Vtuber Magni Dezmond Describes Past Life – Face Reveal And Real Name

Magni Dezmond, more affectionately known as Dez, is a YouTuber from the United Kingdom who does not discuss his background.

Indeed, he is fresh on the scene, having just made his introduction one month ago.

In spite of the fact that he is not a professional, Cover Corp. is behind him, and he got his start by interacting with fans on Twitter.

In their background information, they described the Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS as a downtown bar that was also the location where the squad was initially assembled. They were regulars at the bar until they decided to become a couple and give themselves a moniker that would represent a turning point in their lives.

Did Vtuber Magni Dezmond Describes Past Life?

Because the information about Magni Dezmond’s prior life was nothing more than an unfounded supposition developed by YouTuber Azehara Ch, the virtual webstar has chosen not to make it public.

A random segment from the TEMPUS debut broadcast in which he was speaking about remembering specifics was removed by a channel that has more than one thousand members.

Despite the fact that he had written down signing, learning Japanese, and joining the Holostars as his ambitions, he struggled to recall the meaning of the Japanese Kanji.

On the other hand, the video in no way discussed his previous life or anything else that was connected to it. The user who uploaded the video was aware of the problems with it, and he or she disclosed this information in the comment sections of the video.

Even though more than nineteen thousand people fell for his con, he does not seem to feel any regret for his behavior.

Magni Dezmond Face Reveal – What Is His Real Name?

The fact that Magni Dezmond is a virtual persona makes it all the more surprising that his face has not been shown yet. Showichi Furumi is the one responsible for his illustrations, while Jujube is the one who designs his work.

Although the self-proclaimed alchemist claims to be able to improve his godlike abilities, no one has seen him actually put his skills to use. He talks about his time spent traveling all across Elysium before settling down and his involvement in various business enterprises.

But it is still unknown whether or not he is a concocter of potions. His thoughts are a mystery as he stares into the void, wishing he could remain in his fantasy rather than experiencing the horrors of the reality in which he was born.

His darker side, which becomes filled with obsession and mania, is concealed by the fact that his life’s objective is to reveal the hidden mysteries of the old sages. In fact, this is his life’s goal.

After creating a YouTube channel and uploading an original song there before departing from their platforms, he had the intention of becoming a member of the TEMPUS unit.

As of the month of July, he had gained one hundred thousand subscribers while maintaining a daily upload schedule.

His content covers a wide variety of topics, as he does things such as painting, playing the game, and inviting other members of the community to join the stream.

He is close to surpassing the objective of two million views across all of the videos, with an average of between 25.000 and 35.000 views every broadcast.

Does Magni Dezmond Have Affiliation With TEMPUS?

The technical corporation TEMPUS is connected in some way to the individual Vtuber Magni Dezmond. In addition to his duties as an alchemist, he is also the publicist for the guild.

As the corporations launched their English-speaking VTuber group HOLOSTARS English, they became known for the hololive performances they had been working on.

In July, their official Twitter handle posted a mark on their profile that appeared to be a cryptic logo, along with a link to their website. This sparked rumors.

Their promotional abilities were portrayed as a treasure hunt, with the website containing a teaser for what was to come as well as a countdown clock to three days from now.

The first group of virtual characters, Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, Regis Altare, and Noir Vesper, was introduced to the public on July 18th, the day they made the announcement.

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