What Became to Tembi Locke’s Husband, Saro Gullo, and Why Was He Missing? Did She Get Married Again?

In 2012, Tembi Locke’s spouse, Saro Gullo, lost his battle with illness and passed away.

Tembi Locke’s 2019 book of the same name served as the inspiration for the new series “From Scratch” on Netflix. It is based on her love tale, which has been described as “unique and exquisite.”

In the television show “From Scratch” on Netflix, a Sicilian cook named Amy Wheeler meets a man in the United States, falls in love with him, and moves there to be with him. This is the story of their love and their suffering together.

They have a period of time in which things go swimmingly for them, then all of a sudden, Lino becomes unwell, and things start to go downhill quickly. After he passed away, Amy completely fell apart, and her love for her daughter was the only thing that kept her from hiding away in the house and refusing to face the outside world.


Tembi Locke
Tembi Locke


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Saro Gullo: Why Was He Missing?

After a prolonged and courageous fight against cancer, Tembi Locke’s husband, Saro Gullo, lost his battle with the illness in 2012.

The storyline of the Netflix show “From Scratch” is primarily around Amy and Lino. They appear to be living out a love story that was lifted from out of a fairy tale as they spend the summer in Florence together.

Their love for one another, as well as their tenacity and determination to persevere through all of life’s challenges, are put to the test as a result of the various challenges they face in their journey through life. What seems like there will be a happy ending to this love story rapidly takes a turn for the worse.

What Became of Tembi Locke’s Husband?

In 2012, Saro Gullo lost her battle with cancer after a long and courageous fight against the disease. When he had been diagnosed for the first time, the medication had put the sickness at bay, but it had also stopped him from pursuing a real profession. This was the first time he had been told he had cancer.

Ten years passed during which Tembi looked after Saro, and during that time, in spite of the challenges they faced, they were able to achieve the success they had always sought. Tembi was quoted as saying, “I feel that one of the things that I learnt is that life is still occurring all around us, and for us, we’d always wanted to be parents.”

When Saro’s parents found out that he was sick, they reconciled with their son. Over the years, Tembi has strived to strengthen the connection she has with her husband’s family, particularly with her mother-in-law, Croce Ortolano.

Tembi began writing about their love story and all of the challenges they faced as a technique to deal with her sadness. Eventually, she transformed this writing into a book of their time together.

Tembi remembers Saro via gastronomy, his greatest passion, and shares their story of love, sadness, and grief with those who may be suffering through a situation that is comparable to what they went through themselves. She is confident that Saro is looking down on us and “smiling back on us today.”

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Any Children of Tembi Locke And Saro Gullo?

Zoela, the daughter of Tembi Locke and Saro Gullo, was 7 years old when her father passed away. Zoela was named after Tembi Locke.

Locke enjoys a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and fishing in addition to being an excellent cook. She is involved in a number of different social advocacy efforts.

After the death of a family member or other loved one, the mother and girl finally found their way to Italy, which is where Saro was born.

Tembi had a deep desire for her daughter to gain a deeper understanding of the traditions, families, and cultures that had been passed down to her by her late husband.

Who Is Tembi Locke’s New Husband?

When Tembi Locke first met Robert in 2016, she was hesitant about allowing the possibility of new love to cause her to let her guard down and let her heart be opened. However, she quickly came to the conclusion that Robert was the most suitable companion for her to begin again with. They went through with the wedding in July of 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic that was going on at the time, the newlyweds and Tembi’s daughter, Zoela, were the only people who attended the wedding. It was a very intimate event.

The remainder of Tembi’s family, including Zoom’s, attended the ceremony, and Tembi’s own father presided over the event. Tembi has talked about how she was able to find the time and support she needed in order to pursue a relationship with Robert when she was still grieving the loss of her first spouse.

He didn’t rush through the process of getting to know Zoela and studied the book “From Scratch” to better understand how she related to Saro.

Who is Tembi Locke?

Tembi Locke, an actress from the United States, has been seen in a number of films and shows on television. Her roles as Dr. Grace Monroe and Dr. Diana Davis on the Syfy shows Eureka and Sliders are the ones that have brought her the most fame.

In addition, Locke is the author of the best-selling memoir “From Scratch,” which was adapted by Netflix into a limited series in the end.

Locke participated in a number of off-Broadway shows and was given a role on the long-running soap opera As the World Turns while he was a resident of the Big Apple.

After that, she uprooted her life and moved to Los Angeles. Her introduction to the world of primetime television came about as a result of her participation on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as one of Will Smith’s romantic interests.

Family of Tembi Locke

Tembi Locke, whose parents were both involved in the civil rights movement, had her high school education at Alief Hastings in Houston. After graduating from high school, Locke participated in a cultural exchange programme that allowed him to spend some time in Italy.

During her time there, she appeared on a number of different television shows, particularly during the Venice Carnevale. After returning to her hometown, she enrolled at Wesleyan University in Connecticut to pursue a degree in art history there.

She is able to speak Italian at a native level. Locke and her Sicilian chef husband Rosario “Saro” Gullo made Los Angeles, California their home and primary source of income for the majority of their lives. Her husband passed away in the year 2012.

When her father went away, their only kid, Zoela, was 7 years old. She was their only child. Due to the fact that she is a vegetarian and an urban homesteader, she frequently plants her own food on abandoned municipal properties.

Locke is a skilled chef who also enjoys other outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and fishing. She is involved in a lot of different activities that promote social advocacy.


Tembi Locke
Tembi Locke


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Quick Facts About Tembi Locke

Name Tembi Locke
Birth Date July 26, 1970
Age 52years as of 2022
Birth Place Houston, Texas, United States
Nationality American
Husband Saro Gullo (m. 1995–2012)
Profession Actress



Who is Tembi Locke new husband?

Tembi Locke’s second husband is Robert who she married in 2016.

What happened to Tembi Locke husband Saro Gullo?

Tembi Locke husband Saro Gullo passed in 2012 after a long and hard battle with cancer.

Did Tembi Locke and Saro Gullo have children?

Yes, Tembi Locke and Saro Gullo have a daughter named Zoela.

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