Robert Kandell: Who Is He? Know About His Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Robert Kandell: Who Is He? Know About His Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Nicole Daedone gained to prominence as the Chief Executive Officer of the sexual wellness company OneTaste; however, she and her business partner, Robert “Rob” Kandell, were actually responsible for the company’s inception.

Rob Kandell had his own consulting firm prior to becoming involved with Nicole, but he took a keen interest in Nicole’s mission to spread the word about orgasmic meditation and offered to lend her a hand in establishing the company by relying on his extensive experience in the business world. The documentary “Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste,” which can be streamed on Netflix, takes viewers through the establishment of OneTaste and details how charges of rape and sexual abuse prompted an investigation by the FBI into the company. In spite of this, Robert has successfully removed himself from the debate, and we have made the decision to investigate the current amount of money Robert is worth.

Robert Kandell
Robert Kandell

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How did Robert Kandell Come to be so Wealthy?

Rob Kandell was the principal of his own consulting firm, Kandell Consulting, in Woodland Hills, California, prior to co-founding OneTaste with Nicole Daedone. During this time, Rob was also the owner of his own business. Readers will find it interesting to learn that Robert has earned multiple degrees, one of which is a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.

After that, he went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University. His educational background is sure to pique the interest of readers. In addition to that, prior to establishing his own consultancy firm, he had worked for Montgomery Asset Management as a Senior Associate of Operations for several years.

Rob and Nicole founded OneTaste in 2004, and almost immediately after its launch, it shot to the top of the charts with an incredible number of users. Rob was the company’s Chief Operating Officer and was in charge of quite a few brand and investor partnerships.

Groth of OneTaste

He was also responsible for managing investor relationships. Within a short period of time, OneTaste began to see a rapid increase in the number of members, which resulted in an increase in revenue that was far beyond one million dollars. According to the estimates that were published in 2014, OneTaste has generated a total revenue of approximately $6.5 million from the day it was formed. However, problems began to arise within the group not long after that, and in 2014, a former member petitioned the FBI with allegations that OneTaste condoned rape and other forms of sexual abuse. Rob came to the conclusion that he needed to put some space between himself and the company after learning that the FBI was conducting a comprehensive investigation despite the fact that OneTaste had denied the charges.

After Rob’s departure from OneTaste, he went back to his hometown of Woodland Hills, California, and started working for Kandell Consulting once again. Rob’s consulting agency is currently in a position to provide chief financial officer services to businesses who have a requirement for such. In point of fact, the co-founder of OneTaste has previous experience working as the chief financial officer for a number of different firms, such as Guided and New Law Business Model.

Despite the fact that Rob left his job at OneTaste, he quickly realised that being a life coach was his true calling. In 2018, he published his book titled “UnHidden,” which instructs men on how to live a life free of fear and concern. His career as a teacher was catapulted forward as a result of the book, and to this day, Rob has instructed more than 10,000 students. He has also been profiled in other popular publications, such as Vice, The Atlantic, Medium, and Cosmopolitan, amongst others.

Career of Rob Kandell

Rob is currently working as the Chief Financial Officer of 1heart in addition to maintaining his position as an associate at Kandell Consulting. Additionally, in addition to continuing his work as a life coach and mentor, Rob is also the host of the popular podcast titled “Tufflove,” which assists listeners in developing healthier relationships and having more satisfying sexual encounters. The fact that Todd did not allow the failure of OneTaste to impact him in any way is truly motivational, and we hope that he will continue to have success in the years to come.

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Where is Rob Kandell Now?

The documentary “Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste,” which can be found on Netflix, recounts the history of the San Francisco-based completely sex-related well being corporation OneTaste.
OneTaste Nicole Daedone, who helped develop both Orgasmic Meditation and Sluggish Intercourse, is credited as the industry’s co-founder.

The business was launched in June 2004, and it soon gained recognition after thousands of people rushed quickly to test out both practises. Robert “Rob” Kandell, a project associate of Nicole’s, helped to co-establish the industry and also usually cared for the project component of considerations while delivering his services as the Chief Working Officer.

