Sandra Sully: Who Is she? Know About Her Bio, Wiki And Family Details

Sandra Sully: Who Is she? Know About Her Bio, Wiki And Family Details

Sandra Sully is a news presenter and journalist who works for 10 News First in Sydney and Queensland.

Reporting on the terrorist attacks that took place in Australia on September 11, 2001, Sully was the first Australian television journalist to do so. She was broadcasting at the time of the initial attack and immediately began delivering live-breaking coverage of the unfolding events.

In a similar vein, she was the host for the National Carbon Test that was held for Cool Aid Australia. In addition, Sandra was the first woman to ever co-host the telecast of the Melbourne Cup, a role she held for a total of seven years.

Wanted was a brand new police and crime program that debuted on Monday nights in June 2013 and was co-hosted by Sully and another journalist who worked for Channel Ten, Matt Doran. She conducted interviews with the victims’ loved ones and made a plea to the general public to phone Crimestoppers in order to assist in solving the case.

In 2018, Sandra served as the host of 10 News First Sydney. As a part of the rebranding of the 10 News First brand, she has also become the presenter of the Queensland bulletin, which is produced from Sydney. This began in September of 2020. The month of September 2019 marked the debut of Sandra’s podcast series titled “Short CK with Sandra Sully.” There are currently 21 episodes that can be streamed, each featuring a different female guest.


Sandra Sully
Sandra Sully

Who Is Sandra Sully’s Spouse?

Sandra Sully and her partner, Symon Brewis-Weston, have provided an update on their married life.

Sandra and Symon finally tied the knot in 2011, and their wedding, which was held at the Sydney Opera House, was the wedding of their dreams. As a professional banker, more especially an executive in the banking industry, Weston prefers to maintain a low profile.

After being married for four years, the pair decided to reaffirm their commitment to one another by getting a second wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. In light of this information, the host said, “The Elvis thing was not anything that we did. I have the paper in my possession, my parents have signed it as a witness, and both my husband and I have signed as witnesses to my parents. It was breathtaking in every sense of the word. The ceremony itself was quite lovely.” To put it succinctly, it was a celebration on two fronts.

Sully has admitted in the past that meeting Symon was the turning point in her life. When she is asked about her husband in an interview, she never fails to brag about how wonderful he is. It is also very evident that she regards Symon as a lucky addition to her life because he is her life mate. It would appear that they are thriving as a pair and are doing a wonderful job raising Mia.

In addition to that, the host of the TV show has published a number of images of herself with her husband. On June 19, 2019, she uploaded a photo that she and him had taken at Royal Ascot. The regal garb made the couple seem absolutely gorgeous. Many of the pair’s followers responded after the post that they thought the couple looked absolutely stunning in the dress.
Striking her with force.

Sandra and Symon Brewis-Weston, a banker, tied the marriage the following year in 2011. Sandra had just gotten back from her honeymoon when she went back to work and started reading the news.

“There was a story about a young couple in the country of New South Wales who were getting married, and the brother of the bride was a helicopter pilot, and they’d crashed on the way to the ceremony,” Sandra tells New Idea in an exclusive interview. “There was a story about a young couple in the country of New South Wales who were getting married, and the brother of the bride was a pilot

“The groom was waiting for them to land on a rural property and had seen them coming down as well as the column of smoke. What mental steps do you take after experiencing anything like that? I had only been returned from my honeymoon for three days when I found that I could hardly form coherent sentences.

In preparation for times like these, Sandra has cultivated a persona that enables her to keep going.

“Some days I have to flick a switch and nearly role-play that I’m a reporter doing this work in order to get through it, but it isn’t always easy,” she says. “Some days I have to role-play that I’m a reporter doing this job in order to get through it.” “Keeping yourself busy is helpful.”

Sandra and her husband Symon and their adorable dog Keiko, who is 2 years old, make their home in Sydney.

Persional life Of Sandra Sully

Sandra has maintained a reputation for being extremely tight-lipped throughout her more than 30 years in the public eye, giving little specifics about her personal life.

On the other hand, in an unexpected turn of events earlier this year, Sandra let cameras into her personal life when she participated in the SBS genealogical documentary series Who Do You Think You Are?

She says, “I am extremely private, but my parents, Sydney and Carol Sully, are growing older, and my dad has had some health challenges.” “I am extremely private, but my parents are getting older and my dad has had some health concerns.”

