A Rank and List of the Thanksgiving Episodes on The Simpsons TV Show

A Rank and List of the Thanksgiving Episodes on The Simpsons TV Show

Over the course of more than thirty years, five episodes of The Simpsons dedicated to Thanksgiving have been shown. In addition, viewers may always revisit those episodes throughout the holiday season and watch them again.

When the holiday season rolls around, it’s time to let loose and have some fun, and what better way to do so than by catching up on your favourite programme and viewing the holiday-themed episodes? The Simpsons is one of the shows that viewers would want to watch, especially considering that Thanksgiving is right around the horizon.

However, it is somewhat shocking to learn that although The Simpsons have been in charge of the programme for a number of decades now, they have only celebrated Thanksgiving a handful of times, according to Screenrant. There are nineteen different Christmas specials, but only a handful of Thanksgiving episodes.

Season 2, Season 12, Season 13, Season 23, and Season 31 are the seasons in which the Thanksgiving episode made its debut for the first time. The Thanksgiving episodes are listed here, along with their positions in the rankings.


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Thanksgiving Pitted Against Bart

The Simpsons’ seventh episode of the second season is titled “Bart Vs. Thanksgiving,” and it airs on Thanksgiving. Bart wrecks Thanksgiving for everyone as he breaks Lisa’s centrepiece in this episode of The Simpsons. Then, after Homer and Marge accuse him of causing the event and demand an apology from him to give to Lisa, he bolts out of the house and never returns.

However, after Bart returns home after witnessing the impoverished life of the homeless men at the breadline, the siblings are able to overcome their differences. The siblings’ bittersweet and heartwarming reunion after the accident is a moving scene to see.

In a similar vein, the little peek of Thanksgiving that takes place in a soup kitchen similarly depicts a harsh reality; but, it also demonstrates that there is still kindness in the world, and that the holiday is something that everyone should celebrate.

Homer vs. Dignity

In the episode titled “Homer Vs. Dignity,” which airs during the 12th season, the Simpsons family tries to eat and run while Homer’s credit card is being declined. Instead, the family is required to put on a show for the visitor in order to “pay off” the cost of the meal.

Homer makes an attempt to petition his boss for a raise as the Simpson family’s financial situation worsens to the point that they are forced to declare bankruptcy more than once. However, his boss expects him to act as a prankster for money and forces him to do things that are beyond his dignity. Even while he was at the zoo, a panda attacked him.

Lisa, his daughter, finds out about it and requests her father to stop doing those things because she believes that her father’s dignity is more important than the money he makes. Instead, he decides to give the money that he made through his pranks to charitable organisations.

Later on, he was presented with the opportunity to become Santa Claus and hand out toys to children; however, he turned down his boss’s offer of one million dollars to become prank money once more, stating that maintaining his dignity is more important to him.

Homer the Moe and His Family

Homer Although it would not appear that The Moe has any connection to Thanksgiving at all, the overall mood of the plot is quite comparable to that of “Bart vs. Thanksgiving.” In the third episode of the 13th season, Moe decides to go back to bartending school in order to reignite the passion he once had for the profession.

And upon his return, he begins a renovation of his bar that, to Homer’s and the other regulars’ dismay, does not conform to their preferences. Homer, who does not feel welcome, comes up with the idea to launch his own hunting lodge as an alibi for serving alcoholic beverages to himself, Lenny, Carl, and Barney.

On the other hand, Moe is sorry that he turned his bar into something odd and that he ignored his regulars, who are like friends to him. He feels awful about ignoring them. At the conclusion of the show, the Simpson family goes to Moe’s bar to take part in a Thanksgiving feast, and during the meal, Homer confirms their connection to one another.

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Holidays From The Past Have Already Happened

This is the ninth episode of the 23rd season, and it is titled Holidays of Future Passed. It jumps forward in time thirty years to demonstrate how the Simpson family has changed.

After the Thanksgiving meal is over, it is time to take Christmas pictures, and as Bart is griping about his mother’s comments about him having kids, the family takes the photo. After that, a problem arises with the Simson family’s Christmas plans, and the episode skips ahead thirty years into the future.

Bart will eventually get divorced, and he will have two sons, but he will have little contact with them. Zia is Lisa’s daughter, and she is the product of her marriage. Maggie is a singer, and she is currently expecting her first kid.

The episode focuses primarily on Christmas and concludes with Homer, Bart, and Lisa forgiving their respective loved ones and making amends with them at the show’s conclusion. Homer is able to forgive his grandfather for the imperfect way in which he raised Homer, and Lisa and Bart are able to repair their relationships with their children.

It is a touching episode that demonstrates how families should forgive each other’s imperfections and work together to make amends for their transgressions.


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The Fright Before Thanksgiving

In the Thanksgiving of Horror episode of Treehouse of Horror, the narrative was told from the perspective of the turkey. The author, Dan Vebbel, has stated that he wished for the audience to have an understanding of how it is to spend Thanksgiving if one is a turkey.

In the eighth episode of the Simpsons’ thirty-first season, certain members of the Simpsons’ family as well as some other citizens of Springfield are depicted as a turkey. Homer is one of the birds that the pilgrims capture during their hunt for turkeys to prepare for their Thanksgiving meal.

He watches in horror as other turkeys are murdered, but happily, as his turn comes, people start running off in fright as the Grampa version of Turkey runs around with his head off. This saves him from experiencing the same fate as the other turkeys.

Homer is able to evade the pursuers and find his family, but not before remarking that things are going to get tough for them as soon as humans start celebrating Thanksgiving.

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