7 Movies Like Robbing Mussolini You Must See

7 Movies Like Robbing Mussolini You Must See

Renato De Maria is the writer and director of the criminal comedy titled “Robbing Mussolini,” which can be found streaming on Netflix. The story revolves around Isola, a Milanese businessman who enlists the assistance of a motley crew of rogues in order to steal a treasure that belonged to Benito Mussolini. The Italian film blends parts of fiction and truth to provide viewers with a savoury heist plot that is filled with plenty of gorgeous images and dramatic turns. The film is set during the last days of the Second World War. If you found the movie to be entertaining and are interested in exploring other streaming alternatives that are similar, we have you covered! The following is a list of motion pictures that are comparable to the one you just watched. You may view the majority of these films, including “Robbing Mussolini,” on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

Robbing Mussolini
Robbing Mussolini

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The Italian Job (film title) (2003)

“The Italian Job” is an action drama film that was directed by F. Gary Gray and is a loose adaptation of the British film of the same name that was released in 1969. Mark Wahlberg plays the lead role of Charlie Croker, a great thief who is out for vengeance after the death of his mentor. As a result, he recruits a group of skilled con artists and sends them on a mission to take gold from a former associate who has betrayed them. The film contains an impressive ensemble and draws inspiration from the style of traditional heist movies such as “Robing Mussolini.” In addition, each movie takes place in a separate beautiful region in Italy, which results in two distinct visual styles. A high-octane vehicle chase scene is featured in the climax of the film “The Italian Job,” which also serves as the film’s finale.

Mussolini’s Final Days in Power (1974)

Carlo Lizzani is the director of the Italian historical drama film ‘Last Days of Mussolini,’ also known as ‘Mussolini: Ultimo Atto.’ This film was produced in Italy. You should check out the film ‘Last Days of Mussolini’ if you watched ‘Robbing Mussolini’ and were captivated by the politics and suspense surrounding the final days of Benito Mussolini’s life. The fall of the Fascist Government in Italy and the status of the country during the closing days of the Second World War are explored in greater depth throughout the film. Those viewers who loved the historical component of ‘Robbing Mussolini’ would most likely find ‘Last Days of Mussolini’ to be an experience that is both satisfying and educational.

Army of The Dead (in Japanese) (2021)

Las Vegas serves as the location for the zombie drama film “Army of the Dead,” which was directed by Zack Syner. The plot of the movie follows a band of mercenaries who are under the command of Scott Ward and are on a mission to rob a casino in Las Vegas. The zombie apocalypse has resulted in the entire city being placed under quarantine, which makes the task that the crew is doing extremely difficult. The plot of this fast-paced and brilliantly photographed picture combines the thrills of the heist genre with those of the zombie subgenre, very similarly to how ‘Robbing Mussolini’ combines heists with historical events. The fact that both films make an effort to break the conventions of the heist genre makes it quite likely that audiences would appreciate ‘Army of the Dead.’

The Heresy of The Burnt Orange (2019)

Giuseppe Capotondi is the director of the Italian crime thriller film titled “The Burnt Orange Heresy.” The story is adapted on the book of the same name written by Charles Willeford. James Figueras, an art critic, is the protagonist of the story. He is hired by a wealthy art dealer to help him pull off an extremely intricate heist. Figuera is tasked with devising a plan to steal a priceless painting from the private collection of painter Jerome Debney. The plot of the robbery, much like the plot of the film “Robbing Mussolini,” is motivated by personal goals and features a significant amount of interpersonal drama. Similarly, Lake Como is a significant setting in both movies, which contributes to the overall aesthetic similarity between the two. The story of “The Burnt Orange Heresy,” on the other hand, contains a lot of new ideas, so it’s definitely something that you should check out.

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Inglourious Basterds (English) (2009)

“Inglourious Basterds” is a film about the war that was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by him. The film stars Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender, Eli Roth, and Diane Kruger. The story follows a group of Jewish soldiers as they go on a covert operation to overthrow the Nazi government and put an end to World War II. In a manner that is analogous to that of “Robing Mussolini,” the film employs the alternate history approach and combines a variety of fictional elements to tell a story that is both intriguing and intertwined and is set during the closing days of the Second World War. In addition, “Inglourious Basterds” features the distinctive directing style of Quentin Tarantino, making it an absolute necessity for moviegoers who take pleasure in watching movies about clandestine plots and perilous missions.

