Know About Yvette Fielding’s Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Know About Yvette Fielding’s Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And More

Fielding is a television host, actor, and producer known for her work on Byker Grove, Juliet Bravo, EastEnders, and Last of the Summer Wine. The actress started her career at age 18, and in the British children’s television program Blue Peter, she was the youngest presenter.

Fielding additionally received a vote for Favorite Blue Peter Moment after that. She co-presented the television program Most Hunted with her husband, Karl Beattie. She might have opted to lead a lavish lifestyle. In her home, she kept several high-end car models.

Over the years, Fielding appeared in a variety of shows and programs. The host had to work on the television network for more than 53 years. After landing the part in the BBC children’s series Seaview, she launched her career in 1983.


Yvette Fielding
Yvette Fielding

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Yvette Fielding’s Net Worth

Fielding’s estimated net worth was $1.5 million. She is an actress, producer, and television host.

The producer also enjoys driving. She has a number of expensive cars, including a Porsche 911 that her spouse gave her as a gift.

Three Aston Martin vehicles are owned by Fielding. The price of an Aston Martin had fluctuated between £120,900 and £225,000. Three vehicles owned by the actress may have been worth more than £362,700.

Fielding owned a Land Rover, a mostly four-wheel drive vehicle from Bristling. The automobile was sold for for £99,375.

Fielding drove a more pricier vehicle, a London Taxi. On Ghosthunting, she took the taxi.

Fielding also owns a Porsche Chesil Speedster and a Porsche 911. On her 40th birthday, her husband Karl gave it to her as a gift. A Porsche 911 can cost between £91,870 and £181,320. The actress had a luxury life thanks to the huge money she made from her career.

In addition to this, Fielding began her career in 1983. In the British children’s television program Seaview, she received the series’ first major main role. Fielding had roles in two television programs that helped her become well-known among younger viewers. After that, the actress left a lasting impression as a guest on Juliet Bravo, a British television program.

Living with Yvette and Karl, an hour-long documentary, featured Feilding and her spouse. The movie debuted on November 1st, 2008. Even the actress and her husband started a business. Antix Productions is their own in-house television production firm. Most Hunted is the first production by the pair.

In May 2010, Feilding participated in the chat show Justin Lee Collins: Good Times. The celebrity team on the quiz show Eggheads was impressed by the presenter in December 2011.

Salary of Yvette Fielding

Fielding might get a big salary from her other job. She played in television series and contributed to more than 34 years of television. In her teen years, the actor began to make money.

Fielding received compensation for her involvement on television programs. She appeared on the BBC Kids program Bule Peter. She also participated in a number of other programs. She even conducted interviews for other shows that featured her paranormal research.

Feilding appeared as a guest on a variety of shows, including Friday Night with Jonathan Rosee, The Chris Moyles Show, and The Sunday Night Project. On the radio platform, the presenter also took the first step. On Kerrang! Radio, she was the host of the program Yvette Fielding’s Fright Nights.

Feilding left the radio station, though, because of her job. Later, the actress and her husband Beattie established a brand-new business. To work on the Paranormal channel, they founded the television production business Moster Pictures.

Feilding also performed as the station’s presenter in addition to playing the role of the channel’s anchor. Her business had changed the name of Unexplained Channel in 2009.

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Yvette Fielding’s Sources of Income

Fielding generates income in a variety of industries. After appearing in a number of television series and documentaries, she made a name for herself in the film industry. The presenter and her husband even co-produced a number of television movies and programmes. She then left an impression on a number of television shows.

As a Presenter on television

The average yearly salary for a television presenter in the United Kingdom is £37500, according to Payscale. Fielding needs to earn more than the typical wage.

Before adopting a disguise on other shows, Fielding first gained notoriety on Blue Peter and What’s Up Doc. She made an appearance on The General, City Hospital, and The Heaven and Earth Show on BBC. The Karaoke challenge’s anchor was the actress as well. Even her weekend was donated to Challenge TV.

Compared to the ITV game show Win, Lose, or Draw, which ran from 1995 to 1996. The presenter then made a comeback to children’s programming in 1997. In two Byker Grove episodes of the CBBC drama series, she left an impression. In the show, she portrayed Samantha Fuller.

Fielding won the part in Merdian Television’s Unver Offer, a game show centered on real estate valuation. Additionally, she collaborated with Toyah Willcox and Fred Dinenage. She made her Channel 4 guest appearance on the talk show Richard & Judy.

