Who Are Sophie Habboo Parents? TV Personality Family And Relation With Frankie Gaff Details

Made in Chelsea was the show that launched Sophie Habboo’s career as a well-known TV personality, and the show is largely responsible for her success. In 2017, Habboo made his debut on the show in the fourth episode of the 14th season. Additionally, Sophie’s mother made a cameo on the show on the ninth episode of the sixteenth season.

This page provides some background information on Habboo’s family as well as her relationship with Frankie Gaff.

Who Are Sophie Habboo’s Parents?

The 19th of October in 1993 was the day that Sophie was brought into the world by her parents, Patrique Habboo and Sarah Wigley. Despite this, her parents are no longer together as a married couple.

The woman known as Sarah Wigley, who is Sophie Habboo’s mother, was born in July of 1965, which makes her 57 years old. She gave birth to her daughter Sophie when she was 28 years old.

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The additional fact is that Sophie’s mother is the director of a property management company. Sarah’s Instagram account, which currently has 217 posts and 1,327 followers, is where she most frequently shares photographs related to both her personal and professional life.

In a similar vein, Patrique Habboo, Sophie’s father, was born in September 1961, making him 61 years old as of this writing. Additionally, he maintains his own Instagram account, which now has 123 followers. When it comes to Patrique’s career, we can say that he serves as the director of two different companies situated in London.

Made in Chelsea star Sophie Habboo, often known as Habbs, filled her parents in on the latest episode of her show. In greater detail, the ninth episode of season 16 had a storyline in which Sam Thompson was meant to have dinner with Habbs’ parents; unfortunately, Patrique, Habbs’ father, was unable to attend the dinner.

Sophie informed me, “Unfortunately, my father will not be able to attend; he just is extremely busy at the moment.” After then, Sam continued his interview with Habbs’s mother, Sarah, by asking more questions.

Details On The TV Personality’s Family And Relation With Frankie Gaff

As aforementioned, Sophie’s parents are Patrique and Sarah. Likewise, her older sister’s name is Georgia and she has one. She was born on April 23 and is a makeup artist who also manages an Instagram feed titled “MUA.” In addition to that, she has gained 12.1 thousand followers on her own Instagram account.

Jamie Laing, a 33-year-old TV personality who also stars in Made in Chelsea, and Sophie Habboo have recently announced their engagement. Frankie Gaff was one of the cast members that Jamie dated in the past while they were both on the show.

Between the years 2016 and 2018, Franke featured on Made in Chelsea for a total of five seasons. She was in a relationship with Laing for a considerable amount of time until the two of them had a very drawn-out separation during which they each accused the other of cheating.

After their breakup, a number of fans are curious as to whether or not Sophie and Frankie are still friends, given that Frankie’s ex-boyfriend is currently engaged to Habboo. Frankie has not been on the show since her breakup in the latter half of 2017, despite the fact that the other women have not discussed this matter.

On December 18, 2021, Sophie made the announcement that she was going to marry Jamie on her Instagram account. The author is Habboo “WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes my heart skip a beat to think that the rest of my life will be spent with you “while included Laing in the post’s conversation.

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