Suyash Tilak: Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight And More

Suyash Tilak: Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight And More

Suyash was born on January 10th, 1989 in the city of Pune, in the state of Maharashtra. Fergusson University in Pune was where he got his degree in Environmental Studies, thus that’s where he got his education.

His first appearance on television was in the Marathi program Amar Prem, which was shown on Zee Marathi. In the film Pudhcha Paaul, which was released in 2011, he had a supporting role. In 2013, he starred as the main character in the film Durva.

In the film Ka Re Durava, which was released in 2014, he played the lead character of Jayram. 2017 is the year that he made an appearance in Sakhya Re.

In the same year, he had a role in the television series BaapManus, which aired on Zee Yuva.  In the year 2020, he had roles in the television series Khali Peeli and in the show Shubhmangal Online, which aired on Colors Marathi.

Suyash Tilak
Suyash Tilak

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Suyash Tilak Bio

Trained in the method acting technique, as well as Environmentalist
Photographing wildlife, swimming, and playing water polo are some of his hobbies.

His stunning good looks have the ability to take your breath away. But this handsome young man from Pune is more than just a heartthrob—also he’s an accomplished actor.

This young man decided to pursue a career in acting after he finished his schooling and before he got married. Today, he is recognized as a familiar figure on Marathi television, and two of his serials are doing really well in TRPS.

At the moment, one of the most popular shows on Marathi television is the serial Ka re Durava as Jay, which airs on Zee Marathi. On Star Pravah, where he appears with seasoned performers and earns a significant portion of the TRPS, Durva is equally successful.

Suyash’s excellent looks have garnered him the attention of film directors, and this environment graduate has played crucial roles in films such as Classmates and Bhakharkhadi 7km (2014), Langar Ek Paash, and Diwas Ha Maza.

Suyash is a graduate of the environment program at the University of Rajasthan. Suyash performed the character of Amit in the film, classmates, which was released this year.

He collaborated on the film with celebrities like as Ankush Chuadhary, Sai Tamhankar, and Sonalee Kuulkarni. In addition to these, he has appeared in episodes of the television series Pudhcha Paul and Bandh Reshamache.

Early Life of Suyash Tilak

Suyash Tilak was born on the 10th of January, and he hails from Pune, which provided him with the opportunity to perfect his acting skills at a young age. Because of the commitment that he has shown to his line of work, he has participated in notable productions such as 400 Koti Visarbhole, Zade Lavanara Manus, and Adnyat Zaryavar Ratri. In these projects, he has collaborated with well-known filmmakers such as Swanand Barve and Mohit Takalkar.

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Education of Suyash Tilak

Suyash Tilak has a degree in environmental studies, but acting has always been his primary interest. In addition to this, he has a passion for wildlife, and he and his buddies frequently like going on vacations that involve wildlife and adventure.

In addition to that, he has a passion for photographing wild animals and engages in water sports with the intensity of a seasoned athlete.

Swimming is one of his favorite ways to stay in shape, and he enjoys doing it whenever he can. Suyash looks forward with excitement to his workouts and is completely committed to the fitness routine he has established for himself.


Suyash Tilak
Suyash Tilak

Early Career of Suyash Tilak

The teenager who is looking forward to greater projects in the Marathi film industry this year claims that he is a hopeless romantic.

When he’s not behind the camera, he likes to unwind by listening to music, particularly songs with a romantic tone. He feels that going on travels to natural areas is the most effective way for him to decompress after working on a set for an extended amount of time.

Suyash is of the opinion that the greatest approach to maintain one’s physical health is to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. He maintains a healthy equilibrium between his profession and his pastimes.

Career of Suyash Tilak

Suyash has worked in practically every sector of the performing industry, including television, film, and the stage. Even though the young man enjoys acting in all of these different fields, his ultimate goal is to achieve success in the film industry. At the moment, he is engaged in the production of the Marathi movie Priya Aais.

It’s possible that Aayushi and I will tie the knot before the end of the year, says Suyash Tilak.
Recently, in a private ceremony, actor Suyash Tilak announced his engagement to actress Aayushi Bhave, who previously competed on Yuva Dancing Queen.

The pair shocked many people when they announced the news on their various social media handles by posting the update.

When Suyash spoke to us, she mentioned that they had first met at an event and had gotten along famously right away. “Soon enough, the conversations developed into a breathtaking love story.

We have a passion for traveling and like all kinds of animals.” He goes on to say, “The engagement ceremony was held in my property in Pune, with only close friends and family members in attendance.” We wanted more people to be a part of the special moment; however, because to the circumstances with COVID-19, we had to limit the number of guests.

The couple decided to have their ring ceremony while dressed in traditional south Indian garb. While Suyash was dressed in a kurta and veshti, Aayushi wore a traditional silk green saree that made her appear quite gorgeous.

Both of us are tremendous admirers of the music and culture of south India. Something that was connected to that was always something that was on our want list.

Suyash adds, “Aayushi and I had a lot of fun sporting these looks, and we haven’t settled on the wedding dates yet, so keep your fingers crossed for us!” We are currently holding our breath in the hope that the situation would improve


Suyash Tilak
Suyash Tilak

Private Life of Suyash Tilak

In response to a question regarding why the two have never discussed their romantic connection in the past, the actor from Baapmanus said, “Aayushi and I like to keep our personal life private.” People talked more about my previous relationship than I did, even though it was in the past.

It was decided to make up events that did not take place. Regarding the status of our friendship in light of my previous romantic involvement, I can say that it has not changed. Because Aayushi has such a deep level of comprehension, I never needed to elaborate on anything to her.

I count it as a blessing to have a partner who is rational and is able to comprehend me to such a high degree.


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Year Title Language Role
2014 Bhakarkhadi 7 km Marathi
2015 Classmates Marathi Amit
2015 Coffee Ani Barach Kahi Marathi Nikhil
2016 Ticha Umbartha Marathi
2017 Langar Ek Paash Marathi
2017 Divas Ha Majha Marathi
2020 Khaali Peeli Hindi Mangesh
2021 Hashtag Prem Marathi Malhar Kulkarn


Year Title Role Channel Ref.
2010-2011 Amarprem Sameer Inamdar Zee Marathi
2010 Bhairoba Anand Mohite Saam TV
2011 Bandh Reshmache Aditya Brahmapurikar Star Pravah
2012 Pudhcha Paaul Rohit Sardeshmukh Star Pravah
2013 Durva Bhupati Patil Star Pravah
2014-2016 Ka Re Durava Jayram “Jay” Khanolkar Zee Marathi
2017 Sakhya Re Sameer & Ranvijay Colors Marathi
2017-2018 Baapmanus Surya Zunjarrao Zee Yuva
2018 Chhoti Malkin Sam Star Pravah
2019 Ek Ghar Mantarlela Kshitij Nimbalkar Zee Yuva
2020–2021 Shubhmangal Online Shantanu Sadavarte

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