Zac Bailey: Know about Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And Family Details

Zac Bailey: Know about Net Worth, Bio, Wiki And Family Details

AFL: Zac Bailey’s latest salary, earnings, and contract information with the Brisbane Lions

Based on his yearly wage with the AFL team Brisbane Lions, Zachary “Zac” Bailey’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million.

He plays with the Lions in the AFL (Australian Football League), having been chosen with the 16th overall choice in the second round of the 2017 national draft.

In round four of the 2018 season, Bailey made his professional debut at the “Melbourne Cricket Ground,” defeating Richmond by 93 points.

Bailey, who also played a few games for Norwood in the SANFL, had his most impressive run of games during the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, averaging 17 disposals & 4.5 tackles per game.

He is a talented player who routinely receives the ball within the 50-yard line, which allows him to easily hit the intimidating forward targets.


Zac Bailey
Zac Bailey

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Zac Bailey’s Net Worth

Based on his yearly compensation with the Brisbane Lions, Zac Bailey has an estimated net worth of more than $1 million. He has accomplished a lot since being chosen in 2017.

The majority of his money comes from his career as a football player, yet given his abilities, he may also have many brand sponsorships and sponsors.

At the MCG, the AFL’s most prestigious venue, Zac, 23, made his AFL debut in Round 4 against Richmond, the defending champions. He has ten games of midfield experience, averages 17 disposals each game, and scores four goals per game.

He described his first AFL season as an amazing experience and voiced enthusiasm for the Lions’ future. On the other hand, Bailey triumphed at Marvel Stadium in round three of 2021 against Collingwood. Throughout his career, he has grown in fame and renown.

His career as a professional rules football player is thriving more than ever at such a young age, and his reputation has grown significantly.

The Brisbane Lions will pay Zac Bailey $870,000 in 2022.

Currently making a nice living, Zac Bailey is content with his pay. His salary after joining Brisbane Lions is $610,000.

One of Bailey’s better performances of the season came when he scored against Collingwood in week three after the siren. One of his favorite teams to play was the Pies after he scored the first ton of his career against them in round 22.

At Metricon Stadium, the Brisbane Lions defeated Gold Coast by 52 points to win the AFL Queensland derby for the seventh consecutive year. Six goals, a career high for Zac Bailey. The Lions advanced to 5-1 after defeating the Suns by a score of 21.6 (132) to 11.14 (80). The team’s best effort came from Bailey.

He also scored twice in the first and second quarters, including a spectacular goal in the second when he virtually simultaneously snapped in on the run while scooping up a wet ball with his right hand.

Zac Bailey’s Contract With The Brisbane Lions Was Extended

With the Brisbane Lions, Zac Bailey has extended his contract through 2024. He was chosen in the 2017 NAB AFL Draft, and he just agreed to a contract extension that would keep him playing at least through the end of 2024.

Bailey became the first player in the Club Championship to place in the top 10 with a 9th-place finish in the Merrett-Murray medal voting in 2020. He was thrilled to dedicate his future to the Club. He is a good-hearted young man who continually aspires to do better.

Similar to this, Bailey, a speedy and talented midfielder/forward, made his club debut in Round 3 at the MCG against Richmond in 2018. He scored the winning goal at Marvel Stadium in round three of 2021 against Collingwood.

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Zac Bailey and Teegan Gardner’s Dating

Since they were spotted together in social media pictures in 2020, Zac Bailey has been dating Teegan Gardner. The couple hasn’t said much about their initial encounter because they like a low-key lifestyle and keep their information private.

They routinely spend time together and share pictures on social media, displaying their love for one another. Zac uses the Instagram handle @zacbailley to post regularly. He presently has 38 posts and 16.6k followers. He seems to be a very active user who enjoys interacting with his fans and followers on social media.

A graduate student, Teegan. On April 6, Zac congratulated his girlfriend on Instagram. No more information on her private life has been released. Zac’s very supportive and caring girlfriend Teegan always inspires him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

He made his Melbourne Cricket Ground debut in round four of the 2018 season and defeated Richmond by 93 points. When Bailey scored his fifth goal early in the third quarter, the Lions held a commanding advantage and continued their dominance over their neighbors in 2018.

