Simon Bower: What Occurred With Him “Eye Inside The Auction Room”? Know About the Auctioneer

Simon Bower: What Occurred With Him “Eye Inside The Auction Room”? Know About the Auctioneer

A problem has caused Simon Bower, who works in the Bidding Room, to have enlarged eyes.Simon Bower is a senior auctioneer who formerly served as a butler for one of Anglesey’s most influential landowners. In his previous life, he worked on the island of Anglesey. In addition to that, he was only been appointed to the board of directors of Morgan Evans & Co. Bower has recently been given a role in The Bidding Room, a brand-new show that will be shown on the BBC and presented by Nigel Havers.

In addition, Nigel Havers will take place in an emporium located in the Yorkshire countryside. There, a group of professional dealers will compete against one another in an effort to outbid one another in order to acquire incredible artifacts that have been brought in by members of the general public.

The merchants of The Bidding Room include people like Jane Cave, Adi Higham, James Broad, and James Gooch, among others. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about valuation expert Simon Bower, who, in the eyes of a great many of viewers, is the show’s true standout performer.


Simon Bower
Simon Bower

Biography of Simon Bower

An expert in antiques and an auctioneer, Simon Bower hails from the island of Anglesey in North Wales. The Gaerwen Auction Centre and The Bidding Room are both names that are associated with him. The native of Anglesey dropped out of school in order to take a job as the butler and housekeeper for Sir George and Lady Meyrick at Bodorgan Hall on Anglesey. Unfortunately, not long after that, Simon’s mother became ill, and he had little choice but to resign his job in order to care for her.

With the beginning of Simon’s employment at Morgan Evans & Co., he worked as a salesroom assistant. After some time, he became an expert in the field of antique auctioning. Since he began working for Morgan Evans many years ago, he has held a variety of positions there, most notably that of senior auctioneer and director of the company. Simon is incredibly enthusiastic, and he takes great pleasure in his work as an auctioneer. He claims that his experience working in the antiques industry has taught him that success in this line of work demands a strong interpersonal skill set.Simon is an extremely knowledgeable valuation expert, and he has been working in the antiques trade for more than three decades at this point. He claims that the criteria for what constitutes an antique have shifted dramatically in recent years, and to demonstrate this point, he explains that a piece of music memorabilia can frequently be valued significantly more than an ancient vase. Silver and old books are some of his favorites to appraise, but he is confident assessing the worth of virtually everything.

At this time, he contributes to the show “The Bidding Room” on BBC ONE in the capacities of both a Consultant and a valuation specialist. Nigel Havers, a well-known English actor and presenter, is in charge of presenting this program. The action of Nigel Havers will take place in an emporium located in the rural area of Yorkshire. There, a group of knowledgeable dealers will compete against one another in an effort to purchase unique goods that have been brought in by members of the general public. Jane Cave, Adi Higham, James Broad, and James Gooch are just a few of the dealers that work in The Bidding Room.

Sheila Simpson, the managing director of Morgan Evans, said the following after it was announced that Simon will be the valuation expert for the Bidding Room: “We have been aware of Simon’s considerable understanding of antiques and collectables for a very long time. We were thrilled when he agreed to join our board of directors in 2019, as he is a dedicated employee who is highly regarded by our organization. I have no doubt that he will be able to make a significant contribution to this new initiative, and I am confident that the members of the general public who take part in it will gain a great lot from his assistance and guidance, just as our current clients do.

Simon Bower’s Age

It was in June of 1967 when he was born. As of the year 2022, he will be 54 years old. At the moment, Simon calls the island of Anglesey in North Wales home.

Simon Bower’s Wife

Is the auctioneer, Simon Bower, already taken? It is not apparent whether he is married. It’s not apparent whether she’s his wife or lover.Simon Bower Height
He stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) tall.

Net Worth Of Simon Bower

It is not known how much money Simon Bower has. It is unknown how much he makes.

What happened to Simon Bower’s eye on the bidding room, and how did it get there?

Simon Bower, Senior Auctioneer at The Bidding Room, was seen with puffy eyes on multiple occasions. After viewing Simon with swollen eyes, viewers started to become concerned about what might have happened to his eyes.

