Rish Karam: Who is He? Know About The Boyfriend of ‘Family Karma’ Star Monica Vaswani

Rish Karam: Who is He? Know About The Boyfriend of ‘Family Karma’ Star Monica Vaswani

Rish Karam, Monica Vaswani’s mysterious boyfriend, is scheduled to make an appearance on this season of Family Karma on Bravo.

It has been announced that the second season of the hit Bravo series “Family Karma” will premiere on June 2, and it is expected to be even crazier than the first season was. In the first season, nine Indian American friends lived in Miami and were attempting to balance the demands of their personal and professional life while also meeting the expectations of their conservative parents.

The relationship between Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam was one of the most important plotlines that unfolded throughout the first season of “Family Karma.” Rish, the local playboy, came to the realisation that he had formed feelings for Monica, his best friend from infancy. Monica had been his constant companion since childhood.

Rish’s misfortune was that it was already too late by the time he realised what had happened and eventually confided in his closest friend about how he felt about it. However, at this point in time, the duo is an item, and people are interested in learning more about Rish and his private life.

Monica Vaswani
Monica Vaswani

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Age of Rish Karam

Rish Karam, a young Indian entrepreneur and restaurateur who is only 27 years old, comes from a large, traditional family in India that places an emphasis on business over all else.

According to what is said in his Instagram bio, he is the proprietor of the posh Indian restaurant Moksha and a Pandora franchisee. Rish is not unfamiliar with Monica’s group of pals because he has known Brian, Monica, and the rest of the gang ever since he was a young child. During the broadcast, Anisha Ramakrishna makes a sarcastic reference to Rish by calling him “dollar store Drake.”

Despite the fact that Rish didn’t seem to care and laughed it off, Monica was hurt by what had happened. During the confessional, Monica revealed that her new boyfriend goes by the name “Chanel Drake.”

Since Brian had also given Rish his approval, it appeared that he had little trouble fitting in with the other guys. Brian had a very favourable impression of the new man in the life of his best friend’s girlfriend.

Professional Career of Rish Karam

Moksha, an upscale restaurant, is owned by Rish Karam, who also runs the business. Even though Rish doesn’t share very many photos of Monica on social media, it’s clear that the two of them can’t take their eyes off of one another.

It appears that Monica is always the first person to remark whenever Rish shares a picture of himself online. Even a straightforward photograph of him posing in front of palm trees was enough to make his new girlfriend “swoon” with pink heart emojis.

You can tell that Monica and Rish’s relationship is as genuine as it gets when she added the words “The most handsome” and the red heart emoji to one of Rish’s sad images. When she did this, you could see that she was being completely sincere. During this season, we will be concentrating on their relationship as our primary focus.

Who is Monica Vaswani?

The neighbourhood in which Monica lives thinks of her as the epitome of an ideal Indian girl, and she has aspirations of becoming a Bollywood choreographer. Because of this, she has the impression that she is under a lot of pressure to settle down, get married, and have children. According to her biography, which can be seen on the official Bravo website,

“She is prepared to take her relationship with Rish to the next level, but the spread of a rumour among her circle of acquaintances casts doubt on the couple’s ability to have a future together. In order to overcome obstacles, including making apologies with a buddy in the circle, Monica takes a head-on approach.”
According to her profile on LinkedIn, her most recent position was as a Core/HR Specialist at Ultimate Software, where she remained employed until January 2022. The actress from Family Karma was awarded the title of Miss India Virgin Islands in January of 2012. She elaborated on her experiences and published the following on her profile on LinkedIn:

“During the time that I spent serving as Miss India Virgin Islands, I was tasked with the responsibility of acting as an ambassador for the South Asian community while also attempting to maintain and showcase my background and culture. I collaborated extensively with a variety of philanthropic organisations, such as Sunil’s Home Orphanage and Paws 4 You, to raise both exposure and funds for their causes.”
Additionally, she competed in the Miss India Worldwide pageant as a representative of the country. Monica further mentioned that as a result of this, she was able to meet a number of influential people from around the world, such as Dési Bouterse, the former President of Suriname; Ivanka Trump; Miss Florida 2012; and the Indian Ambassador to Suriname.

Career of Monica Vaswani

During the time that I spent in South America, I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of success seminars led by Mr. Raj Suri and to network with other young female ambassadors from around the world.
The actress from Family Karma is said to have the greatest respect for Bollywood, and TV Over Mind states that Ayushmann Khurrana is her favourite actor in the industry. She disclosed the following in an interview with BollySpice:

“He is so very talented! And he is such a sweet baby! As an artist, he just has a way of fitting into the character that he’s supposed to play. He is cast in such a wide variety of movies, and I adore each and every one of them that I’ve seen him in.”
After completing her studies at Florida International University, Monica received her diploma. She attended that institution from 2010 through 2014 and participated on the college’s debate team during that time. She earned a degree in Communications from the university.

Monica Vaswani
Monica Vaswani

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5 Facts About Rish Karam

  1. Rish Karam is 27 years old.
  2. Karam is the owner of the Indian luxe restaurant Moksha and is also a franchisee of Pandora.
  3. Rish comes from a large traditional, and business-centric Indian family.
  4. Karam and Monica are childhood friends and are currently romantically involved.
  5. He will be starring in Family Karma along with his girlfriend.


How Old Is Rish Karam?

Rish Karam is 27 years old.

Who is Monica Vaswani’s Mysterious New Boyfriend?

Rish Karam is Monica Vaswani’s Mysterious New Boyfriend.

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