What happened to Jeff Burton? Tributes pour in as the Rizzuto Show host dies aged 55

On August 15, Jeff Burton, who was 55 years old and the host of “The Rizzuto Show,” went tragically unexpectedly. Rizzuto, Tony Patrico, Moon Valjean, and King Scott, who were all co-hosts on the radio show, released a statement announcing his passing on the official website for 105.7 FM. They made reference to the fact that “we (they) lost our beloved friend and colleague, Jeff Burton.” In the statement, they were discussing Burton’s personality and said the following:

The radio personality disclosed his diagnosis of prostate cancer at the show that he hosted in March 2021 after receiving the news that he had the disease. In the weeks that followed, Burton started the chemotherapy treatment for his cancer and continued to contribute to the show while he was receiving the treatment.

Jeff Burton was brought to Missouri Baptist Hospital to get two blood transfusions, a platelet transfusion, and a platelet transfusion on July 2, according to the information provided by Jeff Burton’s wife, Juli. Even though the physicians were able to get him back under control, they were certain that the disease had already spread throughout his body. After getting hospice care, he went home on Friday, July 8, to be with his family.

Jeff Burton lost his courageous battle with cancer on Monday, 17 months after it had been diagnosed.

After his passing, there was a deluge of posts on social media expressing condolences.

Tributes pour in as Jeff Burton passes away

When they found out the news, netizens were overcome with grief. Users of the internet expressed their condolences to Jeff Burton’s family and shared pictures of him from throughout his life online. A few tweets that can be seen online read:

Was fortunate enough to work in the same building as the Rizz Show for a significant number of years, and I always enjoyed chatting about sports with Jeff whenever we happened to run into each other.

Jeff Burton spoke about his cancer diagnosis on the show in recent days

Burton initiated his own fundraising effort, which he dubbed “Man of Many Hats,” and through it he was able to collect more than $35,000 in donations.

In addition to being well-known for his attendance at a wide variety of concerts and events, most notably the Pointfest music festival, Burton is also the author of a children’s book that was published in October 2018 and is titled The Watering Hole.

Fans can send greeting cards and handwritten remarks to Burton’s family. One may mail the cards to the 105.7 The Point office, and the staff there will ensure that they are delivered to the family in question. The following is the address of the office:

The Point (105.7 FM) (KPNT-FM)

Pay Attention: All of Us Here Love You, Jeff

11647 Olive Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63141

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