in the judgment reached by the Appeals Board. In addition, the Appeals Board was incapable of comprehending the reasoning behind the Tribunal’s conclusion that Cripps’ actions constituted “in the bumping of an opponent.”

David King and Kane Cornes, two legends of the Australian Football League, were both taken aback by the decision to overturn the sentence. King expressed his dismay on SEN, saying that the sport has “never been more lost” as a result of the ambiguity around head contact.

Cripps and Ah Chee were involved in a collision on Sunday, and it was initially defined as irresponsible behavior, high impact, and high contact. The collision resulted in a concussion for the Brisbane midfielder, and it occurred last Sunday.

Daisy Pearce, the captain of the AFLW Melbourne team, posed the question of whether Cripps had, in fact, bumped Ah Chee. Neither Cripps nor his attorney were questioned regarding this matter; yet, the Tribunal used this information as part of its conclusion.

“He is under the impression that there was not a bump. Pearce stated on SEN, prior to the Appeals Board hearing that took place on Thursday evening, that he did not believe the increase was his choice. He thought he had entered the competition, but when Ah Chee arrived, he saw that his outstretched left arm was impeding the movement of his right arm and realized that he hadn’t actually entered.

One of the coaches remarked, “He still thinks it was an accident; he was aware that he would make contact, but what we’re encouraging men to do is not commit to winning that ball.” “After he has already agreed to do something, he learns that he will be tardy. These distinctions are so subtle that they are only noticeable for a brief instant whenever they occur in real life.

“He knows why they’re seeking to change it, but he believes that by pushing players to not commit to that ball, they’ll be able to change how and what football looks like.” It’s possible that all of them are being asked to do something as simple as accepting that.

“He continues to watch that game, and he believes that it was just a football game with a poor outcome.” Cripps will play in a free role for the remaining two games of the home-and-away season, which are against Melbourne and Collingwood, respectively.

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