Tembi Locke: Who Is She? Know About Her Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Tembi Locke: Who Is She? Know About Her Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’ is a romantic drama series that follows Amy, an American woman who moves to Florence, Italy, to pursue her passion for art. The series was created by Attica Locke and Tembi Locke, and it follows the story of Amy. While she is there, she meets Lino, a Sicilian chef who is enthusiastic about both life and food, and the two quickly fall in love with one another. The pair maintains their resilience and provides support for one another despite the many challenges and opportunities that life throws in their path. However, the story has a tragic conclusion because a disease puts them in danger of being separated from one another.

The storyline of the programme, which stars Zoe Saldaa as Amy and Eugenio Mastrandrea as Lino, has won it a number of fans because to the show’s uplifting narrative, which demonstrates how love can flourish in spite of the most challenging of circumstances. The show is based on Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same name, which was published in 2019, and it tells the narrative of her love affair with her Italian husband, Rosario “Saro” Gullo, as well as the circumstances surrounding his death. Because the musician has had such a successful career throughout the course of her life, Locke’s devoted followers are curious about the artist’s net worth as well as the sources of her financial success.

Tembi Locke
Tembi Locke

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Early Career of Tembi Locke

Tembi Locke actually began her career as a television personality in Italy while she was there participating in a foreign exchange programme after she graduated from high school. It would appear that she has made appearances on a number of different shows shown on Italian television, including ‘Carnevale di Venezia.’ After finishing the programme, Locke went back to her own country to pursue her education and eventually graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in Art History. After receiving his degree, Locke established his home in New York, where he participated in a variety of off-Broadway productions and even had a role on the soap opera “As the World Turns.”

Despite this, Tembi did not land his first significant acting role until 1994, long after Locke had relocated to the Los Angeles area in California. The art historian was brought on board to portray the part of Valerie Johnson in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ which is a character that Will Smith’s character in the show is romantically interested in. In 1996, Locke made her debut in the role of Ens. Meg Dundee in the television film titled “Star Command.” In the same year, she was cast as Neely in ‘Ringer,’ which was her very first role in a full-length motion picture.

Locke has been in a number of films and television shows during the course of his career. ‘Eureka,’ ‘Sliders,’ ‘Castle,’ and ‘The Mentalist’ are just a few of the critically acclaimed shows that she has written for. In addition, she has appeared on several well-known television programmes, including “Friends,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Animal Kingdom,” “Proven Innocent,” and “House of Payne.” Locke has reportedly been involved in approximately 50 different television advertising campaigns, in addition to movies and shows. The artist’s most recent works include ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘The Obituary of Tunde Johnson,’ both of which were released recently.

Locke’s autobiography, titled “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home,” was published on the 30th of April, 2019. It tells the narrative of her life with her first husband, Rosario “Saro” Gullo, including how the two of them met, their lives together as a happy married couple, and the untimely passing of her first husband in 2012. The film adaptation of the book was announced in November 2019, and it will star Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Saldana. The book became a best-seller at its time of publication.

Net Worth of Tembi Locke

Tembi Locke has been a working professional in the entertainment industry for close to three decades, which has allowed her to amass a significant amount of cash over the course of her career. In addition to the roles that Locke has played in films, she has also written a memoir titled “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home,” which has become a best-seller. Locke has seen success with all of these endeavours. The fact that the book was turned into a miniseries by Netflix is almost certainly beneficial from a monetary standpoint for the artist as well. We believe that Tembi Locke’s net worth is somewhere around $5 million, taking into consideration the many different sources of income she has generated over the years as well as her present achievements.

Education of Tembi Locke

She went to Alief Hastings High School in Houston after being born to parents who were activists for civil rights. Locke participated in a programme that allowed him to spend some time living in Italy after he graduated from high school. During her tenure there, she made several appearances on Italian television, one of which was during the Carnevale di Venezia. Wesleyan University in Connecticut awarded her a degree in art history after she completed her studies there following her return to the United States. She is fluent in the Italian language.

Locke and her husband, a Sicilian chef by the name of Rosario “Saro” Gullo, made their home and maintained their careers in Los Angeles, California. Her husband died in 2012. They have one child together, a daughter by the name of Zoela who was 7 years old when her father passed away. She doesn’t eat any animal products and practises urban homesteading by cultivating her own vegetables on unoccupied municipal lots. In addition to his skills as a gourmet cook, Locke enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and fishing. She is involved in a number of different projects that promote social activism.

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Career of Tembi Locke

While Locke was in New York, he took part in a number of off-Broadway performances and was offered a role on the long-running soap opera As the World Turns. After that, she relocated to the city of Los Angeles. Her career in prime-time television got its start when she was cast on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as one of Will Smith’s potential love interests.

Throughout the course of her career, Locke has made appearances in a wide variety of comedies, dramas, and features on television. In the fourth and fifth seasons of the Syfy television show EUReKA, she appeared as a biotechnology expert named Dr. Grace Monroe (2010–2012). In addition, she played the role of Dr. Diana Davis on the fifth season of the Fox/Syfy sitcom Sliders (1999–2000).

