What Caused Paula Newsome’s Limp When She Walks? Injury to the Leg and Existing Health Condition

What Caused Paula Newsome’s Limp When She Walks? Injury to the Leg and Existing Health Condition

Paul Newsome is a well-known actress in the United States who has appeared in the television show CSI: Las Vegas.

Because of her widely acclaimed status, many fans are worried about her. Many people who watch CSI: Vegas have observed that Paula has a distinctive gait, which many of them have mistaken for the appearance of a limp.

But, does she actually suffer from that impairment, or are her supporters misguided in their assumption?

Paula Newsome
Paula Newsome

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Does Paula Newsome Walk With a Limp?

The character Paula Newsome from CSI: Vegas does indeed have a peculiar gait, which could be described as a limp.

She made the decision to move to New York City when she was just beginning her career as an actress. As a child, Newsome had an interest in acting and would occasionally perform in the community theatre. While she was in New York, she tried out for various roles in different Broadway shows.

Pula has appeared in a variety of television shows, including Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, The Twilight Zone, and Pretty Little Liars, among others.

When she walks the red carpet, her signature walk is the first thing that people notice about her. On the episode CSI: Vegas, she always seems to be able to walk around without any apparent problems.

Therefore, it is probable that nerves are to blame for the way she walks. It is not uncommon for famous people to feel nervous during interviews and while walking the red carpet. If we had to stand in front of thousands of people while cameras were rolling, any one of us would be terrified.

However, some of her supporters have posited the possibility that she is coping with a physical impairment or an illness.

The actor in question has not addressed any of the allegations regarding his impairment, thus it is safe to say that the accusations are completely unfounded. Nevertheless, it is a distinct possibility that she is coping with arthritis; this is the hypothesis that is held by her supporters the most frequently.

Someone on Twitter posed the question, “Is she the only one who thinks she walks with a limp?” Many people commented that they had the same opinion, saying that they felt she walked with a limp.

It appears that Paula has a very distinctive walk based on her appearances on the red carpet, in television shows, and in movies, all of which we have seen.

However, since the actress in question has not yet addressed the controversy on her own, all of this information is merely speculative at this point.

Initial Life of Paul Newsome

Newsome spent his childhood in Chicago and received his education at the Morgan Park Academy. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from the Conservatory of Theater Arts at Webster University.

Before relocating to New York City, Newsome began exploring his passion in acting as a young child by participating in local community productions of plays. While she was in New York, she tried out for several roles in different Broadway productions.

She made her debut on the big screen in the supporting role of Straight Talk, a 1992 comedy film starring Dolly Parton, where she made her first appearance.  She went on to appear as a guest star in a number of well-known television series, including Chicago Hope, Law & Order, Ally McBeal, Dharma & Greg, NYPD Blue, ER, Heroes, and Criminal Minds, among others.

Newsome appeared on a consistent basis in the cast of a number of television series that did not last very long. First, she appeared on the NBC sitcom Conrad Bloom with Mark Feuerstein and Lauren Graham as a co-star (1998). She made an appearance in the 2003 season of the NBC legal drama The Lyon’s Den, which starred Rob Lowe. She played the role of medical examiner Claire Washburn on the ABC police drama Women’s Murder Club from 2007 through 2008, appearing alongside Angie Harmon, Laura Harris, and Aubrey Dollar among other cast members.

In the years that followed, she went back to playing guest-starring roles, making appearances on shows such as The New Adventures of Old Christine, Bones, Parenthood, FlashForward, Drop Dead Diva, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, Castle, and most notably How to Get Away with Murder opposite Viola Davis, for which she received praise from critics.  In addition, she appeared in recurring parts on the television shows City of Angels, NCIS, and Suburgatory.

In the first season of HBO’s Barry, which aired in 2018, she had a recurring role as Detective Moss. In the 2019 season of Chicago Med, Newsome portrayed Caroline Charles, the ex-wife of Dr. Daniel Charles, Chief of Psychiatry, and the mother of Robin Charles. Newsome appeared in seven episodes of the show. In addition, she portrayed Jackie Vance in the hit television series NCIS from the years 2009 to 2013.

Guess Who (2005), Little Miss Sunshine (2006), Reign Over Me (2007), Things We Lost in the Fire (2007), Thinspiration (2014), Black or White (2014), and Spider-Man: No Way Home (2007) are some of the movies in which Newsome has had an appearance (2021).

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Have You Heard Anything About Paula Newsome’s Knee?