The TV host explains, “There came a moment where I had to stop thinking about myself in order to realize that this was about them, and what a fantastic gift this was to offer them.”

During the two weeks that Sandra spent traveling with the series, she had no idea what she would be doing from one day to the next. In fact, she didn’t even have her plane ticket until she was standing in line to board the plane.

“Everyone thought I’d be off to Scotland, but I actually went to Europe,” admits Sandra, who has not yet shared the specifics of what she discovered with her family and says that she can’t wait to watch her Who Do You Think You Are? episode with them. “Everyone thought I’d be off to Scotland, but I actually went to Europe,” admits Sandra. “Everyone thought I’d be off to Scotland, but I actually went to Europe.”

She continues by explaining, “It was like finding some puzzle pieces I didn’t know were missing but they just fit perfectly and made everything complete again.”


Sandra Sully
Sandra Sully

Sister of Sandra Sully

Although Sandra’s twin sister Lyn would like not be in the spotlight, the two describe their relationship as “extremely close.”

Early Life Of Sandra Sully

Sandra reflects on her youth and adds, “I had the most wonderful childhood,” as she recalls the times she spent in Queensland as a child with her twin sister Lyn Salter and her two older brothers, Brad and Chris.

She explains, “Every weekend was spent at a sporting field, watching my brothers play football or Lyn and I playing netball and hockey.” “Every weekend was spent at a sporting field.”

Sandra did not spend a great deal of her childhood time with her extended relatives, despite the fact that her immediate family was “very close.” In the series, she will be delving into the histories of both of her grandfathers, who had already passed away by the time she was born.

Because they were raised during the Great Depression, my parents have always prioritized moving forward above reflecting on the past. According to Sandra, there were a lot of blanks to be filled in.

There was, however, one controversy in the family that she was already somewhat familiar with. When she was in her 20s, Sandra’s grandma on her mother’s side, Carol’s grandmother, boarded a ship by herself in Scotland to travel to Australia to meet her future husband.

Sandra explains that her mother once mentioned to her that her grandmother may have been persuaded to stay aboard the ship and sail away with another person she met while she was there.

Children of Sandra Sully

Mia, a teenage girl from Indonesia, was adopted by the couple despite the fact that they are unable to produce biological children of their own. Mia adores Sandra Sully, who took on the role of stepmother for her.

Sandra stated to Mia that because both of the couples were Caucasian and because Mia was from Indonesia, she often wondered why people were staring at her whenever the three of them were out in public together. The journalist often joked that the attention was being directed toward them rather than her.

In addition, the veteran of 10News revealed that she now watches shows about children who have been abandoned, and her stepdaughter is shocked by what she sees. As of right now, Sandra has decided to become an ambassador for the newly launched #AdoptChange campaign in memory of her kid, who will always have a special place in her heart.

Sully is currently acting in the role of a parent to the young girl who is staying with them throughout the week. She thanked God on a weekly basis for blessing her with Mia and has a wonderful relationship with her in her role as a mother.

In addition, the television presenter mentioned that the presence of a bright spark as well as a lovely young kid in her life has enabled her to gain a better understanding of the more critical issue of adoption for many families in Australia. She is particularly critical of the present adoption age limit, noting that 40 is not old but the rules still haven’t caught up to this reality despite the fact that she believes that age 40 is not old.

Sandra Sully’s Family

At the moment, the family of three can be seen residing contentedly in Sydney, Australia. Mia, the couple’s adoptive daughter, will turn 17 in 2022, and Sully acknowledges that she counts herself quite fortunate to have both of them in her life.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Sandra expressed that having a child in one’s life is a beautiful experience. She mentioned that she has a large number of nieces and nephews, all of whom have lived outside of the country during their whole lives. She went on to say that it doesn’t matter if you are conscious of the fact that you have a large number of children in your life; the dynamic is substantial and wonderful when it takes place in the same house.

The journalist had longed for a kid her entire life, and now that she finally has one, she dotes on her and fulfills all of her wishes for her offspring.

On the other hand, the couple does not appear to have uploaded any images of themselves with their daughter Mia to any social media platforms, such as Instagram, possibly because they are concerned about the potential negative effects of social media on their daughter.

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