As a Producer

In her career, Fielding has produced almost ten different shows. The producer in the United Kingdom earns an average of £35,243 a year. Even seasoned producers can make between £40,000 and £55,000 from their work and even receive benefits.

Top Ten “Most Hunted” Possessions, the first television movie documentary, was produced by Fielding. In 2006, she served as Antix Production’s executive producer. The presenter participated in Pop the Questions, Celebrity Daredevils, and the Ride as an executive producer in the same year.

Fielding made an appearance as the television special Ghost Hunting with Girl Allows’ executive producer. She worked in the 2007 television film documentary “Ghost Hunting With Radio One.” The host contributed to Whines and Spirits and The Enfield Poltergeist in 2008.

In addition, Fielding collaborated with her husband as an executive producer on the TV show Most Hunted. She had jobs at places like Gregynog Hall, Berkeley Castle, Castle Fraser, Edward Jenner Museum, Cromer Pier, Tolbooth Prison Museum, and Inveraray Castle.

2010 saw Fielding make his acting debut in the TV movie Ghost Hunting with the Saturdays as executive producer.

As an Actress

Fielding has seven acting credits to her name. Before beginning her work on television shows, she started her career in the acting industry. The artist’s earnings are influenced by the series’ plotlines, popularity, and length of her appearances.

The actress played Sandy Shelton in the television series Seaview from 1983 to 1985. Growing Pains, Fun Running, Making Up, Dancin’, The Godfather, Big Brother, Band of Hope, Wonderful Families, In Dispute, In Sickness, In a Good Cause, and First Steps are just a few of the 12 episodes in which Fielding made an appearance.

Husband of Yvette Fielding

Karl Beattie is a British television director, producer, and cameraman. He is the husband of Yvette Fielding. After winning, the couple ran Anitiz Productions, their production firm.

On April 2, 1963, Karl was born in Guildford, Surrey, England, UK. He is 59 years old right now. He eats just plants.

In 1999, Fielding and Karl got married. The duo created Skyl Living Most Hunted, a British television program. Additionally, in 2006, the director produced “Ghosthunting With.” The pair later established The Paranormal Channel.

Fielding and Karl first spoke in City Hospital. Mary, the daughter the couple had together, was born, and Will is the director’s stepson. They currently live on a farm in Sandbeach, Cheshire.

Fielding wed Barry Sweny before Karl and got divorced in 1993. One son was born to the couple during their union. Fielding wed her husband, Karl, following a six-year separation.

English comedian Jon Richardson wed English actress and comedian Lucy Beaumont. Fielding made an episode of the Channel 4 program 8 Out of 10 Cats, which he hosted.

Family of Yvette Fielding

On September 23, 1968, Fielding was born in Stockport, Cheshire, England to a loving family. She is 54 years old right now.

She attended Pownall Green Primary School and Bramhall High School while growing up in Bramhall. Later, the actress enrolled in Dane Bank College, Davenport, Hillcrest Grammar School, and Stockport Convent.

The actress’s brother is Rick Fielding. Fielding’s cousin Stuart Torevell operates the cameras. He was a rigger who worked for Antix Productions in Fielding. Even on the program Most Hunted, he contributed.

Torevell is best known for his cameraman role as a magical investigator on the television shows Most Hunted and Most Hunted Live! In 2002, he participated in the program. Feilding’s relative lost his hair as a result of a medical disease called alopecia.

Feilding is older than Torevell. On April 1, 1974, he was born in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, U.K. He is 48 years old right now.


Yvette Fielding
Yvette Fielding


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Quick Facts About Yvette Fielding

Full Name Yvette Paula Fielding
Birth Date 23 September 1968
Birth place Stockport, Cheshire, England
Age 54
Ex- Husband Barry Sweeny
Husband Karl Beattie
Children Mary Beattie, William Sweeny
Brother Rick Fielding
Cousin Stuart Torevell
Occupation Television presenter, producer, actress
Years active 1983–present
Television Blue Peter, Most Haunted, Most Haunted Live!, and Ghosthunting With…
Net Worth $1.5 million


How much is Yvette Fielding’s net worth?

Yvette Fielding estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

What does Yvette Fielding do for a living?

Yvette Fielding is a Television presenter, producer, and actress.

Who is Yvette Fielding’s Husband?

Karl Beattie is the husband of Yvette Fielding.

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