‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars’: India Ferrah warned about experimenting, fans say she is ‘got to go soon’

India Ferrah’s head has been placed on the block three out of the last four times, and it does not appear likely that she will be spared this time around. But all of that might change if her Snatch challenge is on-point and she is able to impress the judges as she did in the first episode of the fifth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars.” When the mentor and host of the show, RuPaul Andre Charles, enters the werk room, the queens are there, and he tells them that their next job is going to be The Snatch challenge. This is a spoof on the popular game show “Match Game,” which features comedic impersonations of famous people and emphasizes improvisational acting.

As is customary, RuPaul discusses the upcoming task and runway looks with all six of the participants and gets their feedback on what they had in mind. India revealed that she will be trying new things, but RuPaul was taken aback when she said that. She questioned the rationale of someone who had been unsuccessful for the past three weeks wanting to try something new. It was obviously meant to serve as a subtle message to India that she needs to pull herself together and get her act together, or else she will be the next contestant to be eliminated from the competition. The history of India’s involvement with the performance is one that is fraught with controversy. Previously, she had harshly criticized the producers for bringing drag to a low level and for the fact that the show paid thousands of dollars to contestants who would wear “real girl mall clothes on stage.” Moreover, she claimed that the show had a gender bias against contestants who were transgender.

This queen has a large number of devoted followers, but there is a vocal minority that does not support her and believes that she has been given way too many opportunities to show herself during this season. When you get the opportunity to free India, you should grab it with both hands!!!!! #RuPaulsDragRaceAllStars5,” one viewer posted, while another said, “Mayhem really shouldn’t have been eliminated.. Since India first arrived, hers has occupied the last place in the rankings. #RuPaulsDragRaceAllStars5. “In all candor, they could have both gone home, and I wouldn’t be upset about it; nevertheless, India absolutely has to gooooo.” “#RuPaulsDragRaceAllStars5,” a viewer commented on their viewing of the show. “India has remained in last place every single week… She gotta go soon! Come on, you ladies. Wake. UP! #RuPaulsDragRaceAllStars5,” another Twitter user tweeted.

Every Friday night on VH1, you can watch brand-new episodes of the fifth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars.”

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