How old is Jeffrey Dahmer’s lawyer, Wendy Patrickus?

How old is Jeffrey Dahmer’s lawyer, Wendy Patrickus?

The cancellation of the dramatized limited series DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix left many concerns unanswered. A new Jeffrey Dahmer-related Netflix series has just debuted. Dahmer was a cannibalistic serial killer.

On October 7, they made the documentary Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes available online. For Dahmer’s defense, Wendy Patrickus’ conversations with him totaled over 32 hours.

She spoke candidly in the video about her interactions with Dahmer and the methods she used to learn about his horrifying deeds. Defense attorney Patrickus discussed her contact with the serial killer and his way of thinking.

People have been interested in Wendy Patrickus and her life ever since the Netflix series began streaming. Wendy, who had only been practicing law for three years at the time, is now one of the well-known independent attorneys.


Wendy Patrickus
Wendy Patrickus


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Who Is Wendy Patrickus?

When Wendy Patrickus received the case as her first assignment, she was only 25 years old. She served as one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s defense lawyers, an infamous serial killer.

Gerald Boyle, her supervisor at the time, served as Dahmer’s counsel. To find out more about the 17 killings the killer committed over a 13-year period, she sent Patrickus to meet with him.

She admitted throughout the series that she was apprehensive about working with Dahmer for the first time. Wendy attended St. Norbert College and earned a bachelor’s degree there.

He then obtained a law degree, and she afterwards attended Western Michigan University Cooley Law. Then, according to her LinkedIn, Wendy has been a practicing physician since 1989.

Patrickus asserted that she desired to get along with Dahmer. She also said that a defense lawyer should be nonjudgmental and build a rapport with the client in order to be effective.

She also said that when they worked together, he called her Wendy and she called him Jeff.

Husband of Wendy Patrickus

Since her marriage is not mentioned anywhere, Wendy Patrickus is ostensibly unmarried. Patrickus gained notoriety soon after Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes was made available on Netflix.

During the process, she listened to more than 20 hours of questioning tapes where Dahmer disclosed details of his heinous atrocities. She also went to his apartment in the Oxford Building, where he lived and committed the most of his crimes.

Patrickus talked openly about the bloody murder scene, the stench, and the stains as well. She continued by saying that it gave her the willies.

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Wendy Patrickus: Where Is She Now?

Wendy Patrickus will continue to practice law in the Milwaukee region as of 2022. She also has her own law practice, Patrickus Law.

The firm, according to the website, has been successfully guiding customers through Wisconsin’s legal system for more than 20 years. She has been in charge of the company for 18 years.

In addition, Patrickus belongs to the Milwaukee Bar Association’s Professionalism Committee and the State of Wisconsin Bar Association.

In 2018, Patrickus also made an appearance in a segment of the documentary Dark Tourist. She discussed her role in the Jeffrey Dahmer trial with the documentary’s host David Farrier.

The Jeffrey Dahmer tapes, Conversations with a Killer Who is Wendy Patrickus, the lawyer for serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and where is she now?

The Milwaukee Cannibal, also known as the cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has a new Netflix series.

The crimes committed by the convicted killer are examined in Joe Berlinger’s three-part documentary series Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes. But this time, it’s done through witness testimonies and audio recordings of discussions with Dahmer.

Along with all the graphic details that have already been documented in numerous series and documentaries, Wendy Patrickus, his defense attorney, is also introduced in the series. Wendy discusses her contact with Dahmer and her experiences while working on the case. Three years into her legal profession, Wendy was given the case.

The recent docuseries and Evan Peters’ Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which debuted on Netflix a few weeks ago, are extremely comparable. The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, in contrast to Peters’ series, provide a more accurate view of the killer’s murders.

What Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Case?

Several Milwaukee men had been victims of Jeffrey Dahmer for years before he was captured in July 1991. Gerald Boyle and Wendy Patrickus were on his defense team. Patrickus earned a law degree from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School and a bachelor’s degree from St. Norbert College. She has been in practice since 1989, claims LinkedIn.