Despite this, there was some controversy surrounding OneTaste in 2014, but Rob quit the company and headed immediately into greener pastures, which made customers curious to learn more about his supply location. As a consequence of the fact that we provide birthing services and products, you need not be concerned any longer, cleverly!

Who is Rob Kandell?

Rob Kandell is a self-made business owner in addition to a highly regarded dressmaker. He received a Dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical and Electric Engineering from the College of Southern California before going on to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University. After getting his start, Rob entered the working world by taking a position as a Senior Affiliate of processes at Sir Bernard Law Asset Control.

He remained in this role until September 1999, when he made the decision to launch Kandell Consulting. After establishing a reputation for being both financially successful and kind to the environment, Kandell decided to test his mettle in the business world by going into business for himself. Because he was anxious about the project, he quickly found himself in relation to Nicole Daedone, and the two of them went on to form the San Francisco-based wholly sex-related well being company OneTaste in 2004.

After helping to launch OneTaste, Rob took over as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and also started peddling the idea that orgasmic meditation is beneficial to one’s health. Even taking into consideration the fact that this kind of concept was a little bit unconventional in the past, other people moved swiftly to appreciate it on their own, and OneTaste noticed a quick make stronger in its customer base.

To begin, everything gave the impression of being somewhat orderly, and the industry appeared to be passing one landmark after another on its way to the best possible outcome. OneTaste used to be a superb annual source of revenue, and reports claim that the industry produced approximately $6.5 million in earnings in 2014. This indicates that the company was quite successful in the past.

On the other hand, headache was going to be closing down, and all hell was about to break free in 2014 when an old player informed the FBI about a planned rape and sexual assault that was going to take place within the industry.

While OneTaste denied all allegations and also maintained that they had approval from all of their contributions, the FBI began to carry out an in-depth investigation, which ultimately led to the demise of the as briefly a success team. At the same time, Rob Kandell made the decision to remove himself from the predicament for an extended period of time and to back out of a number of commitments.

Location of the Event of Rob Kandell

Rob Kandell went back to his hometown of Forest Hills, California, when he resigned from his position as CEO of OneTaste. There, he resumed his work with his personal firm, Kandell Consulting. While working with Kandell Consulting, Rob kept finding a variety of other opportunities, and he has since introduced himself as the Chief Financial Officer of a variety of high-level businesses, including New Legislation Industry Type and also Guided.

Robert published his book, which is titled UnHidden and serves as a guide for men to live lives that are free of any factors, in the month of December in the year 2018. In addition, the book presented Rob as a lifestyle teacher, educator, speaker, and author who had in fact taught more than 10,000 college student in a variety of classes. This information was included in the book.

Rob is going to be taking over the day-to-day operations at Kandell Consulting and also lends his services as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at 1heart. Additionally, the co-founder of OneTaste manages a CFO alternative to more than a few organisations through his team, and he has in fact created a little bit of a track record for himself inside the industry. In spite of this, Rob continues to function as a trainer and speaker at the component.

In addition, he is the host of the popular podcast ‘Tufflove,’ and he has been featured in a variety of prestigious magazines, which include Vice, Cosmopolitan, and Time, amongst other individuals. Readers should also keep in mind that Rob Kandell is happily married to Morgan Mellas, and that the two of them have built up a splendid lifestyle in Los Angeles, California. This information should be of interest to readers.


Robert Kandell
Robert Kandell


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Net Worth of Robert Kandell

Robert Kandell, who was the co-founder and COO of OneTaste at the time of his departure from the company, made a very respectable amount of money from the business, which had generated $6.5 million in revenue prior to his departure.

However, the charges of sexual abuse and the subsequent investigation into OneTaste by the FBI had a detrimental effect on his total net worth. However, as of right now, a Chief Financial Officer in the state of California can anticipate earning up to $450,000 annually. This sum, in conjunction with Rob’s ownership of a consulting firm and his career as a life coach, places his current net worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2.5 million.

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