Will Richardson: Who Won The Mole? Where is He Now?

Will Richardson: Who Won The Mole? Where is He Now?

Since ‘The Mole’ on Netflix is a remake of the cult classic eponymous ABC original, which was, in turn, an adaptation of the Belgian production ‘De Mol,’ it is safe to assume that the show will be a success. The focus is now squarely on both paranoia and hustling. This is due to the fact that it follows 12 players — well, 11 plus the saboteur — as they complete a series of objectives while trying to identify the imposter, only for one of them to walk away with the full prize pot at the end of the game. Among them was William “Will” Richardson, and the thing about him is that he demonstrated that being competitive, honest, observant, and strategic can take you all the way to the top; therefore, here is some additional information on him.

Will Richardson
Will Richardson

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The Mole Journey, Written by Will Richardson

Will created quite a reputation for himself from the minute he entered the competition by not just being courteous but also being outrageously dominant both physically and mentally. If we’re being really transparent, we can say that he did this by being pleasant. After all, the Nevada native has a height of 6 feet and 5 inches, has a history as an athlete (playing multiple sports, including baseball in college), continues to train as if he is a professional, and even has a striking likeness to the Norse god Thor. Consequently, he freely declared that his objective was “to bank as much money as possible and to throw as many people off as possible.” At the end of the day, I want to make sure; there are some people who believe that I am the mole.

Will did end up being successful, if only partially, and the reason for this is that he just couldn’t help but focus exclusively on the challenges for the prize pool rather than laying suspicion on himself once the actual competition began. Because of his extreme focus as well as his meticulousness, he was able to make it all the way to the conclusion; in addition, he always trusted his instincts and went with them. Despite this, things turned out exceptionally well for him.

Who Is Kesi Neblett?

Will’s persistent focus to accumulating the funds, in contrast to the entire goal of the covert saboteur, which was to stir things up, was the reason why nobody, with the exception of Joi Schweitzer, overtly guessed that Will was the culprit. Kesi Neblett was his primary objective as soon as the bank robbery assignment came to a conclusion, despite the fact that he did switch his focus between other players in order to maintain an open mind. As for his own guess, he did switch between different players in order to maintain an open mind. He was consequently cautious in the distribution of his replies throughout the voting process before ultimately naming Kesi for good, simply to be proven accurate and receive an astonishing 101,500 dollars in the process.

After properly identifying Kesi Neblett as the mole in the season one finale of The Mole on Netflix on Friday, October 21, William Richardson was awarded the prize money of $101,500 and was declared the winner of the competition.

William, also known as Will, is a professional lifestyle brand manager. He was born and raised in Nevada and is now 29 years old. Will received the impression that Kesi was incredibly manipulative throughout the series’ final two episodes (episodes 9 and 10), and he believed that she had the innate capacity to get away with performing poorly on tasks.

What Happened to Will Richardson?

According to what we have gathered, Will not only maintains his residence in Nevada at the present time, but he also appears to be working as a lifestyle brand manager for athletes. This would indicate that he remains actively connected in the sports sector. Since the debut of ‘The Mole,’ the person who enjoys working out and who refers to himself as a “washed-up baseball player” has even embraced the position of a public personality in addition to that of a digital creator. As if that weren’t enough, he has become a fitness devotee. This development is not shocking at all, especially when one considers the nature of his typical occupation and the undeniable fact that he is well aware of the value of establishing one’s personal life as a positive brand.

It is also important to point out that, in Will’s own words, his “competitive mentality is both my strength and my weakness,” as stated in the cast profile for the Netflix show Tudum. Because even in circumstances that may actually help me seem terrible, my brain would always tell me that we don’t lose on purpose, and it would always holler at me about how we don’t do that.

My common-sense understanding is another one of my greatest strengths, even though it might not make much sense at first. I believe that [my competitors] would sometimes overanalyze every tiny degree instead of paying more attention to the person rather than the situation. It’s fun for me to analyse other people. And this was the exact factor that contributed to his success in the end.

The Mole episodes 9

After Jacob was eliminated from the competition in Episode 9, the women made jokes about William being the “last man standing.” The final four contestants, Avori, Joi, Kesi, and William, travelled to the South-East Snowy Mountain in order to complete their second-to-last job. For this assignment, they were required to climb a mountain within two hours while passing through three checkpoints.

At each checkpoint, there was a sum of money that had been frozen into cubes and concealed nearby. In order for the members to be able to scale the slope from both directions, they were split up into two teams of two, one consisting of Avori and William and the other of Kesi and Joi.

Because it was difficult for William to carry all of the money, Avori advised that he drop some of it along the way, but William declined her suggestion. He had the impression that if Avori were the informant, she would not pass up the chance to steal money even if it were presented to her.

He ordered Avori to push for the final 15 seconds in order to reach the final post, but Avori fell while she was pushing, therefore he was forced to complete the assignment by himself. After that, he assisted Joi in carrying the money cart inside and commented that he was sick of being the one to bring all of the money inside.

In a later portion of the show, it was instructed that each participant keep four luggage, each of which contained a different amount of money: $0, $1000, $3000, and $8000. Alex, the host, made an announcement that the participants would get to choose which suitcase they wanted to open, but that the person who was eliminated would get to take the winning amount with them, and the remaining money would be put to the pot for the next round.

William made an effort to avoid participating in the conversation because he did not want anyone to find out about the fact that he believed Kesi to be The Mole and that he suspected she was The Mole. Avori was voted off the show at the conclusion of the episode because she was unable to correctly identify the mole.

The Mole episodes 10

In the tenth episode of “The Mole,” the three remaining contestants, Joi, Kesi, and William, were shown travelling to a fort in order to finish their adventure on the show and accomplish a final assignment. The teams were instructed to do three challenges while hiding from the drones that were hovering over the fort in order to win a total of $5,000.

William admitted that throughout the competition he had attempted to win all of the money at stake, but he did not intend to take this strategy into the final round. He desired for people to misidentify him as The Mole so that he may be eradicated. But before he could do anything, Joi made an error in the first mission, which caused him to lose money and prevented him from moving forward.

During the third task, William made the decision to run on a path that included landmines in order to assist the squad win $5000. Kesi proved her worth by assisting William, despite the fact that he was first reluctant to accept her assistance with the assignment.

Later on, he was able to correctly predict that Kesi was the actual mole, which earned him a reward of $101,500.


Will Richardson
Will Richardson


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Who Won The Mole

William was born in Las Vegas, and from a very young age, he had the ambition to compete in athletic events. He earned a collegiate basketball scholarship and is now employed as a lifestyle brand manager for other athletes. In the past, he played basketball.

Will’s main plan for the game was to never vote for just one person in his tests, which he did during his last test against Kesi. This is something that his Netflix description says he enjoys doing, and it also says that he loves adventure. His capacity to pay attention to other people, which enables him to “read” them, is his greatest asset, and he is very competitive.

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