Prakshi Goyal: Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight And More

Prakshi Goyal: Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight And More

Prakshi Goyal was born in 2002 in Panipat, Haryana. Her secondary education was completed at The Millennium School in Panipat, which is located in the Indian state of Haryana.

At Mata Sundri College for Women in New Delhi, where she earned her undergraduate degree, she concentrated her studies in the field of psychology.

Prakshi Goyal
Prakshi Goyal

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Who is Prakshi Goyal?

VLCC Femina Miss India Delhi 2022 Prakshi Goyal, Prakshi Goyal is 20-years-old. To begin, Prakshi received her education from The Millennium School in Panipat, which is located in the state of Haryana. She is now pursuing a degree in Psychology.

In addition, she graduated from Mata Sundri College for Women, which is affiliated with Delhi University in Delhi. In addition, she enjoys going on adventures to other parts of the world, taking in the sights of sunrises and sunsets, listening to podcasts while walking up and down the ramp, playing basketball, swimming, drawing, dancing, tracking, camping, and discovering new places. Her line of work is in the modeling industry.

Prakshi Goyal
Prakshi Goyal

Prakshi Goyal (Splitsvilla X4) Wiki

A student majoring in psychology who is open to using her degree to combat stress and mental disease in the general population stands in for the country that values diversity and affection.

Prakshi, who comes from a very traditional household, says that she owes everything good in her life to the lessons that were taught to her by her mother.

Due to the widespread perception that modeling is merely a hobby, she had to put up a fierce battle to convince them that she had found her genuine vocation in the industry.

Prakshi Goyal Career

When Prakshi was thirteen years old, the city she lived in hosted the first district-level modeling competition she competed in.

The competition was conducted in her city. The fact that Indian model Prakshi Goyal won the title of Femina Miss India Delhi 2022 has brought her a lot of attention.

She is also well-known for her participation in Season 14 of Splitsvilla, for which she received a lot of attention.

Prakshi Goyal
Prakshi Goyal

Prakshi Goyal’s Professional Life

She was a contestant in the 2022 edition of the Femina Miss India beauty pageant, and she ended up winning the title of Femina Miss India Delhi in 2022. She is presently competing in the 14th season of Splitsvilla.

MTV Splitsvilla is an Indian reality television show, and its fourteenth season, known as Splitsvilla X4, is now airing. The season was filmed in Goa, where Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani served as the show’s hosts.

Anushka Mitra and Abhimanyu Raghav served as the insiders for the villa. It was first shown on MTV India on November 12th, 2022. Voot also provides a digital streaming service for the show.

In contrast to prior seasons, this season featured separate islands for males and females. The island for the girls was referred to as Isle of Venus, whereas the one for the boys was known as Isle of

Prakshi Goyal: Family

She is also a student of psychology, and her goal is to use her degree to help reduce the prevalence of mental illness and stress in the general population.

Prakshi comes from a traditional family, and she gives credit to her mother for instilling in her all the good and healthy qualities.

However, she had to fight a lengthy battle to convince her family that modeling was her actual vocation, as it is commonly viewed as a hobby. “I have been in a condition of perpetual struggle ever since I made the decision to follow the inner calling that had been placed within me.

It took a lot of work to win over my mother, who is now one of my most ardent supporters, but she eventually came around.

I believe that it is my obligation to serve as a role model for my sisters so that they will not have to contend with the same mentality that I have been forced to contend with, and I am willing to keep battling until I am successful in accomplishing this goal.

I am very proud of the fact that I am able to fight against all odds, stereotypes, and limitations and that I was able to convince my parents to give me the opportunity to prove myself, as well as the fact that I was able to demonstrate that anything and everything is possible with an attitude that is absolutely dedicated to hard work.

She groaned as she opened up about all of the obstacles that she had to overcome in order to get to this point in her life. “We live in a world where people establish criteria for you to meet, or they are quite ready to cast judgement on you,” she said.

Prakshi’s first experience with competing in a modeling competition was when she was thirteen years old and it was held in her city on the district level. I

n spite of the fact that her parents allowed her to proceed with it with the assumption that this would put an end to her preoccupation with flashy things, it turned out that their assumption was incorrect.

She triumphed in the competition, which gave her the self-assurance to pursue her ambitions and the knowledge that she would be successful in doing so.

When you ask her how she feels about being one of the Top 31, she responds by saying, “I’ve never felt anything like this before, and it’s beyond my wildest expectations.” When I was a kid, anytime I witnessed the yearly crowning ceremony, it would give me the thrills and chills.

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Prakshi Goyal: Femina Miss India

My goal of becoming Femina Miss India has always felt like a calling to me, and despite the many obstacles that have been placed in my path, I have continued to pursue this goal. I am thankful for this sensation since it indicates that I am coming closer to achieving my objective.

When I come out on top, I get the feeling that I’m a fearless warrior who is aware that each victory is just the beginning of a new fight.

Because the currently ruling queen, Manasa Varanasi, serves as a source of inspiration for her, we have no doubt that she is headed in the correct direction.

She responded to a follow-up question about what aspects of Femina Miss India World 2020 Manasa Varanasi most inspired her by saying, “While queens are meant to inspire, Femina Miss India World 2020 Manasa Varanasi’s explicit beauty in simplicity, her articulate intelligence, and aura is what inspires me the most.”
Even though we have witnessed her zeal in order to succeed up to this point, you will be ecstatic to read of her advocacy. Since I was a young child, my family has always told me that I didn’t behave in any way that was typical of a youngster.

When a youngster is bullied, feels pressure from peers, or is subjected to any other sort of abuse, it can have a devastating effect on their mental health.

Because childhood lays the foundation for the rest of a person’s life, it is essential to make sure that every child has a healthy mind, soul, and body; consequently, working on the alignment of every child’s mind, soul, and body is crucial to ensure that we build a nation that is ready to face anything willfully! “Now that’s motivating, but we absolutely can’t close without her motivational counsel for today’s youth: “Let’s together develop a nation deeply entrenched with conserved cultures while simultaneously pruning off the weeds of undesired stereotypes.

Remain individualists in terms of morality, even when you are collectivists in terms of society.
To find out more about Prakshi and her qualifications, be sure to stay tuned for the VLCC presents Femina Miss India 2022 pageant, which will be co-powered by Sephora, Moj, and Rajnigandha Pearls.

Prakshi Goyal Age

Prakshi Goyal, who is 20 years old, describes herself as “amicably tenacious,” which refers to someone who maintains a very strong point of view while respecting others.

Prakshi Goyal
Prakshi Goyal

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