Roshni Bhatia’s Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight And More

Roshni Bhatia’s Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight And More

Roshni Bhatia is a well-known fashion blogger from India who also has a large following on Instagram and YouTube. She is famous for her stunning good looks, adorable smile, chic sense of style, and fiery personality. She writes on several topics like fashion, cosmetics, traveling, diet, and exercise. Her impeccable style is quickly propelling her to the forefront of the fashion world. She has more than 170,000 people following her on Instagram. Her Instagram is where you can regularly see her posting images of herself donning various stylish ensembles. We take you through everything there is to know about her.

Roshni Bhatia
Roshni Bhatia


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Roshni Bhatia: Bio

Roshni Bhatia was born in India on August 28th, 1986, which makes her age 36. She is a well-known celebrity on YouTube. You can find additional details on Roshni Bhatia by clicking here. This article will provide additional information about Roshni Bhatia, including her In4fp, age, height, son’s age, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, first marriage, son, story, groww, income, surgery, husband, net worth, education, first husband, Humans of Bombay, and The Chique Factor lesser-known facts.

About Her, Roshni Bhatia’s self-titled YouTube channel, is largely responsible for her rise to fame on various social media platforms in India. Her beauty vlogging, in which she shares fashion and lifestyle postings in addition to makeup tutorials and product reviews, has earned her a significant online following.

Roshni Bhatia
Roshni Bhatia

Early Career of Roshni Bhatia

In September of 2015, she began publishing new content on a more regular basis to the thechiquefactor Instagram account, which is where she gained her social media following.

Roshni Bhatia: Net Worth

Roshni is not only one of the wealthiest YouTube stars but also one of the most popular stars on the platform. According to the findings of our investigation as well as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Roshni Bhatia has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars. You may also click edit to let us know about this information. is working as quickly as possible to bring you the most recent information regarding Roshni Bhatia’s house, car, and luxury brand in 2022.

Roshni Bhatia
Roshni Bhatia


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Roshni Bhatia: Spouse

We just happened to come across the wedding story of Plixxo Influencer Roshni Bhatia marrying her soulmate, and it is so breathtakingly beautiful that there are no adequate words to describe it. Roshni opened up to Humans Of Bombay about the difficulties she faced in escaping an abusive marriage while simultaneously raising her son Arjun as a single mother at the age of 21.

Even though she saw me in pain, my future mother-in-law would always tell me, “All guys are like that; you just have to learn to cope with it.” She had just given birth to her son Arjun when she began working in a private firm. It was there that she met Piyush Sethi, who was working in the real estate industry. Soon after, the two of them started hanging out together and Piyush eventually made a marriage proposal to her.

Roshni Bhatia: The Lady with Perfection

The world is home to a great number of languages, each of which is distinct from the others in a variety of aspects, including vocabulary, sentence structure, body language, and sign language. Even if a person does not understand a particular language, they will undoubtedly be able to communicate using the fashion industry’s international language.

In point of fact, the language of fashion is everywhere and exhaustive in its own right. It has been developing from the beginning of time, and as more years go by, it continues to improve. There are some people who have the expertise to define and create fashion, despite the fact that everyone can appreciate the aesthetic value of it. Roshni Bhatia is an example of one of these fashionistas who not only recognizes but also generates new trends.

She is a fashion influencer who just turned 33 years old, and in a very short amount of time, she has amassed an astounding amount of appreciation and following. She began her career as an influencer in November 2018, and since then she has amassed a huge subscriber base of 323 thousand on her YouTube channel and more than 181,000 followers on her Instagram profile, which is @thechiquefactor. Roshni is regarded as one of the most influential individuals in the field of fashion in India. She has collaborated with a wide variety of companies, including Benefit, Ponds, and Nivea, as well as Vogue Wedding Show, Hazoorilal, and Stalkbuylove, to name just a few.

Roshni Bhatia: Children

Roshni is a mother of an 11-year-old child, and the fact that she is aware of how to maintain herself and look her best in any dress she wears contributes to the fact that she is one of the most distinctive influencers among all. Along with sharing information and ideas on fashion, she also publishes material and ideas on beauty, with the goal of supporting young girls and mothers in looking their best via the use of straightforward beauty tips. Her writings are mostly directed toward a demographic that is interested in exploring new territory in terms of both fashion and beauty.

Roshni Bhatia: Age

A breath of fresh air for her followers came in the form of a joyous post she shared on her 33rd birthday. The fact that Roshni’s post received over 37,000 likes within just seven hours of becoming live demonstrates the level of devotion that her followers have for her.

She is of the opinion that maintaining her sense of style and attractiveness is just as natural to her as caring for her baby. Roshni’s management skills are admirable because of the way in which she is able to maintain a healthy balance between her personal and professional lives without experiencing any difficulties. She is able to devote her full attention to whatever it is that she is doing without giving any thought to anything else.

Roshni Bhatia: Mother

These days, parenting has also established itself as a significant niche within the content development sector. Roshni Bhatia, also known as “thechiquefactor,” is a well-known beauty, lifestyle, and beautiful parenting influencer. She never misses an opportunity to show us a peek of her family life through the material that she creates and shares on social media.

Everyone is aware that parenting is a difficult job, and the mommy blogger is doing an outstanding job by simplifying it for everyone else. The fact that she manages to produce material while also fulfilling her role as a mother is nothing short of motivational. You are guaranteed to fall in love with her lively feed as well as her content, which is quite interesting.

Roshni is a mother who has been chronicling and sharing her experience through parenthood in the most open-hearted and stunning way that is possible. Everyone has to deal with challenges in life, but her determination to overcome them is uncommendable. Roshni Bhatia is living proof that if you set your mind to something and put in the effort to do it, you can triumph over any obstacle that life throws at you.

Roshni Bhatia
Roshni Bhatia

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Personal Life
Date of Birth 28 August 1986 (Thursday)
Age (as of 2020) 34 Years
Birthplace New Delhi
Zodiac sign Virgo
Nationality Indian
Hometown New Delhi
College/University • Khalsa College, Delhi University
• Pearl Academy, New Delhi
Educational Qualification(s) • Graduation in English Honours
• Course in Fashion and Styling 
Food Habit She turned vegetarian in 2017.

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