Void (MTV Hustle): Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Affairs, Relationship, Controversy And More

Void (MTV Hustle): Age, Bio, Height, Weight, Affairs, Relationship, Controversy And More

“Void” is the stage name that Gaurav Mankoti, an Indian rapper, is known professionally as. From Almora, he is present right at the start (Uttarakhand).

The television show “India’s Got Talent” is where Gaurav Mankoti got his start in the entertainment industry.


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Void (MTV Hustle): Bio

His birthday is November 17, 1994, and he is currently 27 years old. Gaurav Mankoti was born on that day (as of 2022).

Gaurav Mankoti, alias Void’s height, is 5 Feet & eight Inches. His father’s name is B.S. Mankoti, and he is the State President of the Chemist and Druggist Association in addition to being the Secretary of State for badminton.

After failing out of his early study at Sher Wood School in Nainital, Gaurav attended Venkateshwara College and received an English Honors degree.

This particular person weighs a total of fifty-eight kilogrammes. His eyes are the same colour as his hair, which is also black. He has black hair.

Void (MTV Hustle): Career

Dancer and actor Gaurav Mankoti is a native of India. He spent his entire childhood in the Himachal Pradesh city of Nainital.

He attended a city dance camp in Germany and gained experience there. Hip-hop, city dance, and contemporary are his primary areas of expertise.

Both Sri Venkateswara College (Delhi University) and Thapar University used his choreography (Punjab).

She is well recognised for her role in the popular dancing reality series Dance +, which was shown on Star Plus.

In addition to that, he had a role in the film High Jack (2018). On the brand-new show MTV Hustle, Gaurav Mankotri will be competing for your votes.

He tutored students in hip-hop, city dance, and dancing styles from Germany and New York while he was still in college.

He also developed an interest in dancing and hip hop during this time. He demonstrated his expertise even further with the “Wild” YouTube channel he created.

Since moving to Mumbai, he has furthermore worked as a choreographer for the television show Bigg Boss, which is hosted by Salman Khan.

In 2015, Gaurav Mankoti was a contestant on the dance reality show “Dance Plus” that was broadcast on Star Plus.

In this exhibition, he turned into a success to obtain placed in first and second place. Presently, Gaurav teaches at the ‘Big Dance School’ in Delhi, in addition to leading seminars in the dance community.

In addition, he has worked with the rapper Raftaar on the choreography of a few Punjabi music videos.

In 2019, he was seen as a competitor on MTV’s rap show “MTV Hustle,” which is very different from the field of dance.

He has been performed in front of Raftaar, Rajakumari, and Nucleya for the purpose of this collection. In addition, Gaurav had advanced past the preliminary audition stage for World of Dance in Los Angeles in 2014.


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Void (MTV Hustle): Height, Weight

Gaurav Mankoti, alias Void’s height, is 5 Feet & eight Inches. His father’s name is B.S. Mankoti, and he is the State President of the Chemist and Druggist Association in addition to being the Secretary of State for badminton.

Void (MTV Hustle): Net Worth

The sum of around 25 lakhs rupees is Gaurav Mankoti’s total wealth. The vast majority of his earnings come from performances in which he raps, dances, or both. To get to this peak, he exerted a lot of effort.

MTV Hustle Contestants

“Hustle” is a show on MTV that is a competition for rap performers and it is based on reality. The contestants of the Passionate competition have performed for an audience in a show.

The three judges, Raftaar, Raja Kumari, and Nucleya, have exhausted all available options in an effort to find the most famous talent in the country.

They travelled all the way to India in search of the Next Rapper to represent the young people of that country.

Let’s get right down to business and talk about the MTV Hustle Contestants Names List with Images, so let’s get started. The time has come to get serious about this topic.

Determine whether artists operating inside a country’s hip hop and rap scene has a significant amount of talent.

This time, a production by MTV India has unearthed a group of very talented gully boys and girls who have never been seen before and who are destined to make history in the music industry.

After the last audition, Badshah and the four heads of the various teams conferred among themselves to determine which sixteen competitors would advance to the next stage.

The individuals who were selected to compete in the rap competition have been grouped together into teams, each of which is commanded by a team boss or captain.

Now, they will only perform once a week, and the results of the public vote will determine whether or not they are ousted from the competition.

The team formerly known as Team King Slayers, Khullar G, has been taken out of competition.
The name of the British team that plays King Slayers is Paradox. Rapi Boy, who was participating in the game for Team King Slayers, has been knocked out of the competition (30th October 2022 Episode)

Wicked has eliminated Team King Slayers from further contention in the competition. The Dino Warriors’ Sunny was unable to continue in the competition and was eliminated (30th October 2022 Episode)

Gravitation — Dinosaur Warriors The Dino Warriors and Team Srushti Tawade have been disqualified from the competition (30th October 2022 Episode)

After suffering a defeat at the hands of the Dino Warriors, the Lakshya parihar (LXSH) squad was ousted from competition.
GD 47 was the round in which Team Dee MC Dynamites were eliminated from the competition (16th October 2022 Episode)

Aarya Jadhao (QK) of Team Dee MC Dynamites was knocked out of the competition (30th October 2022 Episode)
Squad Dee MC Dynamites was responsible for Spectra’s elimination, and the same team was also responsible for Super Manikk’s elimination (30th October 2022 Episode)

MC Headshot: The EPR Rebels team has been eliminated from contention (23rd October 2022 Episode)

MC Square — Team EPR Rebels

Nazz – Team EPR Rebels Panther – Team EPR Rebels- Eliminated (23rd October 2022 Episode)


Void (MTV Hustle): Interviews

What do you believe the X-factor to be for your particular character, and how does it influence the flow of the story?

I am playing the role of Void in the show, and some of his superpowers include rapping and dancing. These are all things that I will be doing in the show. And the music is a very essential element of the act, which you will learn when you watch the programme and the music that he is composing, because it truly plays out in the show.

In what ways did you prepare for the show, both to play these roles and in general, and from where did you draw any specific inspiration?

I suppose you could say that I have spent the entirety of my life preparing for this part, but of course, I am joking. I play a version of Void in the show, and the majority of acting for me consisted of just doing that. Since it was relatively easy for me, and because we had wonderful actors on set, I had a good experience acting.

What are some things that stand out to you about the experience of filming for the show?

Although I had previously worked on a show with Voot called Hustle, this is my first time appearing in a professional production. Before this, I had done some acting, but it was only for my music videos.

However, this was the first project of its sort, and I gained a lot of experience from it; going future, I will surely look forward to other projects of this kind.

The Vibe Hunters is a cultural and aesthetic indicator of the times we live in. It is drenched in tension and coloured in black comedy, and it perfectly captures the spirit of the present.

On Voot’s YouTube channel, viewers will be given an opportunity to participate in an interactive experience.

During crucial junctures in the show, viewers will be asked to choose what action Vicky will do next, allowing them to take on the role of the protagonist.

Following the release of the Interactive film on Voot and MTV’s YouTube channel, Voot is scheduled to debut its over-the-top (OTT) binge-watching service.


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Quick Facts

Birth name Gaurav Mankoti
Birthdate/Born on 17th November 1994
Age (as of 2022) 27 years old
Birthplace Almora, Uttarakhand
Nationality Indian
Also Known As (AKA)/Other names Void
Occupations Dancer, Rapper
Genres Hip-Hop/Rap


  • He Qualified the Auditioned round of World of Dance in 2014 in Los Angelis.
  • In India’s Got Talent he Reached the Quarter Finals.
  • In 2015 He participated in Dance + and got placed in Top 12.

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