‘The Watcher’: Current Location Of The Broaddus Family Which Are The Real-Life Inspiration For Netflix Series

Later on, Derek and Maria Broaddus, along with the rest of the Broaddus family, purchased a second property in Westfield. In order to conceal the location of their new home, they purchased it through a limited liability company (LLC).

The Watcher Netflix
The Watcher Netflix


Ryan Murphy is adapting the horrifying true story of a couple who thought they had purchased the perfect house in New Jersey into the upcoming series The Watcher, which will be available on Netflix.

Netflix is bringing to life another another gruesome true crime story with the release of its newest series, The Watcher. In the suspenseful film directed by Ryan Murphy and starring Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts, the plot centers on a married couple who relocate to their dream home in New Jersey, only to find that they are being followed by an unknown individual.

In 2014, the real-life Broaddus family was sent threatening letters by an anonymous author who called themselves The Watcher. These letters were sent to the family repeatedly. According to the unnerving video, the terrifying messages ranged from information that were eerily accurate about their home to threats against their children.

Which part of the tale is the most terrifying? The person who was stalking me was never located. Read on for more information on the real-life story that served as the inspiration for the new series that will debut on Netflix on October 13 and get ready for it!

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Who Are Derek And Maria Broaddus?

The Derek and Maria Broaddus, a married couple who purchased a home in Westfield, New Jersey in 2014, serve as the primary protagonists of the based-on-true-events story.

Derek grew up in a middle-class family in Maine before landing a job at an insurance business in Manhattan, where he rose to the position of senior vice president “with a salary substantial enough to finance the $1.3 million mansion,” according to The Cut. Maria grew up in Westfield, while Derek grew up in a middle-class family in Maine. Both of their families resided in the same state.

The couple made their acquisition of the home located at 657 Boulevard not long after Derek reached the milestone age of 40 and then immediately began making changes to the space.

When they first moved into the six-bedroom house, it seemed like it would be the perfect home for them and their three children. However, they quickly discovered that the mansion wasn’t as lovely as it seemed when they started getting letters from an unknown stalker who went by the name The Watcher.

According to The Cut, the Broaddus family later purchased a second property in Westfield. In order to conceal the location of the new home, the family used an LLC to make the purchase. Derek is still active on Twitter, posting 657 Boulevard case updates as of today, despite the fact that he and his companion have chosen to maintain a low profile in recent days and have not commented on their whereabouts. According to Zillow, the Broaddus family was finally able to get rid of their residence at 657 Boulevard in 2019 by selling it for approximately $959,000.

Who Was The Person Claimed As The Watcher?

The Broaddus family followed up on a number of potential leads, but in each case, they came up empty. They had at one point thought that their neighbor Michael Langford, whose family had lived in the neighborhood since the 1960s, when The Watcher claimed that Michael Langford’s father began researching 657 Boulevard, was the one who was following them.

In addition to this, they enlisted the assistance of a private investigator as well as a former FBI agent. Someone who was outbid on the house or a previous cleaner who was envious that they couldn’t afford to buy the house themselves could be the stalker.

Another possibility is that the person is someone who was outbid on the house. Many individuals entertained the idea that the Broaddus family was sending the letters to themselves in an effort to conceal buyer’s remorse.

At the end of 2014, the investigation had come to a standstill, and in December, the Westfield police department informed the Broaddus family that they had investigated every possibility and found none to be viable. (The perpetrator of the stalking has not been identified to this day.)

The Real-Life Inspiration For ‘The Watcher’ on Netflix

The incidents recounted by Reeves Wiedeman in his 2018 article for New York Magazine/The Cut served as the inspiration for The Watcher. As was said before, it is based on the true story of Derek and Maria Broaddus, a couple who bought 657 Boulevard. The Broaddus home serves as the inspiration for this story.

The couple contacted the previous homeowners, John and Andrea Woods, after receiving the first letter. John and Andrea Woods revealed that they, too, had received a note from The Watcher a few days prior to moving out of the home. The couple then decided to leave the residence.

