What Did Steve Simmons Tell Wayne Simmonds Before He Left? The Response of NHL Media

What Did Steve Simmons Tell Wayne Simmonds Before He Left? The Response of NHL Media

Both Steve Simmons, a sports columnist for the Toronto Sun, and Wayne Simmonds are making waves in the National Hockey League. This came about as a direct result of Steve’s recent controversial statements addressing prejudice.

He has made a name for himself thanks to his careless reporting. He is known for constantly toeing the line between what is permissible in journalism and what is not permitted in journalism, and this trait has earned him a reputation for doing so.

A piece of writing like this that was published by the reporter has been generating a lot of buzz in the world of hockey, and it goes without saying that both fans and players are furious about it.

To be more explicit, what events took place that ultimately led to Steve Simmons being discussed once more in the media? And in response to that, what kind of a reaction did Wayne Simmonds have? The following provides all the information that you require regarding it.


Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons


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What Did Steve Simmons Tell Wayne Simmonds Before He Left?

Even though Steve Simmons has never been one to shy away from presenting a combative stance on any of the topics that he has covered, he is currently getting a lot of blowback on social media for his most recent controversial viewpoint.

The most recent item that Simmons has written is a takedown on the famous hockey player Akim Aliu. Aliu is of African and African American descent. The current disagreement between fans and athletes was sparked by the column’s insensitivity toward people of color, which served as the spark that set the conflict in motion.

As a result of the many obstacles that Wayne Simmonds has faced during his career as a result of the fact that he is a person of color in the game, he has made the decision to become active.

Wayne gives a response to the entire story by claiming that the article is absurd and does not accurately portray the true struggle that players of color go through. He accomplishes this by making the argument that the piece was extremely stupid.

Wayne stated on his Twitter account that Steve’s piece trivializes the anguish and suffering that athletes of color are forced to go through, and he made this claim. In addition, he added that he had ignored the true battle that persons have to go through in order to be accepted into the sport of ice hockey. He stated that this was his mistake.

Wayne requested that Steve refrain from establishing his argument using either his name or the name of any other player of color’s name.

It would appear that the essay written by Steve Stevens and published online has pushed Wayne to the farthest level of wrath that is physically conceivable. He then on to caution Steve and advise him that players of color will no longer be able to keep quiet while their characters are being killed off.

The minority players are going to amass even more power, and they are going to fight back against the discrimination that they have to deal with.

What Did Steve Simmons Write That Infuriated Wayne Simmonds?

The most recent column by Steve Simmons, which provoked anger from Wayne Simmonds, was about a well-known National Hockey League (NHL) player named Akim Aliu.

Akim is a former NHL player who rose to notoriety once again after he exposed Bill Peters, a former NHL head coach, for using a disparaging ethnical term about Aliu. Peters was fired from his position as a result of Akim’s revelation.

Since that time, Aliu has been a prominent opponent of discrimination in the sport of hockey. However, it would appear that his activism has not been warmly accepted by all those involved in hockey.

In the most recent edition of his column titled “Sunday Notes,” Simmons lambasted Aliu for making statements about topics that Simmons believed Aliu could not possibly have any real knowledge of. Simmons also expressed doubts about how much race played a factor in Aliu’s struggles to fit in with the hockey world.

Simmons, however, made it quite apparent before commenting that he was aware a take of this sort would lead to the criticism he is currently suffering and that he was aware of this fact before making the statement.

The author was correct in predicting that many experts would speak out against the statement about Aliu.

Toronto Maple Leaf Wayne Simmonds has, of course, been quite transparent about his difficulties as a colored man in the sport of hockey. He has also stated a wish to see more good changes made, and he has even collaborated with Aliu on some of these issues.

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Akim Aliu’s Responded To Steve Simmons

Following the publication of Steve Simmons’s column, Akim Aliu did not delay sending a note to the editor.

The 33-year-old player released a video rebuttal to Simmons’ article, in which he called out the experienced hockey writer for his irresponsible and uneducated judgment.

Aliu revealed only a tiny percentage of the challenges he’s faced throughout his time as a professional hockey player. He did not pull any punches and even demanded that Simmons be fired due to his behavior.

Who Is Wayne Simmonds?

A professional ice hockey player for the National Hockey League’s Toronto Maple Leafs, Wayne Simmonds is from the province of Ontario in Canada (NHL).

A professional ice hockey player for the National Hockey League’s Toronto Maple Leafs, Wayne Simmonds is from the province of Ontario in Canada (NHL).

A professional ice hockey player for the National Hockey League’s Toronto Maple Leafs, Wayne Simmonds is from the province of Ontario in Canada (NHL). ( Source : nhl )

His colleagues and supporters refer to him as “Wayne Train,” and this moniker has stuck with him throughout his career.

The Early Life Of Wayne Simmonds

On August 26, 1988, Wayne Simmonds was born in the city of Scarborough, in the province of Ontario.

He is the third of four sons and one daughter that Cyril Simmonds and Wanda Mercury-Simmonds have together. The couple also has a daughter.

His ancestors came from North Preston, in the province of Nova Scotia. Simmonds had stated that he was primarily a fan of the Detroit Red Wings when he was a child, even though he grew up in the Toronto region. When he was little, Sergei Fedorov was his all-time favorite player.

When Simmonds was in the third grade, he had to write a paper for career day. In it, he expressed his desire to become a professional hockey player. Even though his teacher was discouraging, Simmonds did not alter what he had written.

Most of Simmonds’ time was spent playing minor hockey was spent in the east end of Toronto, where he was a member of many A and AA hockey teams, including the Minor Midget Toronto Aces in the 2003–2004 season of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL).

Simmonds jumped to the AAA level for the first time in 2004–05 with the Toronto Jr. Canadiens midgets of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). This occurred after numerous GTHL AAA players went to junior hockey the previous summer.

Steve Simmons
Steve Simmons

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Quick Facts

Full Name Steve Simmons
Born In Toronto, Canada
Profession Sports Journalist
Writes For Toronto Sun
Nationality Canadian


What did Steve Simmons say to Wayne Simmonds?

Steve Simmons posted a very controversial post regarding players of colour, wherein he also named Wayne Simmonds. This discriminatory column infuriated Wayne.

Who is Steve Simmons?

Steve Simmons is a sports journalist from Toronto Sun, who is known for his reckless and controversial reporting.

What is the latest controversy surrounding Steve Simmons?

Steve Simmons has been shrouded by controversy and backlash yet again after his latest comments in the Sunday post.

What was the controversial post by Steve Simmons?

The latest piece by Simmons was about a former NHL player, Akim Aliu. The comments made were distasteful and bordered on discrimination.

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