Castle, Bones, The Mentalist, Windfall, CSI: New York, and Beverly Hills, 90210 are just a few of the television shows that Locke has worked on. Among the many comic roles she has played, some of her most notable credits include Friends, The Jamie Foxx Show, House of Payne, Like Family, and Raising Dad. She has made appearances in several movies that were produced for television, some of which are Black Widow, Born in the USA, and Final Approach.

Her portfolio of work consists primarily of episodes of television, as well as a number of movies developed specifically for television. In addition, she has participated in more than fifty advertising campaigns for American television.

Her most recent work may be found in the second episode of the original “Into the Dark” series that is available on Hulu as of October 2018. In the episode “Flesh & Blood,” she plays the role of the therapist.

From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home, which was published on April 30, 2019, is Locke’s memoir. It is about her interracial romance with her Italian husband and her grief after his untimely death. From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home was published on April 30, 2019. Later on, Reese Witherspoon, who produced the show, and Marguerite MacIntyre, who wrote it, turned From Scratch into a limited series that was produced for Hello Sunshine, 3 Arts, Cinestar, and Netflix. Zoe Saldana starred in the show.

Tembi Locke
Tembi Locke

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Filmography of Tembi Locke


Year Title Role Notes
1996 Star Command Ens. Meg Dundee TV Movie
Ringer Neely
1997 Steel Norma
1999 Unbowed Cleola
2001 Blind Men TV Movie
2002 Prep TV Movie
2003 Art of Revenge Isabel ‘Izzy’ Bloom Video
2007 Born in the USA TV Movie
Final Approach Jackie Reynolds TV Movie
2008 Black Widow Jill Keegan TV Movie
2010 Words Unspoken Nurse Euphoria Mayes Short
2011 Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star Guinness Woman
2014 Dumb and Dumber To Dr. Katie Walcott
2017 The Climb Babe TV Movie
2018 Collusions Regina Thomason
2019 The Obituary of Tunde Johnson Yomi Johnson


Year Title Role Notes
1994 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Valerie Johnson Episode: ″Grumpy Young Men″
1995 Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper Mindy Episode: “One Is the Loneliest Number”
Me and the Boys Sheryl Episode: “The Age of Reason”
Night Stand Fran Episode: ″Athletes as Role Models”
1995-96 Beverly Hills, 90210 Lisa Dixon Recurring Cast: Season 6
1996 Martin Linda Livingston Episode: “Kicked to the Curb”
In the House Shanna Episodes: “One Love″ & “This is a Test”
1997 Claude’s Crib Kaylene Main Cast
Hitz Lisa Episode: “Pilot”
The Wayans Bros. Donna Episode: “Pops’ Daughter”
1997-98 Michael Hayes Gina Episodes: “True Blue” & “Vaughn Mower”
1998 The Jamie Foxx Show Monique Episode: “Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner?″
1999 Friends Karin Episode: “The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel”
1999-00 Sliders Dr. Diana Davis Main Cast: Season 5
2000 Bull Episodes: “One Night in Bangkok” & “In the Black”
The Hughleys Myisha Episode: “Darryl’s Victory Tour”
2001-02 Raising Dad Vice Principal Liz Taylor Recurring Cast
2002 One on One Dr. Tiddlehorn Episode: “Misery”
2003 Touched by an Angel Amanda Episode: “And a Nightingale Sang”
The Division Nora Lowell AKA Vick Episode: “Misdirection”
Eve Cammie Episode: “The Talk”
2004 Like Family Ethel Recurring Cast
The Bernie Mac Show Mrs. Melanie Diggs Episode: “Thanksgiving”
Quintuplets Jill Episode: “(Disdainfully) the Helbergs”
2005 Unscripted Olivia Ross Episodes “Episode #1.8” & “Episode #1.10”
2006 CSI: NY Ellen Fielding Episode: “Charge of the Post”
Windfall Addie Townsend Recurring Cast
2007 The ½ Hour News Hour Episode: “Town Hall: Identity Politics”
2008 House of Payne Lisa Episode: “Compromising Positions”
2009 The Mentalist Marshal Christy Knox Episode: “Red Sauce”
2010 Bones Marilyn Stoddard Episode: “The Predator in the Pool”
2010-12 Eureka Dr. Grace Monroe Main Cast: Season 4-5
2012 Castle Beth Cabot Episode: “Secret Santa”
2014 NCIS Alice Kent Staley Episode: “The Searchers”
2015 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Doctor Tembi Blaine Episode: “My First Thanksgiving with Josh!”
2015-16 The Magicians Dr. Jennifer London Episode: “Unauthorized Magic” & “The World in the Walls”
2016 12 Deadly Days Ms Whitmore Episode: “Singers Slaying”
2017 Private Dick Judy Episode: “Pilot”
Doubt Iris Taylor Episode: “Finally”
Animal Kingdom Monica Recurring Cast: Season 2
S.W.A.T. Trisha Watson Episode: “Imposters”
2017-18 NCIS: Los Angeles Leigha Winters Episodes: “Mountebank” & “Vendetta”
2018 Into the Dark Dr. Helen Saunders Episode: “Flesh & Blood”
2019 Proven Innocent Vanessa Dale Recurring Cast
2020-21 Never Have I Ever Elise Torres Recurring Cast: Season 1, Guest: Season 2

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