No, Paula Newsome has not experienced any knee problems recently. She has not suffered from a stroke nor does she have an artificial leg.

At this stage, the rumours are really wild. Others are concerned about her “prosthetic limb,” while others believe she has a medical ailment that causes her to walk in an unusual manner because of her “strange walk.”

The actress in question does not appear to have a prosthetic leg in any of the photographs or other evidence that we have seen of her in public settings, therefore all of these rumours are completely unfounded. It is also extremely unlikely that she has suffered a stroke because the news would have been reported in the tabloids if that had happened.

Even though her most recent post was almost a week ago, the updates that she has been posting on social media give the impression that she is getting along just great with her friends and family.

Concerning any additional health issues, neither Paula Newsome nor any member of her staff has issued a public statement to that effect.

Excellent Progress of Paula Newsome

In the year 2022, not only has Paula experienced success in her personal life, but also in her professional life.

In the Spiderman episode titled “No Way Home” that Tom Holland directed, she appeared as an administrator at MIT. Her part is pretty crucial and has major repercussions in the film, despite the fact that she gets a relatively shorter screentime than other characters.

She began her career when she was a teenager, performing in community and regional productions, which is what sparked her love in the theatre. She did not believe that she would ever work in movies or on television, but life had other plans for her.

Paula Newsome
Paula Newsome

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Year Title Role Notes
1992 Straight Talk Ellen
2005 Guess Who Darlene
2006 Little Miss Sunshine Linda
2007 Reign Over Me Melanie
Things We Lost in the Fire Diane
2014 Black or White Judge Margaret Cummins
2021 Spider-Man: No Way Home MIT Assistant Vice Chancellor


Year Title Role Notes
1992 Keeper of the City Receptionist Television film
1996 Swift Justice Ada Pierce 1 episode
1998 Law & Order Carol Mallon 1 episode
Conrad Bloom Faye Reynolds Main role, 13 episodes
1999 Chicago Hope Michelle Corwin / Kathy Stalworth 2 episodes
Ally McBeal Phyllis Butters 1 episode
2000 Dharma & Greg Charlene 1 episode
ER Rehab Receptionist Margaret 1 episode
City of Angels Dr. Helen Chanley 3 episodes
2001 First Years Alyse 1 episode
Judging Amy Ms. Pitt 1 episode
2002 & 2004 The Guardian Angela / James Mooney’s Sister 2 episodes
2003 The Lyon’s Den Kathy Wolf Recurring role, 8 episodes
2003–2004 NYPD Blue Tammy Carlyle 3 episodes
2004 Friends Stewardess 1 episode, uncredited
2005 Yes, Dear Donna 1 episode
Killer Instinct Mrs. Cavanagh 2 episodes
Night Stalker Dr. Lawrence 1 episode
Criminal Minds Detective Shea Clavin 1 episode
2007 Heroes Dr. Witherson 2 episodes
2007–2008 Women’s Murder Club Dr. Claire Washburn Main role, 13 episodes
2009 The New Adventures of Old Christine Principal Diane Slater 1 episode
Bones Kelly Bissette 1 episode
2009–2013 NCIS Jackie Vance 4 episodes
2010 FlashForward Dr. Callie Langer 1 episode
Drop Dead Diva Wanda Williams 1 episode
2010–2011 Parenthood Dr. Robertson 2 episodes
2011 Grey’s Anatomy Mrs. Sturgeon 1 episode
Pretty Little Liars Coach Fulton 2 episodes
Suits Lucille Jackson 1 episode
2012 1600 Penn Atlanta Weaver 1 episode
2012–2014 Suburgatory Tracy 4 episodes
2015 Cougar Town Principal Shore 1 episode
Backstrom Jill Chapin 1 episode
Castle Debbie Parker 2 episodes
2016 How to Get Away with Murder Joyce Robinson 1 episode
Code Black Margaret Wesley 1 episode
2016–2017 No Tomorrow Tyra DeNeil Fields 3 episodes
Transparent Dr. Leona Gunderson 3 episodes
2017 Doubt Talia Mendez 1 episode
2018–2019 Barry Detective Janice Moss Recurring role, 9 episodes
2019 Boomerang Victoria Jackson 2 episodes
Chicago Med Caroline Charles Recurring role, 12 episodes
2020 The Unicorn Vanessa 1 episode
The Twilight Zone Pastor Nichelle Del Rio 1 episode
2021- CSI: Vegas Maxine Roby Main role

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