On the other hand, Andrea stated that they had never gotten anything like that in the 23 years that they had lived in the house, so they did not give it any thought. After consulting with the authorities, the Broaddus were cautioned against discussing the contents of the letters with their neighbors on the grounds that it was presumed that one of the family members was responsible for sending the correspondence.

An investigation led them to suspect one neighbor in particular, Michael Langford, because of the viewing location of his family’s house as well as the fact that his family was thought to be peculiar. After further investigation, it was determined that he was innocent, and the Broaddus engaged their own private detective to investigate into the area.

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What Exactly Was Written by the Watcher in the Letters?

The person who wrote the letter identified themselves as the Watcher and asserted that they were the watcher of the house in preparation for its “second coming.” The couple had just started making renovations to their home in June of 2014 when they received the first letter, which was simply addressed to “The New Owner.”

They say that they received three letters, the second of which identified their children by name and nickname and contained facts that could only have been observed by someone who was either inside the house or quite close to it. They allege that this information could only have been obtained by someone who was either inside or quite close to the house.

As the Broaddus family began their search for the Watcher, they uncovered the fact that the previous owners of the home, the Woods, had also received a letter just before moving out, despite the fact that they had not experienced any issues in the previous 23 years.

The Watcher: Storyline Of Netflix Series

Several hypotheses were developed, with some people, such as some of the residents of Westfield, believing that the Watcher must reside within the walls of the house, and others, such as Reddit, alleging that the Broaddus addressed the letters to themselves in an effort to recoup financial losses after having buyer’s remorse after purchasing the house.

Netflix has made a number of changes to the horrifying plot, one of which is that they have changed the first names and last names of the Broaddus family. In addition, they only had two children throughout the course of the series, and those children appear to be older than the Broaddus were when they first purchased the property.

If we want to know whether or not the show solves the mystery of who the Watcher is, we will have to wait until it is broadcast before we can find out whether or not it does so.

Where Is The Broaddus Family Now?

When the renovations to the house were finally finished, the family was hesitant to move in together with their children. After selling their previous home and maintaining their obligations to pay the mortgage and property taxes on 657 Boulevard, the couple decided to move in with Maria’s parents.

They made the decision to sell 657 Boulevard six months after they first received the letters, despite the fact that the majority of early bids were much lower than the asking price. This was due to the rumours that were spreading about the house and its alleged stalker.

In June of 2015, the two individuals took legal action against the previous homeowners, the Woodses, contending that the family had a legal obligation to disclose the contents of the Watcher letter that they had received. They had intended to arrive at a peaceful resolution, but the story of the house spread all across the world. The court decided to throw out the lawsuit at a later date.

After numerous failed attempts to sell their home, Derek and Maria made the decision to part ways with it and sell it to a developer who planned to build two new homes on the property. The Westfield Planning Board, in response to the fury expressed by members of the community, decided to scrap the arrangement.

Shortly after receiving approval from the planning board, the Broaddus located a family to whom they could rent their home. Two weeks later, when Derek went back to the house to investigate the squirrel problem, the tenant sent him another letter from The Watcher.

The date of the letter, which was written on February 13 and addressed to “the vile and disgusting Derek and his wench of a wife Maria,” coincided with the day that the Broaddus gave depositions in their lawsuit against the Woodses. Additionally, the letter was written to the renter, and inside it, various forms of vengeance were threatened.


Where Are Derek and Maria Broaddus Today?

Derek and Maria Broaddus are living a private life now.

Who are Derek and Maria Broaddus?

Derek and Maria Broaddus are the married couple who bought house in Westfield, New Jersey in 2014.

Who sent letters to Derek and Maria Broaddus?

The letters including their family details was sent by The Watcher.

What happened to the Broaddus family?

The Broaddus family did not find who the stalker was, they sold the house for $959,000.
The Watcher Movie Facts
Name The Watcher
Genre Psychological thriller
Directed By Chloe Okuno
Based On The original screenplay by Zack Ford
The real-life story based on Derek and Maria Broaddus
The Stalker Not Found Yet
The House 657 Boulevard

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