Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves Wedding Plans Before He Attempted To Kill His Fiance

Sam Shelton said after the fact that he had made a mistake after attempting to strangle a teenage girl and then abandoning her for presumed dead. However, the jurors did not take his testimony seriously. Both parties were quite close to finalizing their wedding plans.

Ashley Reeves, then 17 years old at the time, was attacked by Shelton, then 26 years old, in April of 2006. This attack is depicted as a real-life event in the current Lifetime movie “Left For Dead.” According to a report from CBS News at the time, Reeves was found in a park that had a lot of trees in it more than 30 hours after Shelton tried to suffocate her with a belt and cracked her neck with his arm. When the investigators discovered her, she was unable to move and covered with bites from insects.

Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves’s Wedding Plans

In spite of the significant age difference between them, everyone around them was startled to learn that Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves were making wedding plans. Due to the fact that they are no longer around, it is impossible for this to ever take place in the real world.

According to the reports, Shelton attempted to take the life of Ashley Reeves in the year 2006. She was managed to survive the attempt at her life despite being subjected to the frigid conditions for a period of thirty hours.

The woman was being led into a sexual commitment by Shelton, who was a lecturer at the female center college. Shelton had successfully enticed the woman. She was finally able to locate him at the time of the assault, at which point she informed him that she needed to call off their unhealthy involvement.

Shelton, on the other hand, was adamant about not letting go. During the particular fight that they were having, in light of the fact that they were all arguing in the car, he grabbed Reeves and put her in a chokehold before dragging her outside. She fought against it for a while before eventually giving up on it.

Before it finally snapped, he choked the woman again, presuming that she had already given up trying to break free. After that, he abandoned the woman to her death in the crazy asylum. She was covered in horrendous wounds and had been in the woods for thirty hours by herself.

Even though the woman had moved when the police found her, they still took her to the hospital because they believed she had fled. The police believed the woman had run away.

Where Is Sam Shelton Now?

Sam Shelton was given a sentence of life in prison with a mandatory minimum term of 20 years. He had been locked up as a juvenile suspect to begin with, but as the detectives decided that he was the most trustworthy source to speak with Reeves, they let him go. He had been in jail at the time.

After altering their tale a number of times, he finally gave up after being requested to wait for a period of twelve hours. After some time, he admitted that he had made a reference to Ashley and that he had verbally insulted the woman.

He led the police officers to the spot where he had left the woman, despite the fact that he had forgotten the specifics of the location. Thankfully, law enforcement officers were able to locate the woman and take her to a nearby hospital. After their apprehension, Reeves was found and brought to light.

In order to facilitate the procedures necessary for the examination, he was granted permission to post bail and placed under home arrest for a period of one year. Only once during the course of the year did Sam make an attempt to take his own life. In 2007, he entered into a plea bargain agreement.

Was Sam Shelton A Teacher?

It’s true that Sam Shelton worked in the classroom. Sam, who was also a professional wrestler and a gym trainer, was Ashley’s educator when she was in the seventh grade. Ashley went on to become a fitness model. Insiders say that the two got back in touch in February of 2006, which was two months after she disappeared.

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