Watch Udaariyaan Today’s Episode Written Updates 16th August 2022: Amanpreet Tortures Fateh

You are going to feel completely out of control after seeing the episode of “Udaariyaan” that airs on the 16th of August 2022 since it features both high-voltage drama and some overwhelming activities. Because Jasmine’s true nature is about to be exposed in front of her whole family, and I have no doubt that she is aware of all of these things to some extent as well. As a consequence of this, she makes the decision to act immediately, which is the reason why she goes to see her physician. Her goal is to prevent the Virk from receiving her medical reports in any form. As a result, she hands over a significant sum of money to her and tells her that she would be responsible for ensuring that these reports are not shared with anyone else.

While this is going on, the doctor inquires as to what is wrong with her and inquires further as to why she does not want to inform her family that she has suffered a miscarriage and that her baby is no longer alive. But Jasmine insists that her personal business should not be discussed, therefore if you care about her, you should steer clear of all of these topics. However, Jasmine gathers together all of the reports and considers how to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The question then becomes how she will show off her growing baby belly, given that she is about to reach the third month of her pregnancy. In spite of the fact that she is concerned about her relationship with Fateh, the baby, who is no longer with them, served as the primary basis for their connection.

Amanpreet receives a heavy slap from Tejo, who warns him that if he continues to act in this manner, she would ensure that he is sent to the principal’s office without a doubt. Because she is married, no one has the right to flirt with her or do anything further with her in the manner in which he did it. She is off limits. However, he becomes irate since Tejo embarrassed him in front of everyone, and because of this, Amanpreet says that now Fateh will have to pay for all of these things. This causes him to become angry. Because he is her husband, and because at the moment he is hiding out with some goons so that he can do anything he pleases, he is able to do this.

After some time, Amanpreet finally catches up with Fateh and injures him before sending Tejo a photo of himself with the message that if she wants to save him, she will have to go to the location that he specifies in the photo that he has provided along with it. Tejo asks him to not do anything and tells him that she will do whatever he wants. As a result, she arrives there as well, and he begins behaving inappropriately with her in front of Fateh. In a nutshell, he is attempting to provoke him so that he will do something. Tejo says that she will do whatever he wants. Therefore, be sure to check in to the show on Colors at the appropriate time, and if you want further information, remain tuned with us.

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