There Is No Anger In Hell (2021)

The film ‘Hell Hath No Fury,’ which was initially given the title ‘Ave Marie,’ is an action drama that takes place during the Second World War and was directed by Jesse V. Johnson. The plot of the movie centres on Marie DuJardin, a French national who is considered a traitor by her countrymen and is abandoned by them thinking she has died. Nevertheless, American forces come to Marie’s rescue, and they coerce her into joining their search for Nazi treasure. The film combines elements of fiction and truth by concentrating on the quest for Nazi gold, which is one of the most well-known lost treasures from World War II. As a result, the story of this movie is similar of the scenario of ‘Robing Mussolini.’ In addition, there is a female protagonist in the film, and there are numerous interpersonal problems that occur throughout the course of the story.

The Black Sea (2014)

Kevin Macdonald is the director of the suspense film “Black Sea,” which takes place aboard a submarine. Jude Law plays the title role of Captain Robinson, a seasoned submariner who, along with his coworkers and colleagues, gets let go from his job. Robinson devises a daring scheme to steal gold from a World War II ship that is rumoured to be buried at the bottom of the eponymous body of water. He hopes that this would help him get his life back on track. The storyline of a ragtag team seeking for a treasure from the time of World War II will bring to mind the plot of the movie “Robbing Mussolini.” In addition, the presence of water and a submarine lends the robbery thriller an original visual, which results in an exciting viewing experience. In a manner comparable to the movie that was just discussed, the story is propelled forward by the human ambitions of the characters. Because of all of these factors, the track titled “Black Sea” stands at the top of this list.

Domenico Leccisi was an Italian politician who was best known for snatching the corpse of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in 1946 from an unmarked tomb. Leccisi was born on May 20, 1920, and passed away on November 2, 2008.

An Incident Involving Grave Robbing

On the eve of the first anniversary of Italy’s liberation from Nazi occupying troops, Leccisi, who was a right-wing journalist at the time, along with two helpers, dug up the body from the Musocco cemetery in the city and took it away. This took place the night before the anniversary.

A note that Leccisi had written and left behind read: “At long last, O Duce, you have joined our ranks. We shall smother you in roses, but the aroma of your virtuous character will overwhelm the fragrance of the flowers.”

The bones of Mussolini were found by the authorities four months later, concealed in a monastery that was built in the 15th century in Pavia, which is located south of Milan. Two monks were arrested and accused of concealing the remains.

After a campaign that was spearheaded by Leccisi and his party, Mussolini was laid to rest in 1957 in his birthplace in Predappio, which is located in the northern region of Italy.

Political Career

Between the years 1953 and 1963, Leccisi was a member of the Italian Social Movement’s parliamentary delegation, which is a neo-fascist organisation. In addition to that, he served on the municipal council of Milan and authored an autobiography titled With Mussolini Before and After Piazzale Loreto.


Leccisi passed away on November 2, 2008, at the age of 88, due to conditions related to his heart and lungs in a retirement facility in Milan.

Cast of Robbing Mussolini

  • Giorgio Antonini is playing the role as Leonida
  • Enrico Bergamasco is playing the role as Tenente zona nera
  • Giovanni James Bertoia is playing the role as Capoguardia Zona Nera
  • Maccio Capatonda
  • Pietro Castellitto
  • Matilda De Angelis
  • Lorenzo de Moor
  • Eugenio di Fraia is playing the role as Franz
  • Luigi Fedele
  • Isabella Ferrari
  • Tommaso Ragno T
  • Antonio Scarpa is playing the role as Sentinella Militare
  • Filippo Timi

Robbing Mussolini
Robbing Mussolini

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Quick Facts

Movie Robbing Mussolini
Genre Drama
Cast Giorgio Antonini
Enrico Bergamasco
Giovanni James
Maccio Capatonda
Pietro Castellitto
Director Renato De Maria
Writer Renato De Maria
Producer Angelo Barbagallo
Anselmo Parrinello
Jasmina Torbati
Release Date 26 October 2022
Release Language Italian, English
Release Platform Netflix

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