In the Suns’ 52-point thrashing, he set a career-high with six goals. The Brisbane Lions won the AFL Queensland derby for the eighth consecutive time by defeating Gold Coast by 52 points at Metricon Stadium. Six goals, a career high for Zac Bailey.

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Early Life Of Zac Bailey

After relocating from the Northern Territory to live on campus at Prince Alfred College in South Australia, Zac Bailey has suddenly become well-known. The NAB AFL Under 18 Championships was when Bailey had his most impressive run of games, averaging 17 disposals and 4.5 tackles per game while playing a few games for Norwood in the SANFL. In every game he plays, the inside midfielder’s acceleration coming out of a halt is evident. He can pick up the ball in the contested area and sprint away from a group of opponents before kicking the ball within the 50-yard line. Bailey is a skilled ball player who frequently receives the ball within the 50-yard line, allowing him to easily hit the tall forward targets. The PAC midfielder, who kicked three goals and accumulated a ton of ball, was also able to take home best on ground honors in the Shield Grand Final.

Is Zac Bailey A Inside Midfielder?

Bailey can play as an inside midfielder and win the contested ball despite only being 181 cm tall. Although his rate of contested possession in the National Under 18 Championships was 39.7%, he has demonstrated in numerous games that this number can be higher than 50%.

In particular, Bailey’s acceleration is significantly superior to the majority of the other midfielders projected to be picked in the first two rounds of the 2017 NAB AFL Draft, demonstrating his exceptional pace. His time of 2.98 seconds in the 20-meter sprint at the NAB AFL Draft Combine placed him in the top 10 athletes among all those who took the test. He exhibits his speed on the field as well, and it is apparent during contests. In one such instance, Bailey surged off the center bounce quickly (with only a few seconds left on the clock) and kicked the ball long inside 50 versus Vic Metro in the National Under 18 Championships.

Bailey has good footwork and can easily locate options, whether they are short or long. Bailey averaged nine kicks per game for the Allies in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships, converting on 66.7% of his attempts. However, the match versus South Australia, when Bailey went at 30.8%, has an impact on these statistics. Against Western Australia, he didn’t miss a shot, and against champions Vic Metro, 11 of 12 of Bailey’s kicks were successful. The 66.7 percent is considerably higher than normal when compared to other inside midfielders in the selection pool.

The inside midfielder Bailey consistently puts in a lot of defensive effort and tackles, and he hunts the ball back viciously. He was among the top midfielders in the National Under 18 Championships with an average of 4.5 tackles per game.

Bailey doesn’t receive many marks on the ground. In the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships this year, he averaged two, frequently implying that he hasn’t been able to spread out and advance to create a target around the ground once he’s gained the ball on the inside. Because of his kicking ability, Bailey may be one of the few inside midfielders who can use the ball successfully without kicking it forward.

The stamina of Bailey can be improved. As a result of the AFL game’s emphasis on player endurance as one of the most crucial elements, Bailey can improve. With a timing of 6 minutes and 43 seconds, his 2 km time trial was roughly on average; however, his Yo-Yo score of 20.6 was below normal. His uncommon combination of speed and endurance would make him a remarkable midfielder who would appeal to the skill set of many clubs if he can continue to work on it during the preseason.

Bailey has only truly made an impact on the scoreboard while competing for PAC in Adelaide’s school division, scoring just one goal in the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships. Since he is 180 cm, there will be times when he must play up front. His tackling ability and speed make him a dangerous possibility, but he must demonstrate his ability to score and kick goals.

Zac Bailey had a fantastic season and was selected in the second round of the National AFL Draft on November 24. Elite speed allows Bailey to win the contested ball in the middle of the field. Bailey will be a devastating midfielder at the next level with strong clearing and tackling figures, and if he can develop his forward technique and stamina, he may end up being one of the best midfielders from this draft class.


Zac Bailey
Zac Bailey



How Old Is Zac Bailey Brisbane Lions?

Zac Bailey is currenlty 23 years old.

What Is Zac Bailey Salary?

Zac Bailey has a salary of $610,000.

Does Zac Bailey Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, Zac Bailey has a girlfriend and the name of his girlfriend is Teegan Gardner.

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