Patrickus, who served as the second chair in Dahmer’s case, was only 25 years old at the time and had just finished her legal education.

Wendy, who later wrote a book about the case, claimed in the documentary that she felt completely out of her depth when she first encountered Dahmer. The lawyer expressed her anxiety and compared it to Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs.

In the movie, which came out the same year that Dahmer was apprehended, an FBI agent asks the cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter for assistance in catching another serial killer.

Wendy listened to more than 20 hours of interrogation tapes during the trial when Dahmer discussed his horrible deeds. She also went to his Oxford Apartments house, where he had been responsible for the most of the killings.

She claimed in the documentary that the gory murder scene, blood stains, and the smell made her queasy and want to throw up. She claimed that despite how horrific the specifics of the killer’s murders occasionally were, she had to present a non-judgmental front to him.

She added that she had made sure he felt at ease discussing his previous deeds. Patrickus remarked that while she called him Jeff, the murderer called her Wendy.

“It’s all right, Jeff. Don’t be ashamed of it, I mean. Are you feeling uneasy because of me?”

She also testified during the trial that she and he had formed a special bond over the course of months and hours of conversation. Patrickus asserted

There were times when I felt like a mother to him, times when I thought of him as my brother, and times when I thought of myself as a therapist.

Relationship With Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer And Wendy Patrickus

In the show, Wendy talks about her goals, the bond she formed with her client, and the reasons she still thinks Dahmer’s conviction and punishment were unjust. Wendy particularly refers to the relationship she had with Dahmer at the conclusion of the documentary and says:

When you spend that many days, weeks, or months with someone, it’s impossible to avoid developing a close bond with them.

In the months leading up to his death in the prison, the attorney worried about him.

As Jeffrey never provided a satisfactory response for her, she claimed that there was still a great deal to learn about the case and the reasons behind his actions. Patrickus thinks that society could have learned more about his behavior and state of mind. She continued by describing Jeffrey Dahmer as a multifaceted guy who was “extremely wounded and felt soulless, felt empty.”

Wendy kept saying there were things she wanted to know about him and discuss with him. She remarked:

“It was a missed chance for people to learn what motivated him. There were some truly appalling things that he did, but if he couldn’t control himself, we should find out why. Perhaps as a society we can all gain something.”

Despite the close relationship Wendy Patrickus, Dahmer’s defense lawyer, developed with him, she never shied away from highlighting the severity of his heinous actions.

In her book Defending the Devil: Inside The Trial Of My Client Jeffrey Dahmer from 2021, she went into great depth about all of things. Wendy provided details about Dahmer’s attack strategies, cannibalism, and the shrine he constructed inside his apartment out of human remains.

Career of Wendy Patrickus

Since 2005, Wendy Patrickus has operated her own law business, Patrickus Law, and she is currently a practicing attorney. In 2018, she appeared on an episode of the docuseries Dark Tourist, where she spoke with the host, David Farrier, about her involvement in the Jeffrey Dahmer trial.

Her book examines more than 20 hours of previously undisclosed audio recordings with the serial killer, as was already mentioned. Patrickus is a significant character in the most recent Netflix documentary series as she discusses her relationship with Dahmer as his attorney and the effect the case had on her life.

Wendy now focuses mainly on business and family law. She also plays a prominent role in the professionalism committees of the Milwaukee Bar Association and the State of Wisconsin Bar Association.

Wendy Patrickus
Wendy Patrickus

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Is Wendy Patrickus married?

There are no records of Wendy Patrickus being married to anyone. She is supposedly single as of now.

Has Wendy Patrickus written a book?

Wendy Patrickus written a book named Defending the Devil: Inside the Trial of My Client Jeffrey Dahmer. She shared the experience of her working with the notorious serial killer Dahmer.

How old is Wendy Patrickus?

Wendy Patrickus is in her 60s now. She was just 25 years old when she got the case as her first job. She was one of the defense attorneys of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

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