Our research suggests that Simon may have periorbital edema, sometimes known as “puffy eyes,” which is the medical term for the condition. A swelling in the eye orbit, also known as the region around the eyes, is what this condition is referred to. This medical ailment can have a variety of underlying causes, some of which include mononucleosis, allergic reactions, skin disorders, thyroid illnesses, periorbital cellulitis, Chagas disease, nephrotic syndrome, and trichinosis.

On the other hand, Simon is also well-known for the Gaerwen Auction Centre and The Bidding Room. Both of these establishments are located in Gaerwen. In addition to this, he has worked in the antiques business for more than three decades, making him a very knowledgeable assessor.


Simon Bower
Simon Bower

Simon Bower’s Spouse

Simon Bower’s Spouse(s), Extramarital Affair(s), and Children The name of his significant other is unknown, however it has been reported that he is married on various websites that cover the entertainment industry. In the event that you require additional information, continue reading this article to learn about Simon Bower’s wiki, age, and biography. This is just the top of the iceberg.

Family Of Simon Bower

Parents (Mother and Father), Brothers and Sisters of Simon Bower There is no information available on either his father or his mother’s identity. The names of his relatives are not available. Assuming you find out about Simon Bower Wiki, proceed to read this article.

It was Simon Bower. Profession, Way of Life, and Ethnicity His birth date is June 1967, and he is from the island of Anglesey, which is located in North Wales. He will be 55 years old this year. Nobody is entirely sure who he is. He is a master auctioneer and valuer from the United Kingdom. The Anglesey barker skipped school in order to begin working as a steward and servant for Sir George and Lady Meyrick at Bodorgan Hall, which is located in Anglesey.

Simon was introduced to the world of collectibles at an early age by his grandmother, Janet Bower. During the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, Janet Bower was a prominent seller who owned a number of secondhand stores, shops, and workmanship displays. Simon was given his first introduction to the world of collectibles by his grandmother. He is a regular at the Gaerwen Auction Center in addition to serving as an overseer for Morgan Evans and Company Ltd. On November 1, 2019, he was given the role of overseer at Morgan Evans and Company.

Know About Simon Bower

Simon Bower came into the world in the year 1967 during the month of June. In the year 2022, he will have reached the age of 55 years old. Presently, Simon calls the island of Anglesey in North Wales home. Despite this, the month and day of his actual birth are being looked into right now. He has an impressive height of 1.75 meters (5 feet 9 inches).

Bower is originally from the island of Anglesey in North Wales, and he has been working in the antiques business since 1987. He has about 30 years of expertise in the field. Given the length of Bower’s career, it is reasonable to assume that he possesses a sizeable net worth.

Although many people are under the impression that he is married, the name of his wife has never been brought up in the press. In addition to that, he has worked together with a wide variety of professional partners to improve his career as an auctioneer. Simon is so enthused about the task of auctioneering that he believes that his experience working in the antique business has taught him the skills necessary to be particularly good with people, which is a requirement for the job.

In terms of his early professional endeavors, the native of Anglesey left school to take a job as a butler and housekeeper for Sir George and Lady Meyrick at Bodorgan Hall in Anglesey. He was employed by the Meyricks. Unfortunately, Simon fled as soon as his mother started having health problems.

He began working at Morgan Evans & Co as a salesroom assistant later on. Additionally, he became an antique auctioneer after working his way up through the ranks. He has spent a significant portion of his career at Morgan Evans, most recently holding the positions of senior auctioneer and corporate director. On the show “The Bidding Room” that airs on BBC ONE, he currently works as a consultant and valuation specialist.

When asked about his new position as a director, he said, “I feel a great sense of honor and pride to have been named a corporate director at Morgan Evans, a firm that has been and continues to be a big part of my life, I’m looking forward to an interesting future.” This was in reference to his newly acquired position as a director.

Bio Of Simon Bower

Real Name Simon Bower
Nickname  Simon
Profession Auctioneer and Valuation Expert
Marital Status Married
Wife Name Not Known
Physical Status
Age 55 years old
Height (Approx) In Feet Inches – 5’9″
Weight (Approx) In Kg – 86 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Personal Information
Date of Birth June 1967
Birth Place Anglesey in North Wales
Zodiac sign Not Known
Ethnicity Not Known
Nationality British
School Name Private School
College Name   Private College
Qualifications Graduated
Parents Status
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Not Known
Source Of Income Auctioneer and Valuation Expert
Appeared As Auctioneer and Valuation Expert
Net Worth, Salary $30 million (Approx)

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