The National Hockey League’s Brian Burke Responds To Steve Simmons’ Article, Know About What Happened

The most recent story written by Toronto Sun reporter Steve Simmons has drawn criticism from readers. On Twitter, Brain Burke has shared his thoughts about it.

Steve Simmons Pic
Steve Simmons Pic


He is extremely incensed by Steve’s callous disregard for persons of color in the conversation.

Simmons has earned a well-deserved reputation for his sloppy reporting. In the field of journalism, he is notorious for frequently straddling the line between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. The reporter just published one of these columns, and it has infuriated not only hockey fans but even hockey players.

Simmons wrote an article in which he minimized the challenges that Akim Aliu had to face and compared their individual career journeys to those of Wayne Simmonds. In the post, Simmons compared their pathways to that of Wayne Simmonds.

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Response From Brian Burke To Articles Written By Steve Simmons

Simmons had written an article in the past that was critical of Brian Burke. It infuriated him that someone could be so callous as to minimize the struggles that Akim Aliu had to go through and compare him to Wayne Simmonds in terms of the way their careers had developed.

And then, of course, there was this encounter between Simmons and the previous general manager Brian Burke during the inaugural press conference in Toronto after Burke was fired in January 2013. Burke was the general manager of the Toronto Raptors.

Simmons was also responsible for spreading the notion that Phil Kessel was infatuated with hot dogs, despite the fact that Kessel’s sister, Amanda Kessel, who plays for Team USA, stated unequivocally that her brother had no interest in hot dogs.

It’s possible that Simmons felt the need to disparage Phil after this argument in January 2015, in which Kessel called Simmons an idiot after the Toronto Sun columnist made a pretentious remark about Kessel’s “coachability.” Kessel called Simmons an idiot after the Toronto Sun columnist made a pretentious remark about Kessel’s “coachability.”

What Happened Between Steve Simmons And Wayne Simmonds?

Steve Simmons has never been one to shy away from presenting a nuanced viewpoint on any of the topics that he has written about. Nevertheless, his most recent position is receiving a lot of backlash on social media at the moment.

The most recent piece of writing that Simmons has produced is an essay on well-known hockey player Akim Aliu. Aliu is an African American name. The contempt shown for people of color in the column was the spark that ignited the debate that is currently taking place between supporters and athletes.

Because Wayne Simmonds has encountered a number of challenges throughout his career as a result of the fact that he is a person of color in the industry, he has decided to get involved and respond to the entire story, describing it as absurd and claiming that it fails to capture the true struggle that players of color face. He achieves this by arguing that the piece was a complete and utter piece of stupidity.

On his Twitter account, Wayne argued that Steve’s article trivializes the pain and suffering that athletes of color go through, and he did so by using the hashtag #athletesofcolor. In addition to this, he stated that he had ignored the genuine struggle that individuals go through in order to be accepted into the ice hockey community.

Wayne made the request to Steve that he not use his name or the names of any other players of color in support of his assertions. Steve complied with Wayne’s request. It would appear that Wayne has reached the pinnacle of his rage as a result of the essay that was published by Steve Stevens. After that, he warns Steve and explains to him that performers of color will no longer be able to observe when their characters are eliminated from the show.

People Reactions On Steve Simmons’s Article

The well-known NHL player Akim Aliu was the focus of the most recent essay written by Steve Simmons. Wayne Simmonds felt the content of the essay to be disrespectful.

After it was uncovered that Bill Peters, a former head coach in the NHL, had referred to Aliu using a pejorative racial epithet, a former player in the NHL received a newfound popularity. The confession made by Akim was the straw that broke Peters’ back, and he was fired as a result.

Aliu has been a strong and outspoken opponent of racism in the world of hockey. On the other hand, the majority of hockey fans have not been sympathetic to his efforts.

In the most recent entry of his “Sunday Notes” column, Simmons reprimanded Aliu for making assertions about topics that Simmons believed Aliu could not possibly know anything about. Simmons believed that Aliu could not possibly know anything about the issue. Simmons pondered the extent to which Aliu’s struggles with social integration in the hockey community could be attributed to the fact that she is a black woman.

Simmons, on the other hand, made it very clear before making his comment that he was aware of this information before making the statement and that a take of this sort would result in the criticism he is presently facing and that he made this knowledge clear before making the comment.

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A Video Message Was Sent In Response To Steve Simmons By Akim Aliu

After Steve Simmons’ article was published, Akim Aliu didn’t waste any time getting in touch with the editor. The professional athlete, who is 33 years old, gave a video response to the piece written by Simmons, in which he criticized the veteran hockey journalist for his rash and uneducated judgment.

Aliu provided a stinging rebuttal on Sunday in the form of a pithy note, saying, “I’m just addressing this since it’s all over the internet.” The weird thing is that I’ve never spoken to or met Steve in my entire life, yet I’ve seen him talk critically about me for some time now.

He learned the information he provided through conversations with several other members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance. The problems that plague society are caused by individuals like Steve. This is the very first time in the course of human history that the vital topic of race has been brought up in common conversation. He considered that his account, in conjunction with the actions of the HDA, was a substantial reason for that.

Aliu’s struggles as a professional hockey player were discussed, although only a few of them in this article. He didn’t pull any punches and even asked for Simmons to be fired as a direct result of his conduct.

The Career Of Wayne Simmonds In Hockey

A native of the Canadian state of Ontario, Wayne Simmonds is now playing ice hockey at the professional level with the Toronto Maple Leafs, who compete in the National Hockey League (NHL). His coworkers and supporters have referred to him as “Wayne Train” throughout the entirety of his career. This nickname has stuck with him.

Along with their four sons and one daughter, he is the third child that Cyril Simmonds and Wanda Mercury-Simmonds have together as a couple. In addition, the couple is parents to a young girl.

His ancestors called the town of North Preston, which is located in the province of Nova Scotia, home. Despite the fact that Simmonds spent much of his childhood in the Toronto region, he has revealed that the Detroit Red Wings were his favorite team when he was younger. When he was younger, Sergei Fedorov was hands down his favorite player of all time.

When Simmonds was in the third grade, he was assigned to write a paper for career day. He made clear that one of his goals was to play ice hockey on a professional level in it. Despite the objections raised by his instructor, Simmonds did not alter the style of his writing.

He spent the majority of his time playing minor hockey in the east end of Toronto, where he was a member of numerous A and AA hockey teams, including the Minor Midget Toronto Aces during the Greater Toronto Hockey League’s 2003–2004 season. He also played hockey in the west end of Toronto, where he was a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Marlies (GTHL).


What did Steve Simmons say to Wayne Simmonds?

Steve Simmons posted a very controversial post regarding players of colour, wherein he also named Wayne Simmonds. This discriminatory column infuriated Wayne.

Who is Steve Simmons?

Steve Simmons is a sports journalist from Toronto Sun, who is known for his reckless and controversial reporting.

What is the latest controversy surrounding Steve Simmons?

Steve Simmons has been shrouded by controversy and backlash yet again after his latest comments in the Sunday post.

What was the controversial post by Steve Simmons?

The latest piece by Simmons was about a former NHL player, Akim Aliu. The comments made were distasteful and bordered on discrimination.

Steve Simmons: Personal Information

Full Name Steve Simmons
Born In Toronto, Canada
Profession Sports Journalist
Writes For Toronto Sun
Nationality Canadian


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