WATCH: Bodycam footage shows woman saying ‘I don’t want to die’ during fatal Salt Lake City arrest

The Salt Lake City Police Department published video of the arrest of Megan Joyce Mohn on January 11 on August 11. Mohn was a 40-year-old woman whose death occurred 19 days after her detention and was judged a homicide by a medical examiner. The video was released on August 11.

Due to the manner in which authorities in Salt Lake City handled the arrest, which many people have referred to as an example of police brutality, the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner reportedly came to the conclusion that the death could be considered a murder. This information was reported by Fox News.

The Salt Lake City Police Department has released footage from three bodycams that were worn by responding officers in response to the increasing attention that has been surrounding the arrest. The investigation regarding Mohn’s passing is still in progress at this time.

The controversy surrounding the Salt Lake City Police Department

The Independent states that at 3:13 in the morning on January 11, the Salt Lake City Police Department received a report that Megan Joyce Mohn was circling with a rebar pipe in her hand. After further investigation, it was found that she had methamphetamine as well as several spices in her possession.

On the video, when the officers ask Mohn for her identification, she informs them that it has been taken while they are still asking for it. Following this, she begs the authorities for water, but they refuse to grant her wish to drink it. They finally cut off her bag, which is something that Chief Chris Burbank of the Salt Lake City Police Department had a problem with.

She fought against the police’ attempts to control her for around three minutes before her body went limp and she was eventually subdued. Following this, the officer restrained her feet with handcuffs. After some time, Mohn was sent to the hospital, where it was determined that her condition was quite serious. Burbank alleged that the officers used excessive force in their interactions with them.

In an official statement, Adrian Lambrinos, an anti-police brutality activist and spokesperson for the Salt Lake City branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, condemned the actions of the responding officers.

According to Chief Burbank, the fact that it took so much longer than expected for the agency to begin an inquiry demonstrates that they did not perform up to expectations.

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